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    50ml DEKANG E juice/E-Liquid In 43 Flavors

    50ml DEKANG E juice/E-Liquid In 43 Flavors

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    Attribute 1:
    • 26mg
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    • Blackto 5D#43
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    Unit Weight: 88 g
    Estimated Arrival Date: NO ETA
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    Place orders for liquid separately please, all orders contain liquid and hardware parts (including batteries) will be delayed for 3 business days.

    Brand: Dekang
    Unit: 1 Bottle
    eJuice base: 80%PG+20%VG
    Shipping weight:88g
    Package: Non Childproof bottles
    Shipping method: Please check here for details.

    Page 1: Marl(USA Mix)/Red USA Mix/Menthol/RY4/3&5/Camel/Winston/Dunhill
    Page 2:Tobacco/Triple Menthol/Coffee/Red bull/ Newport/Apple/Banana/Cappuccino
    Page 3:Cherry/Double Mint/Mint/Watermelon/DK-TAB/Juicy Peach/Flue cured tobacco/Vanilla
    Page 4:Bubble Gum/Fruit mix/Green USA mix/Strawberry/Gold & silver/Cinnamon/Clove/Coca cola/Dr.Pepper
    Page 5: Havana/Kiwi/Hilton/Pina colada/Raspberry/Virginia/Grape
    Page 6: Strong Mint/Blueberry/Blackto

    1. We do NOT cover customs risk for orders including ejuice from Norway, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Belgium.
    2. Recommended voltage for Dekang liquid: 3.6V-3.7V.
    3. Store ejuice in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.
    4. Nicotine is poisonous. NEVER DRINK or INGEST. Use at your own risk.

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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    • Attribute 1
    • Attribute 2
    • Available
    • Qty
    • 26mg
    • Blackto 5D#43
    • Out of Stock

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      Customers Reviews
      Rahu*** 2013-03-20
      DTk-TAB, Dunhill and 555 are greate. I would avoid the menthol though.. personal choice
      Zeev*** 2012-09-21
      Got the Camel and the Marlboro. Very bad taste just feels generally bad in comparison to the previously Gekang I got in 30 ml botles. Labeling has no info, just says "Camel" and "Madium" om it.
      Jeva*** 2012-08-31
      Great RY4
      Ange*** 2012-05-08
      Incomparable value, compared to UK vendors, and the juice I love! I'll be back for more! :)
      shau*** 2012-01-31
      Got this in the 26mg strength, wow ! What an incredible difference to the 24mg (30ml bottle), more flavour and at such a great price too. Have bought/ordered more lol. Shaun
      Aaro*** 2012-01-17
      RY4 18mg 50ml is a tasty vape. Well worth the purchase.
      Aaro*** 2012-01-17
      Red bull tastes like redbull. I bought the 18mg nicotine 50ml and was a great investment. This was one of my first flavours I have vaped on and still like it.
      shau*** 2011-12-16
      This RY4 is superb, far better than any other brand. CHEAP TOO ! Excellent service and always quick to answer emails. Will continue to use HC for all my vaping needs.
      Dani*** 2011-08-24
      Great taste, huge value for money. Thank you HC!
      Rui *** 2011-06-29
      Bought RY4 26mg...Just the way i remember...love the taste and the smell. In one word? PERFECT
      PHYL*** 2011-05-25
      I have been doing business with Health Cabin for over 2 years now. Questions are answered, service is great and products are Awesome!!! I quit regular ciggs over 3 years ago and this juice ic the best on the market.
      Eliz*** 2010-09-02
      The price is phenominal! However, the shipping? I live in Illinois and the shipping to there is horrible. I even got the fast way and my order still took over 10 days to get to me. I've ordered from other countries and China before and NEVER has it taken that long! I think the shipping on this site is bad but the prices are good so it may be worth the wait.
      Reed*** 2010-07-31
      Top Notch, my first order arrived to New Jersey USA in 7 days! Did'nt know what to expect but got great stuff.. so stoked! Seems China understand something America does not anymore, provide great products with great service at a great price and your in business, that is what they have done for me... I started vaping with traditional tobacco flavors but decided to try the cappuccino, best flavor to date for me, can't stop vaping it... I also ordered the "new" Heath Cabin tobacco flavor and will try them soon and review... really hope they are as good or better then the Dekang because I like stocking up on the larger sizes HC is now providing...
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
      Pre-Order Quantity:10
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