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    30ml Dekang TBC E-Liquid (80PG/20VG)

    30ml Dekang TBC E-Liquid (80PG/20VG)

    136 Units In Stock
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    Price: $ 3.99
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    Attribute 1:
    • 3_5(Triple 5) 3DT#15
    • Camel(Desert) 3DT#4
    • Marl(USA Mix) 3DT#10
    • DK-TAB(DK-Blend) 3DT#6
    • Tobacco 3DT#13
    • More...
    Attribute 2:
    • 11mg
    • 6mg
    • 18mg
    • 24mg
    • 0mg
    • More...
    • Liquid:33 Units   
    • US Alternative:0 Units   
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    Unit Weight: 50 g
    SKU: 2100100045
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    Dekang updates the package recently, the old version and new version of packaging will exist at the same time for a period.
    Dekang has new package for nicotine ejuice, we will ship them randomly.

    Strength: 24mg/18mg/11mg/0mg
    Ejuice base: 80%PG+20%VG
    Flavor: 15 kinds of Tobacco flavor (See flavor list).
    We do sell 30ml Dekang ejuice in Menthol& fruit flavor,Other flavor.
    Packaging: childproof plastic dripping bottle
    Childproof bottles usage: Press the cap and then rotate it.
    Shipping method:Please check here for details.
    Dekang E-Liquid

    Shortened life span of the coil units might be caused when using high voltage/wattage batteries. The main ingredients of e-liquid, PG and VG, especially VG, are very easy to get carbonized in extremely heated circumstances.
    This carbonization is more obvious with finished coil units. We recommend you to use rebuildable atomizers with high voltage/wattage batteries.
    Recommended voltage for dekang liquid: 3.6V-3.7V.

    Flavor list:
    Marl(USA Mix) / Cuba cigar(Cigar Cubano) / Camel(Desert) / Newport(Portal Blend) / Red USA Mix (Dark USA Mix) / Tobacco / Winston(Tonwin) / 3&5(Triple 5) / Dunhill(Hill Blend) / DK-TAB(DK-Blend) / RY4(DK-4) / Turkish tobacco(T-Blend) / Gold&Silver(BH Son)

    Ejuice may contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. It should only be used by current smokers. Pregnant women and minors should not use these products.
    The ejuice may contain propylene glycol (in some cases vegetable glycerin). Those with medical conditions should consult a physician before using.
    Always store the product in childproof container where children and pet can not get to this product.
    Store ejuice in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.
    Nicotine is poisonous. Do not touch. NEVER DRINK or INGEST. Use at your own risk.

    Please Note:We do NOT cover customs risk for orders including ejuice from Norway, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Belgium. Thanks for your understanding!

    Warranty:Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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    Your satisfaction is Health Cabin's top priority. If for any reason you are in need of help or support, please click Help Desk on the top right corner and submit a ticket.We will reply to you asap.

