What is Vaper’s Tongue & How To Fix It?

Have you heard of Vaper’s Tongue and are worried? It’s nothing to be scared of and can be fairly easily dealt with. You might be dealing with Vaper’s Tongue if you find that you can’t taste your frequently used e-liquid any more. Vaper’s Tongue is an ailment related to the taste sensation that manifests itself as losing taste. 

This condition often happens without any previous warning. Many vapers experience it, even those who have vaped for years. It often lasts just 1-4 days or in some cases up to a fortnight. Vaper’s Tongue only affects the flavour of the vape juice, not nicotine absorption of the feel of the vapour. Flavour is a huge part of a pleasurable vaping experience and a lack of taste significantly affects this.

What Causes Vaper’s Tongue?

The most basic explanation is tastebud tiredness. Vaping can sometimes result in a dryer mouth, particularly in heavy vapers. Vaping the same flavour over and over may contribute. Thankfully your tastebuds regenerate frequently and Vaper’s Tongue goes away on its own. Think about the last time you burnt your tongue with hot food or drink. It was hard to taste anything for a few days. Vaper’s Tongue is similar, though nothing is actually burnt.

These tips will often help you recover from Vaper’s Tongue in a shorter amount of time.

Switch Caffeine and Alcohol with Water    

A cup of coffee and vaping are a perfect mix for many. Most people know that caffeine has diuretic properties, but did you know that alcohol has similar effects, too? That is because alcohol also suppresses an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). The fact that caffeine and alcohol are diuretics affect your overall hydration levels. That leads to dry mouth, which is one of the main causes of the vaper’s tongue.

Don’t think that you have to stop drinking coffee and alcohol altogether. If, however, you think that you are consuming an excessive amount of either/both, try reducing consumption to see if that helps with the vaper’s tongue. 

Alternatively, try drinking more water. According to experts you need to drink between 30 and 50 ounces of water a day. It is also important that you spread that amount throughout the day so that hydration is gradual.

Experiment with New Juices and Flavours

A potential cause of the Vaper’s Tongue might be that you stuck with the same e-liquid or flavour for too long. This is a perfect time to experiment with new liquids and flavours. That doesn’t mean you can’t return to your much-loved favourites, but try to take a break of at least a couple of weeks.

The good news is that you have numerous products available on the market. If you are looking for premium quality, you can’t go wrong with Vampire Vape Juice, which is available in dozens of flavours  and with various nicotine strengths. 

Consider Vaping without Flavours 

If you are dealing with a Vaper’s Tongue, you should avoid irritating it in any way. That is why you might want to avoid any flavours for a while. There are many unflavoured bases out there, and they can serve you well until you get over the vaper’s tongue. For your tongue, it will be like you are taking a break for vaping, but the unflavoured option will ensure that you continue with your favourite activity.

Unfortunately, many users don’t like the lack of taste in their products. If unflavoured base is not an option, perhaps you could try with a cooling or minty taste. There are many flavours containing menthol on the market, but try to make them as pure as possible. The reason why menthol can help is that it assists in resetting taste buds, and that can be useful in dealing with the Vaper’s Tongue. 

Clean Your Tongue Regularly    

Cleaning your tongue can help to optimise the way that you experience flavour and assists taste buds in resetting themselves.

While brushing your teeth, make sure to clean your tongue, too. It only takes a few extra seconds, but it is well worth it. The human tongue accumulates film as we chew food and drink fluids, which is why you might consider using tongue scrapers. These can assist in eliminating these films, and help to nurture your tongue back to its optimal condition.

Maintaining your mouth hygiene helps with preventing and dealing with Vaper’s Tongue. Apart from brushing your teeth, you should consider using mouthwash to reduce bacteria in your mouth. Oral hydration products are also great, especially if dry mouth is the problem that you want to solve. 

Take a Break for a Couple of Days

If you are experiencing this issue, you should consider taking a break from vaping. Just a couple of days could help your tastebuds regenerate quicker.

If vaping cold turkey really doesn’t appeal to you, how about increasing time between vapes? If you already vape frequently and heavily this could help significantly. Consider increasing your nicotine level slightly to maintain the same amount you are used to and take longer breaks and fewer draws for a little while.

Rinse Your Nose, or Wait Until the Cold Passes

Are you dealing with a cold, infection, or allergy? It is important to note that taste and smell are connected senses, which means that having problems with your nose might also compromise your taste. That is why the experts recommend rinsing your nose as a way to deal with the Vaper’s Tongue. A great way to do that is to use a pure saltwater formula or other solutions with natural ingredients. Sometimes, if a cold is causing or contributing to the problem being patient and waiting for your cold to subside is the best idea.

 If Vaper’s Tongue problem persists see your GP to ensure nothing else is causing the lack of taste.

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