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    60ml Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Liquid

    60ml Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Liquid (SALE)

    Two versions(Glass bottle or Plastic bottle) will be shipped randomly during the transition period.
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    • 30PG/70VG
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    • 3mg
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    Unit Weight: 146 g
    SKU: 2100400032
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    A perfect Blend Of Strawberry And Four Unique Creams.This flavor is a strawberry milk flavor that tastes very close to Nestle’s strawberry milk. This incredibly tasty strawberry milk flavor will take you back in time to when you were young and had not a worry in the world.

    Cuttwood Boss Reserve Ejuice eliquid
    Cuttwood tobacco trail Ejuice eliquid
    Cuttwood manic mint Ejuice eliquid
    Cuttwood cuttwood manic Ejuice eliquid
    Cuttwood Boss Reserve Ejuice eliquid

    Flavor List:
    Boss Reserve ( 30ml & 60ml ): Golden Honey Graham Cracker With Roasted Nut Clusters, Drenched In Creamy Milk And Layered With Sliced Bananas.
    Unicorn Milk ( 30ml & 60ml ) : A perfect Blend Of Strawberry And Four Unique Creams.
    Tobacco Trail ( 30ml & 60ml ) : Mild Sweet Tobacco With A Hint Of Honey
    Manic Mint ( 30ml & 60ml ) : Ice Cold Peppermint With A Twist As Only Cuttwood Could Reimaging

    Brand: Cuttwood
    Unit: 60ml/bottle
    Base: 30%PG+70%VG
    Flavor: Unicorn Milk
    Strength: 6mg/3mg/0mg
    Packaging: Childproof Plastic bottle in a paper box
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      Customers Reviews
      Eliz*** 2018-11-12
      Strawberry deliciousness without tasting fake!!
      Rex *** 2018-11-10
      A bunch of creamy taste with a hint of vivid strawberry all day vape for sure
      Fran*** 2018-11-07
      This is the best strawberry & cream I've ever vaped. Smooth creamy inhale, REAL strawberry creaminess exhale. Easily an ADV. You won't be disappointed.As always, Giant Vapes was on the spot with my order.
      Denn*** 2018-11-03
      Love Unicorn Milk! Definitely my ADV. I've tried so many Strawberries and cream and nothing compares to this. I love the rich cream flavor and strawberry, perfectly balanced.
      Will*** 2018-11-01
      This juice is an all day vape, with creamy deliciousness on the inhale and that mellow strawberry on the exhale. All day/year vape. I don't know when if ever I'll get sick of it
      Dusa*** 2018-10-28
      Cuttwood make some great juices. Unicorn milk is a great flavour, I prefer the milk type vapes and it is very nice. Kind of Ice coffee / strawberry flavours going on. Would def get it again.
      Laur*** 2018-10-28
      Never thought I'd like anything 'dessert-ish' but, I really enjoy unicorn milk. Just enough cream and strawberry.
      Pete*** 2018-10-20
      The taste is great, theyre on to something, the strawberry is so good.
      Gran*** 2018-10-20
      the taste is amazing and everyone says the smell reminds them of cotton candy
      Jeva*** 2018-05-08
      Good quality strawberry and cream. The flavor holds true better than most cream based flavors but it can still develope an odd aftertaste after awhile.
      Jeva*** 2018-04-28
      A cl**ic. Never disappoints! Top quality strawberry and cream vape that (unlike others) doesn’t taste weird over time. 
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