5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Hookah

Recreation for the young generation is the use of different types of vaping methods. It helps to gain that buzz or a small high that they desire. Hookahs provide this form of entertainment and are considered to be among the coolest within peer groups. For individuals looking to evade the effects of cigarettes, using a hookah can be an effective way out. 

Hookah consists of a water pipe that helps you smoke. The smoke runs through water for cooling before you breathe it in via the tube. Shisha is a method or technique of smoking tobacco. It involves combining tobacco with flavouring that includes molasses sugar or your favourite fruit in a bowl.  The shisha undergoes heating using charcoal. It releases the smoke that goes through the water and into the pipe that is inhaled through the mouthpiece. 

Smoking using a hookah might be fun and engaging, especially if done responsibly. Here are the significant facts that you should know about your favourite activity. 

  1. Increase in hookah popularity 

Hookah is so popular worldwide such that school students find it exciting or engaging to enjoy a shisha smoke now and then. Statistics indicate that adults even lead the way with hookahs as 2.6 million of the world’s adult population use hookah. Men are more prone to Hookah than women according to one of the studies

It is a popular pastime activity worldwide and as a result, it has many names depending on different regions of the world. These names include:

  • Hubble Bubble 
  • Goza
  • Hookah 
  • Shisha
  • Narghile
  • Boory 
  • Arghile 

It is no doubt that other areas have a specific name for it not included in this list. 

According to the center for disease control, around 590,000 students in high school, representing a whopping 4.1% of the total population, smoke shisha using Portable Hookahs. 1.2% or 140,000 students in middle school also participate in this activity. 

In a single month, data taken from one of the colleges in the Fall show that 14.7% of the students present, spent their leisure time having Hookah. 3.1% of the same population had a session in the past four weeks. Besides, hookah restaurants and cafes are growing in popularity, especially in urban areas and higher learning institutions. It is because most of the individuals smoking Hookah are between 12 years and 17 years. 

  1. Flavor as you desire 

Shisha comes in a flavor that you desire.  If you want a pineapple flavor or that citric acid taste, then you mix your shisha with pineapple fruit. If you prefer peach or apple flavor, then select a peach or an apple and have an enjoyable time smoking shisha. Sometimes, these fruits are too sweet and lack that burning accent associated with mint. 

With these varieties, you enhance the aroma creating versatility. Apart from pineapples, peaches, mint, and apples, you can also attempt the overwhelming but tingling taste of oranges with your Hookah. To summarize, hookah flavors are numerous, and this fun fact is something you ought to know before you try this fantastic product

  1. The effects last longer 

A single shisha session lasts for about 20 minutes or an hour. It can go for a more extended period as others can smoke for more than an hour. As a result, time is an essential factor when it comes to taking shisha. Since women had more time on their hands in the past, they mostly engaged in using shisha in comparison to their male partners who sought cigarettes. 

A single session can count for approximately 200 puffs. This indicates the potency levels of this specific product. With a higher potency and a full-time range that allows for ingestion and proper assimilation, the effects become much more magnified. 

  1. Hookah Water and Portability 

Sometimes you may be duped to believing that the water acts as a cleanser for the smoke. However, research indicates that water only cools the smoke, ensuring you do not burn yourself when you breathe it. Besides, it exudes complexity for individuals not yet exposed to shisha. 

If you wish to alter the experience, you can experiment and use different things in your hookah mix. For instance, mixing glycerin with soap and water is a simple method. It is especially useful if you want to smoke your shisha fast. 

You can also add real fruits such as oranges, pineapples, apples, among others. The fruits make up your bowl, similar to the use of water in your Hookah. It not only enhances flavor but also the experience that comes with using different mediums. 


Hookah is a portable device. Its portability increases the versatility of using Hookah. Regardless of where you are either indoors or outdoors, you can still smoke your Hookah. With a group of friends at the beach watching the sunset, you can pull out your Hookah and enjoy two different experiences at the same time. 

If you have no garden or a backyard, use your living room to create an unforgettable hookah experience. Do not worry about the hookah smoke invading your clothes or the residue staining your couch. Portable hookah residue is minimal, which makes it entirely useful for indoor smoking. 

  1. Hookah design invention was the floor

The first device for the Hookah at the beginning was for placing on the ground. The design majored on the stability of the bowl. It ensured that it remained in place as the individuals inserted the smoking pipes, and the smoking began, which sometimes causes movement. 

Today, hookahs come with stands for support. The support stands to hold them in place. The stands also limit the amount of space the Hookah takes, especially if opening up a hookah café. 


Hookah being a recreational substance aids individuals in enjoying the simplicity of smoking with no possible negative impacts from it. Shisha is safe and has no side effects associated with its use. 

The popularity of shisha, the portability of the hookah device, the fantastic flavors and the many reference names it has, are a few of the facts that one should know. Keep yourself updated with the various facts and possible uses of Hookah.

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