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100ml Vapelf Fresh & Fruity Concentrated Flavors
100ml Vapelf Fresh & Fruity Concentrated Flavors (SALE)
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Price: $ 7.19
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Attribute 1:
  • Cantaloupe
  • hami melon
  • Pomegranate
  • Passion Fruit
  • Apricot
  • Hawthorn
  • Banana
  • Fruit Punch
  • More...
Attribute 2:
  • 100ml
  • More...
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Unit Weight: 137 g
SKU: 2201100215
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Welcome to Vapelf - Flavor for YOUR taste. Vapelf is here for everyone to find their flavor of vaping, and it aims to make your DIY making fun and easy. Vapelf flavors are divided into 11 taste categories: Berries, Fresh & Fruity, Tropicals, Mango, Nutty, Mints, Coffee, Sweets, Vanillas, Milks & Creams, and Vegetables. In total there are over 60 flavors. We are providing also sweetners, PG, VG and nicotine booster to meet your DIY needs.

Vapelf Fresh Fruity Concentrated Flavors
Vapelf Fresh Fruity Concentrated Flavors
Vapelf Fresh Fruity Concentrated Flavors
Vapelf Fresh Fruity Concentrated Flavors
Vapelf Flavor
Vapelf Flavor

The flavorings are highly concentrated and cannot be used directly. Please use them with Unflavored eLiquid in different strength to DIY your own eliquid.
Recommended ratio: 5%-15%, this format is not fixed, customers can adjust it based on personal preference.

Flavor List:

1. Hami Melon
Rich head aroma. Strong hami melon fruit pouch and a strong meaty flavour.

2. Orange
Fresh and natural sweet orange aroma. Strong juice and meaty flavour.

3. Passion Fruit
Fresh aroma. The overall aroma balance is good with sweetness. It offers a refreshing and clean flavour of the passion fruit.

4. Pomegranate
Fresh pomegranate aroma with strong juice flavour. Sweet and sour.

5. Fuji Apple
Ripe apple aroma, with strong meaty flavour. The overall aroma is rich.

6. Fruit Punch
Rich and sweet aroma. A flavour mixed with many fruits flavours and the slight peach flavour.

7. White Grape
Rich white grape aroma with some flavour like fruit wine.

8. Lemon
Strong lemon aroma, with sweetness in the aroma and some plant flavour of lemon grass.

9. Cantaloupe
Ripe melon and fruit aroma, with meaty flavour. The aroma is natural.

10. Green Orange
Green orange aroma with strong nature flavour. The juicy flavour is strong.

11. Malaysia Cantaloupe
Malaysia Cantaloupe flavour with soft and natural aroma.

12. Sour Cherry
Cherry flavour with some slight sour flavour and flower aroma. The aroma is elegant.

13. Apricot
Apricot aroma with slight sweet and sour flavour.

Riped Grape flavor has a tantalizing aroma and sweet taste of grape that bursts in richness in your recipes.

15.Fresh Watermelon
Very fresh watermelon for the summer time, a perfect flavor for ejuice to be vaped alll the time.

16.Crab Apple
It's an apple that's grown in the wild, has a sour yet fresh apple aroma.

It's a fresh and sweet banana flavor.

Strong peach flavor.

Natural kiwi flavor gives you a flesh and natural taste. Enjoy the brilliant kiwi flavor that delivers a delicious tart and sweet, fresh kiwi fruit taste.

20.Green Apple
Strong green apple aroma. Enjoy the brilliant flavor that perfectly blends sweetness and tartness of green apple.

21.Fresh Peach
Rich, flesh and intensive Peach flavor. Taste just right from the tree. Enjoy the memorable peach flavoring experience.

22.White Peach
This flavor offers a long-time white peach tasting experience. Full of juice and sweetness.

23.Peach Juice
The sweet juicy peach aroma. This flavor tastes more like the peach juice flavor than the usual peach flavor.

Hawthorn flavor perfectly blended tartness of hawthorn. It is a perfect taste quenching flavor for an all-day treats.

Watermelon from the market. Very juicy, fresh and sweet flavor. The overall aroma is more like the refreshing aroma of the watermelon peel.

Natural and gentle pear flavor that has slight creamy aroma.

Healthcabin also carries the Berries Flavor , Coffee & Creams , Fresh & Fruity Flavor , Mints & Menthol , Nutty Flavor , Sweets & Vanillas , Tobacco(TBC) & RY4 , Tropicals Flavor for your choice.

Brand: Vapelf
Flavor: Kiwi/Green Apple/Fresh Peach/White Peach/Peach Juice/Hawthorn/Watermelon/Pear/Grape/Fresh Watermelon/Crab Apple/Banana/Peach
Unit: 100ml/bottle
Package: Childproof plastic bottle in a paper box
Shipping method: Please check here for details.

Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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Please check discount codes for orders over 50 USD and save money.
If you want bigger discounts, please check our wholesale instruction.

Your satisfaction is HealthCabin's top priority. If for any reason you are in need of help or support, please click Help Desk on the top right corner and submit a ticket.We will reply to you asap.

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    Customers Reviews
    Jame*** 2018-08-10
    Started making my own liquid last year or so, and im making 4 gallons at a time. HealthCabin has some very good flavors at a very good price i think.
    Maso*** 2018-08-10
    HealthCabin flavors are killer! Flavor is always spot on. You cant go wrong with getting flavors through these guys. Best prices ive seen and ships quick. Definitely my go to and will be in the future. Keep up the good work guys!
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