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Cartoon Rabbit 510 Drip Tip


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It is the latest drip tip made by soft PVC. It is soft and has no 0-Ring.

With a drip tip,you can directly drip ejuice into the electronic cigarette atomizer or ecig cartomizer. Designed for  Joye 510 atomizer. Can fit most atomizer or cartomizers which diameter is 9.2mm(0.36in) or so. Health Cabin carries Colored Calabash Drip Tip for 510/901 for your chocies.

Unit:1 pc
Shipping weight: 15g
Color: #1Coffee/#2Grey/#3Yellow/#4Green/#5Blue/#6Purple/#7Red
Package: Mini Paper Box
Shipping method:DHL/EMS/China Registered Airmail

How to use?
*Insert the drip tip into the atomizer or
*Drip several drops of e-juice into atomizer or cartomizer through the drip tip

* When using drip tips on atomizer, you must be very careful with the e-juice level inside. You can not neither drip too much nor too little, just several drops. Too much e-juice will lead to a high possibility of inhaling e-juice into your mouth, while too little will cause dry burning which will greatly shorten atomizer life.
* This is not a problem when using cartomizers, because cartomizer can hold e-juice itself. But please do not drip e-juice into the middle central hole as it will block the airflow.

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Color Model Available Qty
#1 Coffee Cartoon Rabbit 80
#2 Grey Cartoon Rabbit 79
#3 Yellow Cartoon Rabbit 55
#4 Green Cartoon Rabbit 75
#5 Blue Cartoon Rabbit 49
#6 Purple Cartoon Rabbit 0
#7 Red Cartoon Rabbit 52
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