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[SELECT p.sku_list_id, sm.sku, sum(p.us_quantity) as us_quantity, sum(p.us_east_quantity) as us_east_quantity, sum(p.us_liquid_quantity) as us_liquid_quantity, sum(p.us_cbd_quantity) as us_cbd_quantity, sum(p.eur_quantity) as eur_quantity, sum(p.eur_cbd_quantity) as eur_cbd_quantity, sum(p.sz_quantity) as sz_quantity, sum(p.hk_quantity) as hk_quantity, sum(p.xm_quantity) as xm_quantity, sum(p.au_quantity) as au_quantity, sum(p.anz_quantity) as anz_quantity, sum(p.au_cbd_quantity) as au_cbd_quantity, sv.brand_name, sv.sku_vendor_display_id, sv.is_display, c.categories_id, c.parent_id, p.master_categories_id FROM products p INNER JOIN sku_main sm ON p.sku_id = sm.sku_id INNER JOIN sku_list_to_categories sltc ON p.sku_list_id = sltc.sku_list_id left join sku_vendor as sv on sv.sku_vendor_id = sm.sku_vendor_id INNER JOIN categories as c ON c.categories_id = sltc.categories_id WHERE ( (sltc.categories_id in (2124_2130) or p.master_categories_id in (2124_2130) or c.parent_id in (2124_2130) or c.categories_id in (2124_2130) ) ) and p.products_status != 0 and c.show_status = 1 and p.products_status != 0 GROUP BY p.sku_list_id ]