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    1Kg Vapelf Fresh & Fruity Concentrated Flavors
    • HealthCabin
    1Kg Vapelf Fresh & Fruity Concentrated Flavors
    1Kg Vapelf Fresh & Fruity Concentrated Flavors.
    Price: $ 34.99
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    Attribute 1:
    • Wild Grape 6001
    • White Grape 8002
    • White Grape 6001
    • Watermelon 6002
    • Watermelon
    • Sweet Strawberry 2001
    • Strawberry
    • Salt Pineapple 8002
    • Red Grape 6002
    • Red Grape 6001
    • Raspberry 8001
    • Raspberry 6001
    • Rambutan 8001
    • Pomegranate 6001
    • Plum 6001
    • Pineapple 8009
    • Pineapple 6001
    • Pineapple 2001
    • pineapple
    • Pear 6003
    • Pear 6001
    • Orange 6001
    • Melon 6002
    • Melon 6001
    • Litchi 7001
    • Litchi 6005
    • Litchi 6003
    • Kiwi 6008
    • Kiwi 6007
    • Kiwi 6006
    • Kiwi 6005
    • Kiwi 6003
    • Juicy Peach 8003
    • Juicy Peach 2002
    • Juicy Peach 2001
    • Juice Peach 2003
    • Hami Melon 8001
    • Hami Melon 6003
    • Guava 6002
    • Guava 6001
    • Green Apple 8001
    • Green Apple 6004
    • Green Apple 6003
    • Green Apple 6002
    • Green Apple 6001
    • Grape 8001
    • Grape 6005
    • Grape 6004
    • Cranberry 6001
    • Cranberry
    • Coconut 8003
    • Cherry 6004
    • Cherry 6002
    • Cherry 6001
    • Blueberry 6006
    • Blueberry 6002
    • Blackcurrant 6002
    • Blackcurrant 6001
    • Blackberry 8001
    • Blackberry 6001
    • Apple 6004
    • Apple 6003
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    • 1Kg
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    Unit Weight: 1000 g
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    Fruit Flavors for DIY E Juice, Who doesn't love fruity-flavored e-liquids? This category of flavors can do it all – refresh your palate when you're feeling thirsty, captivate your sweet tooth with those bold, natural sugars and elate your taste buds with complexity that's both intriguing and enticing. we know very well that many of our DIY vaping customers want loads of fruity options to choose from when it comes to their flavoring. You'll find a vast selection of options as you explore this category.

    Being fruit fanatics ourselves, we went to great lengths to ensure that we can provide our customers with pretty much every kind of fruit flavor possible. You'll find plump berries, juicy citrus, crisp apples, tantalizing tropical fruits and more. These flavoring extracts are great on their own, and they're also designed to be mixed together easily to create highly nuanced flavor profiles that are unlike anything that you'll find on the market today.

    Watermelon: Bursting with refreshing, mouth-watering flavor, our Watermelon DIY flavor concentrate definitely does not disappoint. It's the classic, fresh taste of juicy Watermelon on a hot Summer’s day. A tropical explosion of thirst-quenching sweetness with a delightful scent makes this the perfect all-day vape.

    Blackcurrant: The refreshing tart flavor of Blackcurrant is great alone in a flavorful berry eliquid recipe, or as an addition to your favorite dessert, tobacco, and fruit cocktail eliquids.

    Kiwi: is a sweet and tangy flavor that will add a dramatic tropical pizazz to any eliquid recipe. Although it tastes great by itself, Kiwi mixes very well with sweet fruit flavors, florals, and desserts.

    Blueberry:Get a fantastic berry flavor with Blueberry. Sweet, light, and fruity. We guarantee you’ll be able to find a place for it in any of your DIY E-Juice recipes.
    Use Blueberry on it’s own, or mix with with other fruits, berries, creams, and more.

    Juicy Peach: The aromatic scent of fresh summer peaches is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
    Enjoy it as a standalone vape or pair our Peach concentrate with decadent Creamy Vanilla, Tropic Thunder, Pure Menthol or Turkish Tobacco to create your own peachy vape juice.

    Strawberry: Strawberry DIY flavor concentrate is a punch-packing flavor that harmoniously blends the sugary sweetness and slight citrus sourness this plump berry is famed for. It's a versatile flavor that can be enjoyed as a standalone vape juice or can be added to your own custom fruit, candy or dessert mixes to elevate the taste. Alternatively combine our Strawberry flavor concentrate with Pure Menthol to create a sweet and frosty, berry-menthol vape juice.

