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    • UD Miracle Cotton (12pcs/bag)

    • UD Ceramics Tweezers with Flat Head

    • 5pc UD Spool Wire Tamer

    • UD Mini Diagonal Pliers for Coils

    • UD Wire Box With Six Spool Wires

    • UD Kanthal A1 Wire (24ga, 0.5mm)

    • UD Kanthal A1 Wire (28ga, 0.3mm)

    • UD Kanthal A1 Wire (32ga, 0.20mm)

    • UD Kanthal A1 Wire (34ga, 0.16mm)

    • UD Kanthal A1 Wire (36ga, 0.12mm)

    • UD Youde Pre packaged MUJI Organic Cotton (5pc/bag)

    • UD Youde #1 COIL JIG

    • UD Pre packaged Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton (5pc/bag)