NOTICE: Logistic Shipping Date Update

Dear Valued Customers

Due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)  infection in China and abroad, the update of logistics shipping information will change as below:

1.DHL: DHL delivered on Feb 10 as soon as possible. We will give you the tracking number first, the tracking information update will take 2-3 additional business days.

UPDATE DHL: The delivery will start from 3rd Feb at the earliest.

2.Other Parcels and Dedicated Lines: will be arranged after February 3.

3.Liquid (express and parcel ) Line: will start on February 10.

4. China Hong Kong Cargo: The estimated shipping date on February 12.

5. Russia Dedicated: The Shipping date on February 12.

6.UPS: will start on February 10.

7.Japan Dedicated: Shipping and transshipment will start on February 10.



UPDATE DHL: The delivery will start from 3rd Feb at the earliest.

Warming Tips:The showed above delivery time would be changed as some occasions might happen, but the latest status will be informed in time. We will arrange your orders as soon as possible to ship out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


HealthCabin team

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