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    Eleaf Melo 3 Tank Atomizer 4ml Black

    Eleaf Melo 3 Tank Atomizer 4ml Black

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    Price: $ 19.99
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    Unit Weight: 126 g
    SKU: 1000402907
    Estimated Arrival Date: 2020-04-30
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    The new Melo 3 adopts the top e-liquid filling design for ease of refilling e-liquid by removing the top cap only. Its detachable structure brings more convenience in maintenance.
    All stainless steel construction with hidden airflow control is also a plus to its simple but fashionable appearance.

    HealthCabin also carries Eleaf Melo 3 Mni Atomizer & Eleaf iStick Pico 75W Kit and Eleaf Melo 3 Tank Atomizer silver for your choices.

    Following Replacement Coils are compatible with the Melo mini 3 & Melo 3:
    A: EC Ceramic Heads (0.5ohm) (30-60W)
    B: ECML Heads (0.75ohm)(8-25W)
    C: EC NC Heads (0.25ohm)(30-60W)
    D: ECL Heads (0.18ohm)(50-80W)
    E: ECL Heads (0.3ohm)(60-80W)
    F: EC Heads (0.5ohm)(30-100W)
    G:EC Heads (0.3ohm)(30-80W)
    H: EC TC Ni Heads (0.15ohm)(30-60W)
    I: EC TC Ti (0.5ohm)(<60W)
    J: ECR Head (1.0ohm)

    1. Please do not add e-liquid into the air pipe.
    2. Please do not overfill and make sure the e-liquid level is between 10%-90%.
    3. Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the wick of the coil to make it fully saturated before first use.

    Brand: Eleaf
    Unit: 1set
    Size: Height 66mm; Diameter 22mm
    Material: Stainless steel & Pyrex glass
    Color: Black
    Capacity: 4ml
    Threading: 510
    Shipping weight: 140g
    Package: Gift box
    Shipping method:Please check here for details.

    Each set contains:
    1pc Melo 3 Atomizer
    1pc EC 0.3ohm head
    1pc EC 0.5ohm head
    4pc Seal ring
    1pc User manual

