How to Make Bigger Clouds with Your E-Liquid?

Vapers look for a lot of unique things as they chase satisfaction. Getting the ultimate satisfaction from vaping demands more than just having a vape tank and the ingredients.

However, there is no specific formula for maximizing your vape. This means it may take you some time before learning how to get the best out of your favorite vape. It also means you’ll need to experiment and filter through several products before landing on the most appropriate for your satisfaction.

Cloud chasing makes vaping a fun-filled activity. Nonetheless, you need to consider several factors to do it effectively. In this article, we look at how you can make merry with your vape by billowing thick clouds out of it. Here are a few helpful tips.

Increase The Power of Your Device

Your vaping device plays a central role in the outcome and the overall experience. Using a device with a powerful battery and has a low resistance coil increases the quantity of vapor produced and hence, the amount of smoke. Technically, reducing the resistance of the coil allows more power to pass through the circuit, thereby enabling more vaporization at a faster rate. 

Something to note is that increasing power doesn’t create more vapor, but it enables you to receive vapor faster from the e-liquid. When this happens, you take more vapor in a single inhalation. You can then exhale as a thick cloud of smoke. 

More critically, you need to know the suitable amounts of vape juice to use before throwing yourself entirely into it. Thick smoke into the lungs might not be healthy.

Increase The Air-Flow

The circulation of air within your gadget is a crucial element of vaping. When you allow more fresh air to flow through your gadget, you increase the thickness of the cloud. You can achieve this by increasing the wattage of your device. When more air goes into the coils, the liquid produces more vapor quickly. Consequently, more vapor is sent into your mouth and comes out in thick clouds.

Right Choice of E-Liquid

The ingredients of your e-juice are just as important as the experience you expect out of the exercise. Basically, e-liquid blends out of two main components: Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Each component serves a different function in the vaping process and has a different chemical constitution. 

Both PG and VG belong to the alcohol class of chemicals and are not intoxicating. When heated, they produce incredible vapor, and that’s why most vapers prefer using them. However, the difference in their chemical composition also gives them slightly different tastes. 

PG is responsible for the flavor, while VG gives out the vapor. In that case, more VG content in your e-liquid should lead to thicker clouds. However, this would also compromise the taste of your e-liquid. You are thus left entirely in charge of how your e-liquid should taste.

Perfect Your Inhaling Techniques

How you draw your vape from the device is an essential part of the kind of cloud you get. You can have the perfect equipment and still not get the desired result simply because you are doing it all wrong. The trick lies in perfecting the technique. 

There is no one perfect way of doing it, and you have many things to learn along the way, like how to properly inhale when vaping. You can start with tricks such as inhaling and holding your breath for some time before releasing it out of the mouth. The idea here is to avoid exhaling too fast. 

Cloud chasers also have a technique that requires a vaper to walk back as they exhale. But you need to be cautious as you practice these cloud-forming techniques. Doing the wrong things might result in complications.

Vaping Tanks For Thick Cloud Experience

Clearomizers: Clearomizers are the device that holds your e-juice to allow proper vaping. Some people pick the atomizer or the cartomizer, all of which serve the same purpose. For a thick cloud experience. 

Sub-Ohm Tanks: Sub-ohm vaping or ‘sub ohming’ is a vaping style meant to produce large clouds. Most vapers prefer this style because they can vaporize a more significant amount of e-liquid at a time. They also offer warmer vapes and allow more airflow, thus influencing the formation of thick clouds.

Building Your Coils

Some vapers prefer fixing their coils manually so that they get that customized feel of their fun activity. Coil building is a common technique, and drawing thick clouds from it boils down to how best you do it. When fixing your coil, put into consideration the position of your coil. 

One recommendation is to have the wick lie just underneath the coil. You can also have it tucked behind the coil or clipped without necessarily tucking it. You can use either single or double coil. A dual coil will ultimately give you more heat hence more vaporization than a single coil.

Check Your Battery and the Device In General

How well you take care of your device will also determine the thickness of the cloud you get. Cases of injuries caused by exploding devices sometimes happen. Overcharging the batteries leads to general deterioration with time. For this reason, it’s important that you know your device and how to use it properly for better maintenance and a great vaping experience.


Vaping is getting different approaches over time, as people learn new techniques and experiment with a variety of devices. Although there are various standards and recommendations about what constitutes a great e-juice or vaping device, each vaper can choose to customize the device to get a better experience.

Something great about vaping when compared to smoking is that it’s cheap. Besides, you can find your favorite e-juice from places like and have it delivered right to your home. 

However, an integral element of vaping is understanding the health risks that come with inhaling vast amounts of smoke. So, you need to be cautious and gather as much information before you go vaping for thick clouds.

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