Can buying an electronic cigarette help you quit smoking? It is always a big question, or a controversy in the society about public health and even community safety, especially in the USA, where smokers and vapers are both very common. Indeed, ecig is now considered one of the most useful solutions for the group of people who have being concerned about how to quit smoking. Many believe that if ecig is adopted as a substitute to cigarettes, it can help more people to quit smoking. On top of that, they can increase the associated health and financial benefits that come with this by cutting the use of conventional cigarettes. On the other hand, though an ecig generally enjoys a very high safety, many are still worried about people many use an electronic cigarette as a complement to conventional cigarettes, i.e. to use both kinds of cigarettes together. Such kind of people are not rare, and are called "complementers" by some. When ecigs are treated as a complementary product, people will simply blunt the regular anti-smoking regulation and keep themselves smoking for even longer. According to an online survey of 2,406 people conducted in the US, 37 per cent of smokers who use e-cigarettes view electronic cigarettes mainly as a complementary product to the conventional cigarettes, rather than a substitute to them. Also, the survey found that 55 per cent of “substituters” were trying to quit smoking, while only 40% of the "complementers" were. 37 per cent of complementers in our sample regarded vaping primarily as a complementary activity to smoking, while only 27 per cent of non-smokers thought electronic cigarettes would be used in this way rather than as a substitute. Such fact gives us an insight that some people, especially the non-smokers, overestimate the benefits of ecig to the question of "how to quit smoking".

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Innokin iTaste MVP V 2.0 Brief Introduction


Innokin iTaste MVP V 2.0 Brief Introduction

As an upgrade of the original iTaste MVP, iTaste MVP V2.0 has substantial improvements in both appearance and function: 


Vaping Button Highlights

The high lights of vaping button make it responsive and more convenient to operate.

NewCarbon Fiber Color


iTaste MVP V2.0 are made of the Zinc alloy and aluminium alloy. Being given special treatment of anodic oxidation and chrome-plating, the iTaste MVP V2.0 has well display the effect of fiber-drawing, which make it more quality feel and hand feel. 

Blue Display Color

The color of the display has been changed from red to blue, giving it more soft feel.

NewVariableWattage Function.


iTaste MVP V2.0 has added variable wattage function. The adjusting button applies one way increasing, displaying the voltage or wattage in a circular way. 

Ohm meter


The iTaste V2.0 has added the ohm meter. It will display resistance of the attached atomizer, then it will display the current voltage after 2 seconds. ITaste MVP is a microprocessor controlled VV/VW personal vaporizer that lets you easily adjust the voltage and wattage with just a few button presses. 


Ohms meter :

Reads resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer.

Puff Counter:

Puff counter will record the number of puffs you have taken. Either press “P “button  or “U” button 1 second to check puffs ,The Puff Counter will be cleared when the device is turned off.


Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection protects the iTaste MVP against shorted atomizers.


Over-Discharge Protection:

The iTaste MVP monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged.


Battery Level Indicator:

The iTaste MVP battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.

Green = Fully Charged

Yellow = Half Discharged

Red = In need of charging

Large battery capacity:

iTaste MVP e-cigarette built-in 2600 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery. High compatibility 510 connector: Thread fit iClear10,iClear16 ,iClear30 etc


ON/OFF battery switch:

Quickly clicking three times will enable or disable the battery. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the battery. This safety feature prevents the atomizer from turning on while it's in your pocket or bag and it prevents any settings from getting changed without you knowing.


10 seconds cutoff:

If the button is held down for 10 seconds or longer, the iTaste MVP will shut itself off until the button is released and pressed again.


The iTaste MVP uses a built in Micro USB Port. You can recharge it with a Micro USB cable. It can also work as a pass-through for use while charging.


Remembers last set voltage or wattage:

Remembers last set voltage or wattage when the battery is turned off and then back on.


Built-in 3 digit display:

Digital display shows Ohms meter, Voltage /Wattage setting, number of puffs taken since last time the battery was turned off.


Portable power source for electronic products

Turn ON the small pin switch in bottom of iTaste MVP , connect cable into USB  OUT PUT port(DC 5V, maximum output current 0.5A ,the 3 most popular power connectors for iPhone/ iPods, MiniUSB(Motorola/Blackberry), a Micro USB (Motorola/Nokia/LG/Samsung). Turn OFF the small pin switch when finish charged your electronics.



There are three main buttons on the iTaste MVP: “ ” button, "P" button and "U" button; all the functions can be activated by using those three buttons to change settings in a single step, without the use of a menu system. Your chosen mode will be displayed on the digital screen.

P” button: VW

U” button: VV


Quickly clicking the Image button three times will enable or disable the battery. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the battery.


Variable Voltage Mode:

Press the “U“ button for 3 seconds to enter variable voltage mode. The screen will show you the Puff counter first followed by the last adjustment (The last adjustment may be a voltage or wattage setting), after showing the last adjustment, the iTaste MVP will enter variable voltage mode. Voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments by pressing the “U” button.

Variable Wattage Mode:

Press the “P“ button for 3 seconds to enter variable wattage mode. The screen will show you the Puff counter first followed by the last adjustment (The last adjustment may be a voltage or wattage setting), after showing the last adjustment, the iTaste MVP will enter variable wattage mode. Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 to 11 watts in .5 watt increments by pressing the “P” button.

Ohms Meter & Battery Level Indicator & Puff Counter:

Hold both the “P” and “U“ buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The screen will show a series of readings, the first being the resistance of the attached load ( Rx.x , for example R2.2), the second being the battery voltage, the third being the number of puffs since the device was last turned off and the fourth being the last set voltage or wattage. If no load is attached the display with show “NON”. If you wish to check the number of puffs taken since the iTaste MVP was last turned off, you can also hold either the “P” or the “U“ button to display the Puff Counter which will be followed by the display of current mode (VV mode or VW mode). In this state, you can also adjust the voltage or wattage by pressing the “P” or “U“ button.

LED Light BlinkingMode:

The LED light will blink in different colors to indicate the current battery voltage

1. Red LED light = battery voltage is lower than 3.61V

2. Yellow LED light = battery voltage between 3.61V and 3.75V

3. Green LED light = battery voltage is more than 3.75 V

4. Red LED will keep blinking for 8 seconds when battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and the device will turn off automatically.

5. Red LED light will stay on for 5 seconds when a load short circuit is detected or the current of the coil is more than 3.5A, then no vapor will be produced.


6. If you take a drag for longer 10 seconds, the battery will stop it’s output, the RED light will blink 10 times, and the iTaste MVP won’t continue to work until you press the power button again.

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