WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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    30ml LIQUA TBC E-Liquid (70PG/30VG)
    • HealthCabin
    30ml LIQUA TBC E-Liquid (70PG/30VG)
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    Place orders for liquid separately please, all orders contain liquid and hardware parts (including batteries) will be delayed for 3 business days.

    LIQUA Ejuice is designed by RITCHY Group in USA office and assembled in China. HealthCabin is proud to introduce LIQUA ejuice because of the following features:
    * LIQUA ejuice uses only USP ingredients.PG comes from P&G. VG comes from DOW.
    * LIQUA ejuice uses only European food flavors from the most professional Italian Flavorists.
    * LIQUA ejuice uses only pure USP nicotine that is free of all tobacco components.
    * Each LIQUA ejuice bottle comes in a professional designed box. Each bottle and box specify strength,flavor,content, expiration time and direction.

    Heathcabin also carries 30ml LIQUA Menthol & Mint , Fruit ,Beverage,Candy & Others Flavour and LIQUA Ejuice Variety for your choice.

    Brand: Liqua
    Unit: 1 bottle
    Capacity: 30ml
    Shipping weight: 63g
    Strength: 24mg(High)/18mg(Regular)/12mg(Light)/6mg/3mg/0mg(Without Nicotine)
    Ejuice base: 70%PG+30%VG
    Packaging: Each comes with childproof white cap in a mini box.
    Shipping method: Please check here for details.

    Flavor list:
    Page1: Bright TBC/Traditional TBC/Cuban Cigar TBC/American Blend/Turkish TBC/French Pipe TBC/Red Oriental TBC/RY4 TBC
    Page2: RY4 TBC/Virginia TBC/Golden Oriental Tobacco/Goldenrod Oriental Tobacco/Vermilion Oriental Tobacco

    Flavor Description:

    New flavors:
    Golden Oriental Tobacco:
    Golden Oriental Tobacco is a blend of rich flue-cured tobacco, sweet yet spicy and nutty flavors of nicely roasted beans. It gives you smooth vaping experience with clean aftertaste.

    Goldenrod Oriental Tobacco:
    Goldenrod Oriental Tobacco has natural tobacco flavor and fresh herbal note. The freshness and fragrance makes your vaping soft and smooth.

    Vermilion Oriental Tobacco:
    It is a typical Chinese tobacco flavor, Yunnan flue cured tobacco with freshness and tobacco sweetness. The vapour is immensely rich, smooth and delicately sweet, with clean aftertaste.

    Hot flavors:
    American Blend:
    The classic flavors of virginia tobacco, accented by delicate hints of honey blend together to create American blend. With an intensely smooth flavor and sweet aroma, it is one of our most popular flavors.

    Bright Tobacco:
    Bright tobacco dazzles you with its excellent clean taste of virginia tobacco. A woodsy spice and delicate aroma combine for a liquid that is perfectly suited for everyday vaping.

    Cuban Cigar Tobacco:
    With its rich and smooth flavor and sweet finish, the distinct taste of cuban cigar tobacco is reminiscent of a true cuban cigar.

    French Pipe Tobacco:
    French pipe tobacco resembles the raw taste of pipe tobacco complemented by subtle nutty tones, with a captivating natural tobacco aroma and a clean finish. Due to its distinct flavor it ranks among the most popular flavors within the tobacco family.

    Traditional Tobacco:
    The classicly distinctive taste of tobacco, complemented by a spicy yet sweet sandalwood fragrance, makes traditional tobacco a close comparison to the conventional cigarette. The comfortingly familiar taste of natural tobacco is sure to be appreciated by the experienced smoker.

    Turkish Tobacco:
    A warm, sweet honey finish and spicy oriental aroma takes classic tobacco to the next level of sophistication in our turkish tobacco flavor. The combination of smooth and spicy pair up to give you a uniquely refreshing vaping experience.

    Mild Kretek Tobacco:
    Mild kretek tobacco pairs the rich taste of virginia tobacco with tones of clove and indonesian flavors. The result is a unique spice complemented by sweet undertones, creating an unforgettable flavor and aroma combination.

    Red Oriental Tobacco:
    Red oriental tobacco is the ideal blend of fruit and flue-cured tobacco, with nutty undertones and a pinch of spice. It perfectly fuses oriental flavour and aroma.

    RY4 Tobacco:
    RY4 Tobacco combines the classic taste of traditional tobacco with warm caramel and vanilla notes to create a delectable vaping experience. With its classic flavors and smooth finish, it is a flavor that is sure to please.

    Virginia Tobacco:
    The taste of classic virginia tobacco is accented by a subtly sweet, nutty flavor. This delicate flavor combination and smooth finish pair up to create a sophisticated vaping experience.

    1. Ejuice may contain nicotine, only for current smokers.
    2. Store ejuice in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.
    3. NEVER DRINK or INGEST. Use at your own risk.
    4.We do NOT cover customs risk for orders including ejuice from Norway, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Belgium. Thanks for your understanding!
    5.We are NOT allowed to WHOLESALE the products to the following countries:Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Vietnam, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia from now. Wholesale orders containing the products to the above countries will be delayed.

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      Jay*** 2016-03-25
      nice nutty flavours in the virginia tobacco
      Jay*** 2016-03-25
      so many good tobacco flavours, ry4 is a deliciously nice flavour especially with consistant PG and VG mixture for big clouds and nice throat hit
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