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    Aspire Nautilus X Tank Atomizer 2ml

    Aspire Nautilus X Tank Atomizer 2ml

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    Price: $ 26.63
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    Unit Weight: 93 g
    SKU: 1000402010
    Estimated Arrival Date: 2019-12-27
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    The Nautilus X represents the peak of the Aspire atomizer development curve. Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with increased flavor, and unique U-Tech coil technology for all-new airflow performance, this is the future of micro tanks.

    Nautilus X coils are 1.5ohm and are rated for use at 14-22 watts. The Nautilus X coils incorporate U-Tech, the latest coil technology. Vape flows through the U-shaped chamber and passes the Kanthal coils twice before being inhaled. This all-new airflow performance allows for unrivaled vape flavor and e-juice taste.

    The Nautilus X has a quick & clean top-fill tank.Refill your 2ML tank in literally only seconds. You can drip, drop or pour your E-liquid into the Nautilus X tank and be back vaping in no time.

    The Nautilus X features adjustable Top-Airflow.

    Not only does the Airflow Control (AFC) help you to change the airflow in the Nautilus X, Adding Top-Airflow ensures your tank will not leak from the bottom over time.

    HealthCabin also carries Aspire Nautilus X Silver & Gold Atomizer for your choices.

    Available spare parts:
    A. 1.5ohm Coil
    B. Clear glass tube
    C. Frosted glass tube
    D. 4ml Adapter Kit

    Brand: Aspire
    Unit: 1 set
    Material: Stainless steel & Pyrex glass
    Size: Height 45mm; Diameter 22mm
    Capacity: 2ml
    Color: Black
    Resistance: 1.5ohm
    Threading: 510
    Shipping weight: 103g
    Package: Crystal box
    Shipping method: Please check here for details.

    Each set contains:
    1pc Nautilus X tank
    1pc Extra Replacement atomizer head
    1pc Replacement Pyrex Tube
    1pc User manual
    1pc Warranty card
    1pc Crystal box with anti-fake label

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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    • Nautilus X Tank
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      Customers Reviews
      Ian *** 2018-12-20
      This is a great tank and is very small. I have not had it leak at all as long as you close everything tightly enough. I love the U-Tech coils by Aspire which give great flavor.
      Marg*** 2018-12-15
      Nautilis X is a leak PROOF tank. Great for mouth to lung fans just getting started or for the veteran at a reasonable cost.
      Sama*** 2018-12-10
      Excellent tank. 2nd one I
      Trac*** 2018-12-06
      super tank- no leaks. great MTL hit!!
      Lawr*** 2018-11-29
      This tank is the perfect fit for me. Paired it with an Istick. And it makes a great all day vape
      Dmit*** 2016-05-27
      Tank I liked the newest technology (U-Tech coil technology), beautiful design and compact size. You should definitely try.
      Stan*** 2016-05-25
      compact tank. convenient top dressing.diameter 22 mm. looks great on all mods.
      Alex*** 2016-05-25
      По мне так это отличны бак ! 1.Мало кто сейчас делает под сигаретную тягу 2.Размер дрип типа напоминает аналоговую сигарету. 3.простота залива. 4.малый размер. 5.отлично подойдет для тех кто только начинает переходить на пар. 6. иновационная система обдува спиралей
      song*** 2016-05-25
      아스파이어 무화기 다 괜찮은듯.
      Dmit*** 2016-05-25
      Small size, U-Tech coil technology.
      YUU*** 2016-05-25
      I want to experience small body !U-Tech!
      Ores*** 2016-05-25
      An interesting solution blowing spiral. Beautiful is not a big tank. Hopefully there will be leakage
      Seon*** 2016-05-24
      1) Which mod or battery will you use with the Aspire Nautilus X Atomizer (1.5ohm)? - UD Balrog 75w tc. 2) What if not purchasing from Healthcabin, where will you buy? - 3fvape or fasttech? 3) Why? Pricing, Shipping fee or Service? - 3fvape : pricing. fasttech : shipping fee. healthcabin's service is good. 4) What features do you like most about Aspire Nautilus X Atomizer? - u-tech system. and minimal size.
      Andr*** 2016-05-24
      need RBA base
      Leon*** 2016-05-24
      Small, new coils. New technology of coils.
      Dmit*** 2016-05-24
      Воздуховод, подача, вкус
      Alex*** 2016-05-24
      1. In my opinion Aspire Nautilus X, looks best with Eleaf iStick Pico 75 watts. They have a great compactness and they just look beautiful.) 2. I always buy new devices only Healthcabin or in other Chinese stores. 3. I like the price and excellent service. I am always pleased with your services)) I will always use your store and recommend it to their friends and relatives)) 4. I like easy filling, taste transfer on new technologies that have never been used. Thank you for attention.
      Evge*** 2016-05-23
      Nice, compact and tasty!
      Tuan*** 2016-05-23
      Apire is a top brand. Stuck with it from the beginning. Now with top fill. Excellent :)
      kim*** 2016-05-23
      Always loved my nautilus tank so this looks to be great new one
      kim*** 2016-05-23
      Always loved my nautilus tank so this looks to be great new one
      kim*** 2016-05-23
      Always loved my nautilus tank so this looks be great a new one
      Rose*** 2016-05-23
      Very beautiful tank!
      Rose*** 2016-05-23
      I like it very much!
      Akih*** 2016-05-23
      エアフロー無しでも煙は多いですか? 液漏れはしますか?
      Shau*** 2016-05-22
      Great looking small form factor tank! Hoping its as good as the original Nautilus. Leak proof and top fill features are most impressive!
      Bori*** 2016-05-20
      I like the small size of this tank and easy maintenance. I think that will taste great when it use. Мне нравится маленький размер этого бака и простота в обслуживании. Я думаю что будет прекрасный вкус при его использовании
      Jae *** 2016-05-20
      ​I'm interesting to try a new U-tech coil.
      В*** 2016-05-20
      interesting airflow spirals, small size, top loading
      Dian*** 2016-05-19
      Very Innovative design!
      Dian*** 2016-05-19
      This looks like a really well built tank. I expect it the have awesome flavor just like the Nautilus but better and more improved
      Chri*** 2016-05-19
      This is a great looking tank by a company echoes product I trust. Innovative new coil type built for MTL vapers like me.
      Vale*** 2016-05-19
      I like the U-Tech coil system in Nautilus X tank.
      Maxi*** 2016-05-19
      + 1. It is interesting to try a new U-tech technology. 2. Top refilling. 3. Wide openings for refilling +/- 1. Probably? small tank capacity.
      Spyr*** 2016-05-19
      Big fan of Aspire Nautilus Triton , MTL vaper how could i don't like the Nautilus X! I will use the new Nautilus X with Evic vtc mini by Joytech. If not purchasing from Healthcabin, i will buy it from my local greek store. The reason could be shipping cost & time. I Like the new Utech coils , the missing cabin part that will make i even easier at cleaning, the top afc and filling and how it looks !
      Petr*** 2016-05-19
      Great quality, easy to use, innovation, amazing flavour.
      jame*** 2016-05-18
      Adey*** 2016-05-18
      I really like the look of it, small, easy to work with, the coils will be as good as the original Nautilus. I think there will have no problems with them. Vapour is also extremely good with the Nautilus and pretty much all the Aspire products. I like them :) Really looking forward to trying it out.
      Andy*** 2016-05-18
      I like the top-fill feature, compact size and the coils last quite a long time.
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