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    VOOPOO DRAG Nano 2 Giveaway

    Dear Customers,

    For previous giveaway contests, please click here to view the winners!

    Voopoo has just added a new member in their DRAG series – the Drag Nano 2, which is small but powerful. Do you wanna try it? Here is the chance! We are going to giveaway the brand new Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit with 10 winners in total. Ends on 31st Oct. Come join us and win it home for free!

    *Colors will be shipped out randomly if you are lucky to win!

    About Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit

    Different from previous DRAG series, Voopoo Drag Nano 2 has small but powerful body. It not only perpetuate the professional performance of DRAG series, but also creatively tailor-made the appearance smaller and more exquisite. With the feature of simplify the complexity outside but maintain the strength inside, Drag Nano 2 will provide a unique experience for you!

    Join & Win

    Finish the tasks below and win Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit home easily. Good luck to you all!!

    VOOPOO DRAG Nano 2 Giveaway
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