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    30ml Elixir Vape Awake E-liquid

    30ml Elixir Vape Awake E-liquid (SALE)

    311 Units In Stock
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    Attribute 1:
    • 100%VG
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    • 0mg
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    • Liquid:311 Units   
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    Unit Weight: 95 g
    SKU: 2103700001
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    Awake 30ml Ejuice
    Arnold Palmer with Strawberry Infused with Green Tea Yerba Mate, B12,Ginseng
    Promotes Natural Energy & Clear Mind
    Uses: For energy in place of coffee, tea or energy drinks

    Elixir Vape E-liquid
    Elixir Vape E-liquid

    Brand: Elixir Vape
    Unit: 30ml/bottle
    Base: 100%VG
    Strength: 0mg
    Packaging: Childproof Glass bottle in a paper box
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      Customers Reviews
      Ward*** 2019-04-24
      A very sweet lemon tea flavor that is delicious!!! An excellent morning wake me up!!!!
      Lesl*** 2018-11-03
      It is really tasty, its light and refreshing reminds me of a cold lemonade,and I have definitely noticed added energy from the supplements. I use this on long days and am far less grumpy at the end of the day.
      Yuta*** 2018-06-23
      目覚めのレモンティー アロマ。スッキリとまとめられていてとても喫いやすいです。オススメ!



      MEI*** 2019-05-17
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
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