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Warranty Policy for Retailer Orders


Warranty Policy for Retail Orders

These rules in this article only apply to retail account.

What kind of product can get replacement?

All products under warranty period can get new free replacements. Warranty period for each product:

How can customers get replacement?

1. Tell us your problems of products by submitting a ticket.

In this ticket, the order number should be in the subjectthis will help us reply quickly.

Choose “warranty” in the Category Option Bar.


2. Tell us the problem of your product in details, pictures are much appreciated. These will help us know more about the problem and what can we do next.

3. When you reach an agreement with our customer service, you need to place a specific order for your replacement.

4. Tell our customer service your replacement order number in the original ticket pls, we will process the order for you.( the status of replacement order is “pending”, “pending” order will not be processed without reasonable reason.)

5. Ship your defective product back to us. (DOA prodcuct is the exception)

 How to finish a specific order for your replacement?

Place an order as normal-----click” checkout”----choose western union as the payment method, (you don’t need to pay it online, this step is just for our stock management.)----leave message in the comment table(details are given in the following)---- checkout the order finally----tell customer service the order number.

 What information should be left in the comment table?

Do as follow, correct message will help us to process the replacement order quickly.

1. The original order number of the defective product.

2. Ticket ID or ticket NO.

3. Extra message we should notice.

Example: "this is the replacement order for my apv which comes from order 123456, tracking id: 22L-1MB-GNL8, ticket no.12345. Just now I placed a new order 123457, combine them pls”.


return policy 2

How can we ship replacement to you?

1.With your new order. This way is recommended, it is faster and more convenient. Only one thing you need to do: leave message in the new order, it will remind us of combining your replacement order with this order or adding replacement into your new order.

2. Ship the replacement order via China Registered Airmail separately. This is free, but the time for china registered airmail to get different countries are different and unstable.

3. Ship the replacement order via EMS or DHL, faster shipping methods are not free, customers have to pay the postage for it.

Where and how to send the defective products back to Health Cabin?

For items under 30 days or 90 days,180 days warranty:
*Send the defective product back in your cheapest way to our following address.
*No need to send back defective products via registered mail but in the cheapest way pls.


To: Tracy Deng

Flat 909 Floor 9,TaiBang Technology Building, 4th Avenue, South High-Tech

Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China

Phone: 86-0755-22672863  

Cell phone: 18559200078 

*Remember to inform us the order number in your return package, either a note or something, for us to check and identify.
*Customs Declaration: 
*The quantity and detailed description of contents should be electronics, never e-cig.
*Value should be between 10-20USD
*The defective or malfunctioning product should be sent out within one month after you inform us. 
*If replacement has been sent to you but your returned products have not been arrived at us, we will not send new replacement in the future.


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