Why Does Your Vape Taste So Bad? (And How to Fix It?)


The vaping experience heavily depends on how your vape tastes. If the first puff you take is disgusting, meaning burnt, charcoal-like, or not preferable to you, then the flavor is terrible. Since vaping is a popular activity, selecting the right flavor is crucial to not experiencing a bad taste. 

The CDC indicates that fruity, minty, and menthol flavors are taking over the market. Surveys show that students are increasingly gaining exposure to vaping at a ratio of one to four. In 2019, 27.5% of high school students were using e-cigarettes, a 6.7% increase from 2018, 20.8%.

However, individuals are continuously complaining about the quality of the vape they take. Some complaints of burnt tastes while others complain of horrible flavors when vaping. To improve the overall vaping experience and to eliminate any bad tastes with your vape, it is crucial to identify the major causes and how to remedy it.

Unprimed vaping coils

Priming is the process of wetting and saturating coils in a vaping pen, such as the Flyte Pen. Saturation of the reels prevents any form of burning and damage to your vaporizer. Burning a new coil is a simple affair as the wicks are not only porous but are also tight. Improper priming can result in substantial burnt vapor for your smokes and bad experiences apart from the taste.

What to do about this simple “prime your vaporizer coils before use!”

Priming your vaporizer coils involves:

  • Unscrewing your vaporizer head to expose any coil, whether new or old, after installing it.
  • Add the vape liquid to the wicks that are present on each end of the coil. They come through the small openings on the coil. Ensure that the wicks fully absorb the e-liquid.
  • Put just enough of the liquid via the wicking holes. Do not overdo the process as too much of the e-liquid will push through your first inhale, which can be overpowering.
  • If satisfied with the amount of vape juice on the wicks, then reassemble the vaporizer.
  • Fill the vaporizer tank with a suitable e-liquid.
  • Close the ensuing airflow to the vaporizer.
  • Breathe in without pressing the fire button. The process further saturates the wicks and draws the vape juice over the coils.

Proceed to have your first vape off primed coils, and you won’t suffer burnt or bad tastes.

Too high vaporizer wattage level 

Too high wattage for your vaporizer can result in bad taste. Even with heavily saturated wicks or coils, burning due to high wattage happens fast and unsatisfactorily. High wattage also affects the longevity of your coils, and you might need to replace them regularly.

If not replaceable, then purchasing a new vaporizer each time you damage your coils may be your way out. It indicates the need to preserve your coils and thus remedy any bad vaping taste that may result from it. The remedy to high wattages includes confirming the temperature setting of your vaporizer before pressing the fire button.

Ensure you use the recommended watts for your vaporizer. The range delivers different temperatures from low to high, which will offer the draw and hit your desire.

Clogged or Dirty Wicks and Coils 

E-liquids come in various forms and with different flavorings or colorants that might be hard to clean. High levels of nicotine in the vape juice and the presence of other sweeteners as well can clog your wicks. Even though they might deliver the right throat punch or hit, some even caramelize their wicks, which is quite unhealthy.

The clogging interrupts any flavor adding a stench or an undesirable hint to your vapor when vaping. Vaping becomes an unwanted process, and the experience degrades to a routine and not an enjoyable experience. Therefore, remedying this problem is a considerable process. However, what you need is proper cleaning mechanisms for your vape pens. The best CBD vape pens we’ve seen so far don’t require much cleaning.So if you are a carefree guy, then going for an expensive product would be worth it.

Cleaning your vaporizer:

  • Enhances your vape coil lifespan.
  • They keep any flavor pure from the first to the last, regardless of how many are on the list.
  • Cleaning will ensure you know and understand proper coil maintenance, starting with the wicks to priming and vaping.

Remember, whether you clean your coil or are installing a new one, priming is fundamental to your flavor and for proper vape manageability

Avoid Chain Vaping 

Sometimes, during a party or a get-together, chain vaping is the standard practice. Your medical condition may also require you to continuously vape for confidence and relief from attacks such as social anxiety and depressive behaviors. Even though some vape coils can go through a pressure session such as this, others damage easily, and the resulting vapor taste is charcoal-like, which can be disgusting.

The reason behind such taste is the overheating of the vape tank, which results in overheated vapor. Taking the gas too fast with minimal intervals causes you to inhale the smoke, and the flavor is burnt. Others describe it as a burnt aroma, which can deter your vaping experience.

The solution for this specific case is simple. Always keep tabs on your device and especially the vape tank. If it starts to heat, slow down to allow it time to cool. Also, repeatedly check the level of e-liquid to ensure that the vape tank is always full.

Empty tanks mean unsaturated wicks and dry coils. Hitting the fire button will not only fry the wicks but will also damage the coils and heat the air, and you may end vaping hot vapor. Ensure that your tank is full or refill it every once in a while in different vaping settings.


Bad vape tastes are easy to avoid, especially if you keep your device clean and well maintained. Clogs from dirt and other vape juice residues can hinder the vape juice flavors. Unsaturated wicks and unprimed coils can result in burnt vape flavors. Solving these involves keeping your vaping device clean, conducting regular checks to reaffirm the maintenance of each device section, and keeping in line with wattage instructions.

Using proper vaping device techniques, you will prevent any bad tastes, and your vaping experience will be one of a kind!



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