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    Wotofo Profile RDA Atomizer

    Wotofo Profile RDA Atomizer (SALE)

    The Profile RDA aims to free every single flavor in your juice to your taste sensation with large area of mesh coil. It also accepts single regular coils.
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    Mesh heating element has been said to be the unshaken trend in vaping, even for RDA category. Not too long ago, our mesh coil head product has proven it to be true. Mesh style coils can give better flavor experience in various ways. This time, we bring to you the juice taster RDA, the Profile RDA, designed by Wotofo and Mrjustright1. You can get it from the name that this RDA aims to free every single flavor in you juice to your taste sensation. It is the flavor profile interpreter for your juice. To truly taste your juice, now presenting the 24mm mesh style rebuildable platform, the Wotofo Profile RDA!

    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA
    Wotofo Profile RDA

    1. Flavor can be broken down layer upon layer
    2. Break-through mesh style heating element
    3. Easy to switch between mesh and wire coils
    4. Spring-loaded ceramic support ensuring contact between mesh and cotton
    5. 24mm sleeve with accurate air inflow
    6. Experience from cool vape to warm vape
    7. Up to 30 puffs at 75W before needing to resaturate the wick when using pancake wicking method

    Mesh Style Coil Specs:
    Material: Kanthal A1
    Size: 16*6.8mm
    Resistance: 0.18ohm
    Recommended Wattage: 40-60W
    RDA Size: 24*32.5mm

    Brand: Wotofo
    Unit: 1Set
    Package: Gift Box
    Shipping method:Please check here for details.

    Each set contain:
    1pc Profile RDA
    1pc User Manual
    1pc 6mm Cotton Strip
    1pc Extra 810 Drip Tip
    1pc MESH Bending Tool
    1pc Clapton Coil x 1 pc
    1bag Mesh Style Coil x 2 pcs
    1bag Extra Orings & Screws

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      Rach*** 2019-06-16
      I purchased my Profile RDA elsewhere, but it is my all-time favorite RDA, after 9 years of vaping. Its just amazing... Amazing outstanding vape, thick plumes of vapor, and flavor that is out of this world! I will absolutely buy more colors, and are getting these for all my fave vapers in my family who havent' tried Profile yet. Yes... it IS that good. 90% of the people who complain about the performance haven't done their research on best ways to wick. If you do it right, Profile RDA will rock your socks off.
      Albe*** 2018-11-16
      I didn't buy the Profile from HealthCabin, however I am an owner of one. This little flavor banger has the smoothest vape experience i've ever had. It's so smooth that I sometimes have to double check to see if the atomizer is firing. Every juice I have thrown at this thing has popped and came alive, just smacking your taste buds with intense flavor each draw. The airflow is super smooth, and very quiet. The only con I can say about this RDA is that it's a complete juice pig, it goes through juice like mad so know that when you buy one. Also, know that you're going to have to use a cotton strip's thickness to wick this thing, do not thin a strip out thinking it'll get you better wicking, it'll only give you uneven hits and burn spots on the mesh. Keep it tight between the ceramic deck and the mesh and you'll be fine each time. Other than that, this RDA is definitely my favorite atomizer so far. Amazing creation by Mrjustright1!
      Trac*** 2018-11-04
      I really like squonking with mesh rda's...produces great flavor!
      *** 2018-10-26
      Looks great, gold is
      Mark*** 2018-10-25
      Go Big or Go Home!!!! Bam Bams Big SmackDown
      *** 2018-10-25
      This RDA looks interesting. Good idea Wotofo!
      *** 2018-10-24
      Lools great hope to try soon
      Yuta*** 2018-09-06
      *** 2018-09-01
      Excellent solution and design
      Эд Т*** 2018-08-31
      Good drip !!! A very good quality !!!
      Draz*** 2018-08-31
      Very ingenious build deck, good idea Wotofo !
      *** 2018-08-30
      It´s very beautifull , awesomw vape. It´s Wotofo!!
      Ange*** 2018-08-30
      Please can I have one? Would love to try this. Looks amazing
      Rasm*** 2018-08-30
      This RDA looks awesome. I would like to try this one.
      Rahi*** 2018-08-29
      Amazing! Brand, top performer what else can you say other than get it now ! You will be a happy vaper trust me 
      Rode*** 2018-08-29
      Interesting RDA using a mesh.
      Fran*** 2018-08-28
      Awesome!!! I love it!!! 10+
      axel*** 2018-08-28
      Nice AtomiserVery interesting mesh Design 
      Alle*** 2018-08-28
      Such a great looking RDA!!
      Ivan*** 2018-08-28
      Perfect RDA. Thanks to HealthCabin for the amazing goods
      Warr*** 2018-08-28
      Great colours and look good quality.
      Fran*** 2018-08-28
      Wow, appears to be a Mesh RDA system that actually delivers on flavor AND clouds!!
      Alex*** 2018-08-28
      Very cool tank ! Excellent unit !!!
      John*** 2018-08-28
      Love both these colours! More so the blue!
      Jane*** 2018-08-28
      I can't comment on the functionality and quality of this RDA yet, but as for appearance I'm afraid I'm not keen on the naff logo on it. If it gets excellent reviews I might give it a try though as the deck looks interesting :)
      Fern*** 2018-08-28
      The rainbow-coloured one is gorgeous!
      *** 2018-08-28
      like it. very nice Atomizer
      Stev*** 2018-08-28
      Nice mesh - wire combo rda.
      Moni*** 2018-08-28
      Awesome RDA for mesh and wire
      Alex*** 2018-08-28
      Interesting desing, cool base!
      *** 2018-08-28
      Looks really nice and cool.
      Igor*** 2018-08-28
      interesting product, good desing
      Taso*** 2018-08-27
      Great flavor and vapor production!
      juli*** 2018-08-27
      good desing, very nice rda
      Phil*** 2018-08-27
      Love the spring platform, should be a big improvement!
      *** 2018-08-27
      great design , and it's can use single coil regular.
      EUGE*** 2018-08-27
      Very nice. Colors are good and RDA is built well.

      Available Accessories

      • OFRF NexMesh Coil for Wotofo Profile RDA,Profile Unity RTA, Kylin M RTA,Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (10pcs/Pack)

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      • Wotofo Mesh Style Coils 0.18ohm for Wotofo Profile RDA&Profile Unity RTA Atomizer (10pcs/Pack)

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