Can buying an electronic cigarette help you quit smoking? It is always a big question, or a controversy in the society about public health and even community safety, especially in the USA, where smokers and vapers are both very common. Indeed, ecig is now considered one of the most useful solutions for the group of people who have being concerned about how to quit smoking. Many believe that if ecig is adopted as a substitute to cigarettes, it can help more people to quit smoking. On top of that, they can increase the associated health and financial benefits that come with this by cutting the use of conventional cigarettes. On the other hand, though an ecig generally enjoys a very high safety, many are still worried about people many use an electronic cigarette as a complement to conventional cigarettes, i.e. to use both kinds of cigarettes together. Such kind of people are not rare, and are called "complementers" by some. When ecigs are treated as a complementary product, people will simply blunt the regular anti-smoking regulation and keep themselves smoking for even longer. According to an online survey of 2,406 people conducted in the US, 37 per cent of smokers who use e-cigarettes view electronic cigarettes mainly as a complementary product to the conventional cigarettes, rather than a substitute to them. Also, the survey found that 55 per cent of “substituters” were trying to quit smoking, while only 40% of the "complementers" were. 37 per cent of complementers in our sample regarded vaping primarily as a complementary activity to smoking, while only 27 per cent of non-smokers thought electronic cigarettes would be used in this way rather than as a substitute. Such fact gives us an insight that some people, especially the non-smokers, overestimate the benefits of ecig to the question of "how to quit smoking".

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Battery Basics for Mods: IMR or Protected ICR?



Battery Basics for Mods: IMR or Protected ICR?

Mod users depend heavily upon batteries. To assist novices to choose which battery to use in their mod we write this guide. Our choices are IMR, protected ICR Li-Ion, and a new class of Hybrid batteries. Here we mainly discuss the IMR and ICR.


What does IMR, ICR mean?


Chemical name



Short form


Lithium Cobalt Oxide1
Also Lithium Cobalate or lithium-ion-cobalt)

(60% Co)



High capacity; for cell phone laptop, camera

Manganese Oxide
Also Lithium Manganate
or lithium-ion-manganese



Li-manganese, or spinel

Most safe; lower capacity than Li-cobalt but high specific power and long life.


IMR Li-Mn. Lithium manganese batteries. Also called "high drain", "safe chemistry", "unprotected".

IMR (Li-Mn) are the safest batteries available for vaping. They use safer chemistry, so they don't require a built-in protective circuit like ICRs do. They have higher tolerance to stress, and although they may vent during failure it is less likely to be as dramatic as an ICR. Should protective circuits fail in ICRs they can vent violently in flames and possibly explode.

IMR batteries are used in regulated mods that use buck boost circuitry to achieve variable voltage-wattage, but they are now also recommended for single voltage mechanical mods as a safer alternative to protected Li-Ion batteries.

This class will have less capacity in mAh rating compared to protected batteries, but are superior when maximum load current is required, such as in regulated mods, mechanical mods using a Kick, or using an RBA. 

High quality IMRs are currently recommended in place of protected ICR Li-Ion for all applications. 

Be wary when shopping for batteries. Unprotected ICR batteries should NEVER be used in a mod.

Mechmods (mechanical APVs) with RBAs (rebuildable atties) may not work with a protected Li-ion cell because the current demand is too high. A safer-chemistry cell is a better choice.

Recently we found Nitecore Protected ICR 18650 Li-ion batteries can work on APVs perfectly, because the electric current allowed by this kind of protected ICR battery is higher than usual one, it is 4.6A~6.8A.

So it means this ICR battery can work on lots of mods.

Rest batteries after charging
One commonly-reported factor in almost all the incidents we hear of where batteries failed violently while in use is that they were taken directly off the charger and then used immediately, at which point they failed.
Because of this, we think it may be a good idea to rest batteries after charging them. This advice will not be found in the usual 'reference bibles' on batteries, but we see more and different reports than others. Therefore we now advise:
Do not use batteries directly after charging them. Use a battery or batteries you previously charged, and that have rested for several hours. This is especially important if using a stacked pair for higher voltage, as statistically the risk is far higher.

Choose and use battery in the right way will not only protect your device but also yourself.

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