    Cherry: Cherry DIY flavor concentrate is a bold and fruity cherry flavor with a slight candy twist. Its subtle lip-puckering tartness and sugary sweetness on the exhale makes this a great mix and vape flavor.

    White Grape: The sweet, juicy, and refreshing flavor of White Grape tastes great on its own, or in a DIY recipe. It mixes well with fruit, floral, dessert and cream flavors. You can also use White Grape to remove some of the sharpness from White Wine, or to add a subtle undertone to your cola mix!
    Pineapple: Make your own tropical fruit salad with Pineapple as a sweet and tart flavor, or use its unique flavor to mix your favorite dessert, cream, or citrus recipe.

    Red Grape: With its juicy flavor and sweet aroma, Grape is that familiar fruit drink we all remember. Great for a fruit-flavored DIY recipe, and great to mix with citrus, dessert, fruit, and wine.

    Raspberry: The sweet flavor of Raspberry can now be yours with no threat of being hurt by the bush's thorns. What else is there to say? Raspberry tastes delicious on its own, and it tastes even more delicious in a well thought out fruit recipe. Excellent with cream and dessert flavors.

    Rambutan: Rambutan flavor tastes like a mix between a grape and a fresh date.
    High-quality concentrated flavor for mixing with PG and/or VG before vaping. Our Flavor Concentrates can be used to flavor beverages, baking, candy flavoring, flavoring lip balm & more!

    Pomegranate:Pomegranate provides a rich, juicy, sweet and tart flavor. Pomegranate is surely worth trying out on its own for its unique flavor. Better yet, you can add it to your DIY recipe. We recommend mixing this flavor with fruit, citrus, cream, dessert, cola, and liquor recipes.

    Plum:Plum flavor offers a sweet to tart taste in wine and other types of drinks. A drop of it gives you the real taste of fresh plum in your treats.

    Pear:The refreshing and light sweet taste of Pear is flavorful on its own, but even better when mixed with cream, fruit, citrus, dessert, soda, and some floral flavors. This is a wonderful flavor for fruit DIY recipes!

    Orange:Orange is the sweet and tangy breakfast and juice flavor that seems to go with nearly everything. Used by itself to flavor a DIY recipe, Orange gives your recipe a playful tart flavor. Mixed with other flavors, Orange mixes well with dessert, cream, beverage, earthy, chocolate, nut and fruit flavors in nearly any combination you can imagine.

    Melon: The sweet, juicy flavor of a Melon is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. In a DIY recipe, Melon makes for a smooth recipe, and its robust flavor will help you create an exquisite blend. We recommend mixing Melon with beverage, cream or dessert flavors.

    Litchi:Lychee DIY flavor concentrate is best described as a cross between a mellow pear, sweet berry and zesty grape. This exotic flavor concentrate is famed for its lingering floral scent and loved for its playful tart and delightfully sweet fruit taste. Best enjoyed when mixed with our variety of sweeter DIY flavor concentrates such us Peach or Strawberry.

    Kiwi:Kiwi is a sweet and tangy flavor that will add a dramatic tropical pizazz to any DIY recipe. We recommend mixing this flavor with sweet fruit, floral, and dessert flavors.

    Hami Melon:Its flavor profile is reminiscent of a very sweet cantaloupe, with more flavor and firmer crunchy texture. Hami Melon flavor are sweet and refreshing and are a wonderful addition to breakfast. Best enjoyed when mixed with our DIY flavor concentrates such us Peach or Strawberry and mint or menthol or soda flavors.

    Guava: Guava is a sweet, fruity flavor with tangy undertones, something like a blend of kiwi and strawberry flavors. Although the exotic flavor of Guava tastes great by itself, you might want to mix it with dessert, fruit, and soda flavors in your DIY recipe.

    Green Apple: Green Apple is the perfect fruit flavor to mix with dessert and fruit flavorings in a DIY recipe. Whether you use Green Apple by itself for its sweet, familiar taste and delicious aroma, or mix it with other flavors as part of your own special recipe, Green Apple will become one of your favorites.

    Coconut:is a delightfully refreshing tropical flavor bound to take your mind to paradise.

    Apple: Apple flavoring concentrate formulated from the ground up for manufacturing and creating DIY recipes.
    Aromatic sweet apple like a treetop box juice. Good basic apple flavor, without the candy notes or high ringing green apple notes.
    The most nutritious and delicious fruit, we condense it into sweet taste, you can make it into fragrant apple pie, apple drink, apple candy.

    Brand: Vapelf
    Unit: 1Kg/bottle
    Package: Childproof plastic bottle in a paper box

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