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      Pete*** 2018-12-26
      Truly tiny... Smaller than the mini.. Works great
      Davi*** 2018-12-19
      Nice little tank.I liked this tank very much. It was well made and had a nice flavour and vapour.
      Nico*** 2018-12-08
      Amazing for newbies!This atomizer works well, it drinks not too much liquid, it has a great aromatic yield and all resistances are not expensive
      Gary*** 2018-12-06
      Original and built well.Arrived with two coil head
      Nich*** 2018-11-30
      Small and practical atomizer, the perfect match for Pico, Istick power Nano etc. For advanced users ECR rebuild coils are available.
      *** 2017-10-31
      it's good stuff and sold at very reasonable prices
      Vera*** 2017-05-17
      Nice inexpensive tank.
      Dimi*** 2017-05-17
      a great choice for beginners with big capacity for loooooong vaping!
      *** 2017-05-16
      Eleaf Melo 3 Tank Atomizer 4ml BlackCommented by VESTELIOS, on May 17, 2017Very good atomizer! Low priced, perfect for beginners and not only for them!
      Vikt*** 2017-05-16
      Not expensive, convenient, reliable, good taste. Excellent tank.
      Vlad*** 2017-05-16
      The new version of the cliromizer is available in two sizes - actually Melo III with a capacity of 4ml of liquid and a smaller model, MELO III Mini with a capacity of 2ml. Of the external differences can be noted a metal mouthpiece and a powerful sealing silicone ring, which is also available in various color solutions. It is also worth noting that the MELO III is made completely collapsible and, if necessary, you can replace only the necessary part without changing the whole device.
      Para*** 2017-05-16
      A nice tank with rebuidable head and above average performance. Easy to fill and suitable for both MTL and lung inhale
      Alek*** 2017-05-16
      Tank is good, does not leak, the bottom of the tank is blowing, which can be adjusted more less. A full tank lasts for an hour and a half, with the full soaring. One of the advantages is that it is very convenient to fill, the liquid is poured from the top. The hole for the evaporator is at the bottom of the tank that allows him to smoke at the very end of the fluid
      Sabi*** 2017-05-16
      A great Tank for beginners and profis ! Good airflow and top-fill system ! with 4 ml very big and i love the rainbow color
      *** 2017-05-16
      Eleaf Melo 3 Atomizer 4ml has great taste and easy fill. I like because has capacity 4ml. And off course no leaks !!!Thanks
      Via*** 2017-05-15
      big tank it's easy to di**emble and to **emble. very good atomizer with large tank 4ml. Great tank to begin your sub ohm adventure with.
      Esti*** 2017-05-15
      Fits perfectly to the Pico. Good quality and taste.
      Dima*** 2017-05-15
      Design looks great, No leakage, No spitback, Holds its flavour, Size means it fits snugly on most modern mods
      Azza*** 2017-05-15
      Simple and reliable. Cheap evaporators. Does not flow. A good option of non-services.
      Ahma*** 2017-05-15
      Tastefully very good MTL evaporator. To save costs, I recommend buying the RBA unit. With this, a vertical winding can be produced, which is not inferior to the original finished coil.
      Adhi*** 2017-05-15
      - tank capacity - good flavour and vapour - average liquid consumption - my everyday tank when i go out - no leakage - large coil compatibility
      Herm*** 2017-05-15
      Tank capacity is good. Top filling. On the coils does not flow and do not snot. Very cheap
      Ridw*** 2017-05-15
      One of the easiest and most comfortable atomisers to use ... perfect for both beginners and everyday use without too much effort
      Suma*** 2017-05-15
      The Melo 3 is well known, and rightly so, it's good stuff. And sold at very reasonable prices, affordable.
      El*** 2017-05-15
      Great 4 ml tank at a competitive price.
      Astu*** 2017-05-15
      I find it particularly good and it works as it should. Very satisfied. It does not need high watts to produce good amounts of steam, all of which will benefit the life of the battery. Use with 0.3ohm coil: the aromas feel good and does not cause unpleasant side effects.
      Sri*** 2017-05-15
      A fantastic vape tank. And fits perfectly well with iStick Pico
      Dima*** 2017-05-15
      Carefully done, not flowing. Gives a rather mild taste, though not very clear (my personal opinion). For beginners it will be fine.
      Eric*** 2017-05-15
      Melo 3 is great!I use the Vaporesso .9ohm ceramic coils un it.Fantastic vapor and flavor.A must have!
      Topa*** 2017-05-15
      Easy to fill, replace coils, adjust airflow, and pretty decent flavour.
      Sund*** 2017-05-15
      very easy to use and good taste
      Pri*** 2017-05-15
      Great original Atomizer with double the volume from standard atomizer.
      Rhen*** 2017-05-15
      Absolutely competitive price. 22mm in diameter, good finishes. Is a lung-like atom with contrasted shot, good for those who are used to chewing shot and want a low-cost lung
      Troy*** 2017-05-15
      A very nice tank - it is currently what I use as my primary tank.
      Tina*** 2017-05-15
      This looks like an amazing tank! High quality
      Para*** 2017-05-15
      A fairly good atomizer, easy to fill, with a good taste and throat hit. Also flexible with MTL and Lung inhale ability plus the rba head.
      *** 2017-05-15
      I Love melo 3.Many Coil options, great cloud production the way I'm using it.The flavor is also spot on.I recommend it to anyone that asks me.
      *** 2017-05-15
      I Love melo 3.Many Coil options, great cloud production the way I'm using it.The flavor is also spot on.I recommend it to anyone that asks me.
      *** 2017-05-15
