Why is Your Vape Pen Not Working Properly?

Vaping has become the mainstream way to take cannabis, e-liquids, and flowers. Vaping is more convenient and efficient. It is also safer according to experts, as it gives you more control over the vapor (smoke) and heat. There are many vaping devices on the market, so finding one should not be a problem. However, a defective vape pen will not give you the experience you are looking for. Most vape pens can vaporize e-juices, CBD cartridges, and vape oils, although there are minor differences from one vape pen to another.

Nevertheless, you can use the following diagnostics to ensure your vape pen is working efficiently:

  • Defective battery and charging system

If you are experiencing any defects with a vape pen, chances are it is because of the battery. It is recommended to make a note of how long your battery lasts when you first purchase the pen or replacements. You should also determine how long it takes to reach full charge. Since battery life drops with time, you can notice when your vape pen no longer lasts as long as you expect. Check whether there is a proper connection between the battery and the cartridge. Sometimes people screw-in the cartridge too tight, and this can break the connection with the battery. You can also go through the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure everything is connected correctly.

  • The cartridge is clogged or leaking


The cartridge holds your vape material awaiting vaporization. Depending on what content you vape (dry herb, e-juice, concentrates, waxes), residues may build up in the cartridge compromising its overall performance. It may even cause it to leak into the mouthpiece. You can take off the cartridge from time to time to clean and remove any residues. The CBD oil that you are using in your pen may sometimes not be best filtered to use if not done carefully. It is, therefore, crucial to consider the pros and cons of growing hemp plants at home for your vaping needs as you need precision when extracting oil from them to keep it clean. Make sure you use the right cleaning technique and agents to avoid damaging your cartridge. Some models are not compatible with alcohol and water cleansers. You can refer to the user manual or find helpful videos online. It is also essential to store your cartridge within a safe temperature since it is an electronic device. Like mobile phones, you should not leave your cartridge exposed to direct sunlight or extreme cold. 

  • Are you using the right vape pen?

Vape pens come in different shapes, forms, and designs. More importantly, manufacturers design these pens to suit specific vape materials. For instance, a dry herbs vape pen will not adequately vaporize e-juice and vice versa. If you want to get the best experience from your favorite hash, it is only logical that you use the right vape pen. People prefer buying e-juice from reliable sources or sometimes even grow plants with feminized marijuana seeds for their DIY vaping concentrates. You should also take some time and learn how to use vape pens with different materials including waxes, dry herbs, and flowers as well as e-liquid. Some pens can vape a wide variety of materials, while others only work with one or two. 

  • The oil cartridge is not hitting

Cartridge not hitting is another indicator of vape pen inefficiencies. For instance, if you are vaping CBD oil from hemp or e juice, then you might face issues with hitting. This can happen when air bubbles at the base of the cartridge prevent the oil from wicking and absorption. This makes it harder to draw significant clouds, even at peak performance. It can also happen when your cartridge runs dry, and there is not enough material to produce enough clouds. According to experts, most cartridges are clear so diagnosing this should not be a problem. You can manually empty and clean the cartridge to test it for efficiency. The user guides include instructions for cleaning and minor troubleshooting problems.

  • Poor vaping experience


If a vape pen does not work well, you will not get the best vaping experience. This means you can tell if a vape pen is in proper condition by merely gauging the vaping experience you get. Pay close attention to every little detail, including volume of cloud you can draw, rate of vaporization, heat, and temperature. Listen for “gurgling” sounds if you are using e-liquid and hissing or crackling when using dry herbs and budget buds. Mostly, you should watch for any strange characteristic, including sudden changes in the LED light displays, and difficulty in operation (powering on, changing modes, powering off).


There are various ways to diagnose a faulty vape pen. In most cases, your experiences will let you know something is wrong with the device. General inspection and maintenance can help you identify issues and fix them in time for your next vaping session. It also prevents accidents and poor experiences such as spit-backs, low-volume clouds, difficult draws, and burning temperatures. When purchasing a vape pen, make sure you choose reputable quality brands that can guarantee quality experiences and durability. More importantly, look up the user instructions to determine how to diagnose common problems, including when to replace the battery. To ensure you are vaping quality cannabis products, why not buy cannabis seeds and plant your harvest? 

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