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      Customers Reviews
      Jeva*** 2018-04-28
      Best Chinese tobacco juice hands down, and better than most “high end” US/EUROPEAN tobacco juices. Easy all day vape. Don’t ever get rid of this flavor Healthcabin!!! 
      CYNT*** 2017-11-20
      I love this product.  Its the best liquid I have ever tasted.  I will keep buying this.  Great Place.  thank you.
      Gary*** 2017-05-24
      Nice cig taste from Tonwin. Like the old Winston . Good throat hit at 24mg. Nice.
      Pete*** 2017-04-16
      a very mild smooth and rounded Tabaco flavour  not overly sweet. great service ordered Tuesday delivered Monday (dhl to UK)  
      Jeva*** 2014-03-16
      Great products at an amazing price. Gotta love their natural flavoured tobacco Eliquids!
      Ange*** 2012-05-08
      Excellent incredible value and taste and I love HC bottles too! :)
      MIGU*** 2011-05-29
      30ml DEKANG E-juice/E-Liquid with 63 Flavors Caramel 11mg. mhmmmm Riquisimo y para el precio
      Eliz*** 2010-08-20
      The best so far that I have tried is Vanilla. It has just the right amount of sweetness and it doesn't hurt your throat when you inhale. The fragrance it leaves behind is divine!I haven't touched a real cig in a month now. No more stinky breath, yellow teeth,or that nasty smoke smell in my hair or clothes! Boy the tabacco companies are going to be ticked when more people discover vaping instead!
      Adri*** 2010-02-21
      This is the best E-Liquid i have ever tried, period. I have smoked a lot of different types, and this is the A+ within E-Liquid. -Produces great vapor -Does not clog the atomizer -A lot of great flavours to choose from -GREAT PRICE!! Regards, happy customer Since i don't need to write any more, I'll just type in random letters for the rest of the review, to get 500 characters. blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla
      char*** 2009-11-30
      OK, I´ve tried quite a few flavors. My personal favorite right now is Cuban Cigar. It tastes like a good cigar smells. My least favorite so far has been Coffee, which surprised me. The chocolate, vanilla and soda flavors are all OK. I didn´t like the Marlboro, which also surprised me. It just reminded me of stinky cigarettes. The ecigs are so very much cleaner. I look forward to trying a few more of the tobacco flavors.
      dome*** 2009-11-20
      Love the flavors. So far tried Grape, Caramel, Coffee, Pinapple, cherry, and marlboro. Particularly enjoy the grape, and marlboro Great product, and support.
      josh*** 2009-11-15
      good product got it last thursday toke a week to get to me. and i havnt had one cig sence i got it.... it is like a normal cig but u can smoke it any where everything a normal cig toke away from and sence i started the e-cig i have been getting it back breathing sleeping problem and ect......... overall i give it a 10 A++++++
      Eric*** 2009-11-15
      Marl(USA Mix) tastes exactly like a real cig, not too strong but just right. Tried flue cured tobacco and menthol, they both seemed too harsh to enjoy.
      Dell*** 2009-10-14
      I am so glad I FINALLY found this seller! Wonderful products for a very fair price!!! You have to get the best value for every dollar in today's economy and these people realize that! THANK YOU!!!!
      Paul*** 2009-10-11
      I love HEALTHCABIN.NET! Marlboro is the closest to a real cigarette you are going to get. Just make sure when you are ordering you order in bulk, it makes the shipping across seas hurt a little less. Packaging was astounding, at first glance I thought they had forgot some of my order...nawp, they just packaged everything in the most effeceint manner possible. A week to my door. Amazing. The help staff was great, service and reply back to questions right away. They have great prices to boot. Whenever anyone asks me about my e cig I send them this link. I should basically be the american spokeperson for healthcabin.net. What can I say, they do a good job and they run a good business. In this day and age that is a hard thing to come by. Good job guys and gals at healthcabin.
      Marl*** 2009-10-07
      I have tried Chocolate,Coffee,Ruyan 4#(RY4),Strawberry,Menthol and Coca cola they all have good vapor. so for my Fav is RY4. Plan on getting more to try, heard the 555 is good!
      Brad*** 2009-09-25
      I got tons of flavors and they are all good. Notably I like RY4 and Winston but even the whimsical flavors like watermelon, cherry and coffee were very tasty. Fast shipping! Packaged great and received in perfect condition.
      Mike*** 2009-09-06
      This is the best eJuice that i have ever vaped. I was thinking that its just a plain old mint flavor. Refilled my cart, snapped it on my trusty M401 (from Amy). Then BOOM! The flavor exploded in my mouth and Im loving it. Throat hit is excellent! Vapor is pretty good! Delivery is by far the fastest as always. Thanks alot Amy!
      Mike*** 2009-09-06
      This is the best eJuice that i have ever vaped! I was thinking that it was just plain old minty. After refilling my carts, snapped it on my M401 ( from amy ). I was just blown away! I refilled all 20 of my extra carts with this juice!
      Deni*** 2009-08-28
      I am a regular customer and just love this seller. Great customer service and the products are the best. Flue cured is my favorite and its the best from here
      Kevi*** 2009-08-21
      The Winston is great, service was beyond compare. No errors, and in 4 days to my door in the USA. Thanks.
      Mega*** 2009-08-14
      I have tried the Cappucino, Marlboro, Menthol, Flue Cured, and Non Flavored. This e-juice is very vapable. I can vape this forever and ever. Best Price ever. Amy is so quick to answer any questions. The cappucino and flue cured are my favorites. This is my one stop e-cig store.
      RIch*** 2009-07-31
      This is by far the best juice out there. And it is the safest for you, I have seen the results. Believe the hype. Now with the new shipping, I have my order in 4-5 days, to Pittsburgh,PA. You will not find a better supplier.
      Susa*** 2009-07-17
      very good flavor and vapor
      Gary*** 2009-07-16
      Best juice at the best price and very fast delivery to U.S.
      Jame*** 2009-07-07
      The juice is amazing! Amy is a pleasure to do business with. Amazing how I can place an order and 7 days later have it arrive in Colorado from China.
      ann *** 2009-05-27
      the best e juice i have ever try ed lots of flavor and lots of vapor ruyan for me is brilliant the service is great and amy is a lovely person nothing is to much trouble for her congratulations on your web site you have do a fantastic job i wish you well a tunnicliffe (england)
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