How To Pick Perfect Nicotine Level Of Vaping

Are you looking for a vape juice? Is it getting difficult for you to decide the right nicotine level? Fret not; you are not alone. It is essential to choose the right nicotine level, for it can play a significant role in determining your vaping experience. There is an abundance of options available today that can put even the pro vapers in a state of confusion. So, if you too are facing trouble finding the nicotine level that fits your needs, here is all you need to know.


What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a nitrogen-based chemical that doctors extracted the first time in 1828 from the tobacco plant. It is a naturally occurring substance that you can find in many plants except tobacco, like potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants. Nicotine can act as a stimulant and relaxant, and a majority of people tend to experience effects like heightened alertness, calmness, and also changes in mood. It is a major chemical component of cigarettes and vape juice, and decide how it affects you. While too much of it can hit your throat and leave you coughing, too little of nicotine will not impact you at all. The vapers today are looking for options to alter or reduce the nicotine intake. For that, a majority of vape manufacturers are offering vape juices with zero nicotine or with a wide range of nicotine levels.    

What is the right nicotine level for you?

If you are deciding the right nicotine level, there are a few things that you must consider before it. Firstly, the type of device can impact how much nicotine your vape juice will need. Secondly, your smoking habit can determine the nicotine level your body can handle daily.

When it comes to vape, each puff you take or the vapor your device can produce determines how much nicotine goes into your body. In simpler terms, the vapor output tells the nicotine you consume per every puff.

  1.       Low level of nicotine: You fall into the category of low vapor production if you smoke occasionally or if your total cigarette count goes up to only 10 per day. This level of nicotine is ideal for all types of vaping devices, be it system pods or mouth to lungs tanks that have a tight airflow. Although, devices that work on high power tend to work better with a low level of nicotine. Are you looking for huge clouds? Vape juice with lower nicotine strength can be the right pick. It allows you to vape a lot and blows big clouds, without feeling sick.  

Nicotine level: 1.5 – 6 mg/ml    

  1.       Medium level of nicotine: If you are someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes in a day, you ideally fall in the category of medium nicotine consumption. You can use it for devices like airier Mouth to Lung tanks, sub-ohm coil, or even sub-ohm tank. It will give you clouds after vaping, but if you are keen on having fun with clouds, it might not be the best pick.

Nicotine level: 6 – 12 mg/ml 

  1.       High level of nicotine: The ones who smoke more than a pack of cigarettes, it is safe to say that their nicotine consumption is on the high side. It can provide you with maximum satisfaction and huge clouds with each puff that you take. These juices are available easily and can be obtained from a high trusted vape shop for vaporizer around you. Devices that have a rebuildable atomizer alongside sufficient airflow channel and sturdy sub-ohm tanks can handle this level of nicotine.

Nicotine level: 12 – 18 mg/ml

If you are a novice when it comes to vape, you can take these suggestions. But, keep in mind that these are just suggestions and not rules to swear by. Once you start vaping and if the nicotine level feels either too weak or too strong, you can always try other options. 

How to determine nicotine strength?

Now that you have figured out a nicotine level that fits your need, do you know how much nicotine is there in the entire bottle? Most of the time, you will find the nicotine strength shown by mg/ml. It depicts the nicotine content that is present in each millilitre of vape juice. So, if your bottle specifies the level as 10 mg/ml, you will consume 10 mg of nicotine upon intake of one millilitre of vape juice. You can get the total strength by multiplying it with the number of millilitres your tank can hold. So, if you fill 5 millilitres of the vape tank, nicotine strength will be  5ml x 10 mg = 50 mg of nicotine in your tank.   


Are there any alternatives to nicotine?

There are two types of nicotine. The first is the regular nicotine that you can find in conventional cigarettes and a majority of vaping devices, and the second is known as nicotine salt. While e-cigarette is safe than the standard one, using nicotine salt based vape juice can make it even more reliable. It is so because nicotine salt is a type of processed nicotine that includes organic compounds along with regular chemical, but it is easier on your body. The amount of nicotine is relatively high in nicotine salt, which goes up to 25 mg/ml or even 50 mg/ml. The users say that even though they are on the higher side of the nicotine spectrum, they are smoother and less harsh on their throat. It is the presence of benzoic acid in nicotine salt that makes it easy on your body, all the while letting you enjoy a good hit. If you are a heavy smoker, who needs a good amount of nicotine, but without the throat feeling a harsh hit or even coughing, then nicotine salts are ideal for you.     

Final thoughts

Vaping is only fun till the time you get the same hit you got from cigarettes. For that, the vape must provide you an identical throat hit and mouth to lung vaping experience. While you need to choose the right vaping device for the latter, the nicotine level will determine the hit and your overall vaping experience. The technical terms and the mathematics involved can seem to be a little daunting, but the key to getting the right level is only through trying. So, start exploring your options, and if you need to place to begin from, you can surf the net for Gosmokefree UK for high-grade vape juice. You can check out some of the best deals on vaporizers at    

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