      Very good Product. Easy refill , good cloud production and perfect flavor. 
      Muha*** 2017-05-15
      Best quality. Cheap price. 4 ML simply amazing!
      Kiki*** 2017-05-15
      Very good quality and a very big tank! 4 ml into the tank which lasts all day.
      Andr*** 2017-05-15
      A good atomizer for beginners, easy to use.
      Reza*** 2017-05-15
      Convenient is a good taste transfer. Great volume. Convenient filling
      Dina*** 2017-05-15
      Product of good quality, good rendering of the flavors of vapor.
      Rism*** 2017-05-15
      Very good aroma to be an atom with prefactors
      Fand*** 2017-05-15
      This is a great atomizer for the price
      Pusp*** 2017-05-15
      Good performance, Super performance, Suitable for mouth-lung baiting, Good qualities
      Fand*** 2017-05-15
      Great atomizer. A lot of vapor a great flavor.
      Ai*** 2017-05-15
      Super processed, beginner is very satisfied with taste and steam development
      Tri*** 2017-05-15
      - amazing tank - produces big clouds - easy to fill - looks good
      Aliv*** 2017-05-15
      Good atomizer for those who start to loose, practical and reliable
      Prit*** 2017-05-15
      Good atomizer, nice hidden and enough airflow, no leaks, nice appearance, topfill, genuine
      Chat*** 2017-05-15
      Good evaporator. Fits perfectly to the Istick Piko. Makes a lot of steam and is nevertheless economical in consumption
      Supr*** 2017-05-15
      Best entry level atomizer for cloud chasing for me
      Adi*** 2017-05-15
      Good for beginners and this is a good atomizer!
      *** 2017-05-15
      Pretty atomizer. Many replacement coils are available. Simple in use and good capacity.
      Serg*** 2017-05-15
      Good atomizer for beginner, at this price is good. Perfect 4ml size and many coils for use. I recommend.
      Evge*** 2017-05-15
      10 Types of coils! 4 ml!With this device you can go to an uninhabited island!
      *** 2017-05-15
      Quality tank for theprice. No leaks. Easy to fil. Ijust love the taste you get from it.
      Geor*** 2017-05-15
      Wide variety of coils, large capacity, low price, suitable for the beginners and advanced vapers . You can't go wrong with eleaf!
      Gerd*** 2017-05-14
      Sehr guter und zuverlässiger Verdampfer!
      Amet*** 2017-05-14
      Good atomizer with easy to fill system and great taste fealing. its good deal for sub ohm tank. also, it has rba option.nice to use it.
      Hali*** 2017-05-14
      It's great and usefull atomizer. i'm using it for 4 months. i used ec heads (0.3 and 0.5) with tastefull results. now i'm with ecr head . no problems until now.
      Vjac*** 2017-05-14
      good tank, nice to outdoor using.
      Vera*** 2017-05-13
      Looks like a quality tank, 4mls is a nice size.
      Atha*** 2017-05-13
      Sweet atomizer. Eleaf quality. Good price for multiplechoice atomizer.
      chri*** 2017-05-13
      Very good atomizer! Low priced, perfect for beginners and not only for them!
      Vale*** 2017-05-13
      Хороший атомайзер для начинающих. Качество на высоте.
      Atha*** 2017-05-12
      Nice tank, good design, alot of coils, 4 ml or 2
      Vita*** 2017-05-12
      Простой и надежный. Необслугу можно перемотать
      *** 2017-05-12
      A beautiful tank with a solid ch**is but mine leaked and became more of a headache than it was enjoyable. Results will vary but buyers beware. If you’re a heavy, hard pulling vaper, there’s much better tanks that can handle the punishment. To the beginner, this could be a good first addition and introduction into the Sub-Tank genre if you vape under 50W.
      Ron*** 2017-05-12
      Is pretty good, a 22mm atomizer so fits on my mod easily. 
      Geor*** 2017-05-12
      A great atomizer. Perfect size and perfect performance. It's exactly what I want from an atomizer that works with replaceable coils. Been using it on a daily basis, just perfect.
      Tria*** 2017-05-12
      Nice and easy to use atomizer. Good for entry level vaping
      MICH*** 2017-05-11
      I like it.  Just the right size.
      Evge*** 2017-05-11
      Simple! High quality! Delicious! And inexpensive! What you need!Просто! Качественно! Вкусно! И недорого! То, что надо!
      Serg*** 2017-05-11
      Best atomizer, best price, wide variety for coils.
      Euge*** 2017-05-11
      Nice top filling atomizer. Easy to use. An ideal one for regular vaping experience.
      Dani*** 2017-05-11
      Great awesome little tank! Works great, great design and handles lots of watts! Amazing! 👍😃
      *** 2017-05-11
      Nice 4ml Tank Atomizer!
      Gerd*** 2017-05-11
      Sehr guter Allround-Verdampfer.Ich nutze ihn mit den neuen ECML 0,75 Ohm-MTL-Coils und bin damit sehr zufrieden.Einfach zu befüllen und kein siffen, top!
      *** 2017-05-10
      It's an eleaf that says everything, just translate great
      Hiro*** 2017-05-10
      I think that it is a very good atomizer
      Keis*** 2017-05-10
      I have Melo 300.It is really good for cloud chasers but so hot. so I guess Melo 3 is good for everyone.
      *** 2017-05-10
      i have the eleaf melo2 tank and i will try the melo 3
      Deme*** 2017-05-10
      A solid tank with various choices of coils to select, giving options to mtl
      Roma*** 2017-05-10
      Very good atomizer with replacement heads. One of the best to use with iStick Pico!
      Grig*** 2017-05-10
      Simple and reliable tank. Good for beginners or everyday use.
      Petr*** 2017-05-10
      It is a nery good atty! High quality made and great flavour.
      Chro*** 2017-05-10
      Based on older version it must be a perfect new one :)
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
      Pre-Order Quantity:10
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