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    • 510Vape SPAS-12 Resin Starter Kit 950mAh 2ml

    • Beemax YH Silver Fox Pole Set Starter Kit 650mAh 1.5ml

    • Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit 1000mAh

    • SnowPlus Pre-Filled Pod System Kit 400mAh 1.5ml

    • Sense Herakles Pod Mod Kit 1500mAh 6ml

    • Ovns Saber II Pod System Kit 600mAh 1.5ml

    • Teslacigs P20 Pod System Kit 350mAh 1.5ml

    • Advken Oasis Pod System Kit 360mAh 2ml

    • Momento Disposable Pod Kit 280mAh 1.5ml (with package in Chinese)

    • Teslacigs Punk Pod System Kit 600mAh 1.2ml

    • ZXLE Pod Kit 420mAh 2ml with 1 Pre-Filled pod

    • ZXLE Pod Kit 420mAh 2ml with 2 Pre-Filled pods (with Package in Chinese)

    • HorizonTech Adamats Pod System Kit 930mAh 3.5ml

    • JDI E8 Pod System Kit 360mAh 1.5ml

    • Vfolk Pro Mod 350mAh

    • VEEX Vitabon Pre-Filled Pod System Kit 280mAh 0.7ml (with package in Chinese)

    • Veebon Pre-Filled Pod System Kit 350mAh 2ml

    • Suorin Trio Pod System Kit 850mAh

    • Vaporesso Degree Pod System Kit 950mAh 2ml

    • Hugo Vapor Kylin 30W Pod System Kit 1000mAh 3ml

    • VEIIK Cracker Pod System Kit 500mAh 2ml

    • Vsticking VKsma Auto Filling Yihi Chip TC Pod System Kit 1400mAh 3ml

    • Asmodus Pyke Pod System Kit 480mAh 2ml

    • BOHR Pury Pod System Kit 280mAh 0.9ml

    • Vapor Storm Ares Pod System Kit 560mAh 1.6ml

    • THC Tauren X Pod System Kit 1000mAh 2ml

    • Sense Orbit Baby Pod System Starter Kit 460mAh 2ml

    • Smoant Battlestar Baby Pod System Kit 750mAh 2ml

    • Vaptio Sleek Pod System Kit 400mAh 1.5ml

    • Wismec Preva DNA Pod System Kit 1050mAh 3ml

    • ThinkVape ZETA AIO 60W Pod Kit 3ml

    • Huaxian Disposable Pod Kit 280mAh 1.2ml (with package in Chinese)

    • OBS Alter Pod System Kit 2500mAh 5ml

    • Acrohm Fush Nano Pod System Kit 550mAh 1.5ml

    • MOTI CS Pre-Filled Pod System Kit 500mAh 1.8ml

    • MOTI One Starter Kit 350mAh 2ml