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    Geekvape Mech Pro Mod kit With Medusa RDTA

    Geekvape Mech Pro Mod kit With Medusa RDTA

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    Unit Weight: 481 g
    SKU: 1000101694
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    Geekvape Mech Pro Mod is an advanced mechanical box mod that features a gold-palted brass hardwired circuit system.
    This powerful beast is compatible with single or dual 18650 batteries and comes with interchangeable cover plates to match your personal style.Itis specially designed for you mechanical enthusiast.

    HealthCabin also carries Medusa RDTA (Silver & Black) for your choices.

    Brand: Geekvape
    Unit: 1 set
    Mod Size:53mm*96mm*25.5mm
    Atomizer Size:43mm*25mm
    Color: Black/Silver/Red
    Shipping weight:535g
    Package: Simple Packing
    Shipping method: Please check here for details.

    Each set contains:
    1pc Geekvape Mech Pro Kit
    1pc USB Cable
    1pc User Manual

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      Hiro*** 2017-05-08
      Nice Design. Great mod
      Andr*** 2017-05-07
      Great quality and good price, i like it, it's great !
      *** 2017-05-06
      The mechanical mode gives you all that dual battery power it promises. Compact size and big power. There is also protection from power supply reversal
      Evge*** 2017-05-03
      Лаконичный внешний вид соответствует функционалу.Удачное дизайнерское решение.Вместе с этим радует возможность менять панели для смены внешнего вида.И да, мехмод на 2 аккумулятора - это очень хорошо!
      *** 2017-05-03
      This is a beautifully crafted, rock solid, mechanical mod, a pleasure to vape ☺
      Vikt*** 2017-05-02
      Qualitative mech mod with one of the best rdta for a comfortable price. Especially i like locking the start button in the mod. Work from two or one batteries is wonderful. 
      Vyac*** 2017-05-02
      Nice Design. Great mod
      Vita*** 2017-05-02
      Интересная связка. Для Медузы мощный мех - в самый раз
      vasi*** 2017-05-02
      I love boxmodes for 2 batteries, but it's good that there is still a possibility to use 1 battery
      Tri*** 2017-05-02
      I like Geekvape products. Good quality and average price. And this one is the best smart-mech. Also i like the power and design of this kits.
      *** 2017-05-02
      The mechanical mode gives you all that dual battery power it promises. Compact size and big power. There is also protection from power supply reversal
      Fand*** 2017-05-02
      Cheap. Nice Design. And great power. That's it.
      Prit*** 2017-05-02
      Great quality for reasonable price. Good mech box with safety switch. And i like the changeable face plates
      Supr*** 2017-05-02
      Can use 2 or 1 batteries. And i like the power, it's great !
      Adi*** 2017-05-02
      The kit's performance was good which gave me a dense and flavorful vapor. I highly recommend this powerful beast for mechanical enthusiast out there.
      Andr*** 2017-05-02
      Very nice kit!Good quality and average price
      Bria*** 2017-05-01
      ergonomic design coupled with awesome rdta!!
      Dian*** 2017-05-01
      Nice mod. Looks perfect. 2 batteries. Cool fire button. And very tasty medusa rdta. 
      *** 2017-05-01
      Anyone interested in this product - WATCH THE VIDEO - so much information . . . AND - What I find most important, are the safety features that have been incorporated into this mod, especially the button lock and reverse polarity protection whether or not you are using 1 or 2 18650 batteries. In addition, it looks like "Geekvape" has done it again providing device that seems well made and can be used by beginner or more advanced  vapors - be they "Tootle Puffers" or "Cloud Chasers", particularly being able to use 0.1 - 3.0 oHm coils . Last, but surely not the least - is the simple and extreamly pleasant look of the mod, however it you are the type of person that wants something with a little more 'Flash" you can also change it up - with the interchangeable fashion panels too. 
      Lee*** 2017-05-01
      In my opinion, the best mechanical mod on the market.  The Medusa is great for flavour and easy to build.  Stylish box with interchangeable sides (can't wait till someone brings out some customs side plates!).  My only recommendation is ALWAYS use two batteries.  There is no battery safety apart from reverse polarity (mechanical) and using a sub ohm build on one battery is a recipe for fireworks.  Using two batteries will share the amps between two sources and effectively halve the amp draw from each battery.  There are ohm calculators on most of the vaping sites so do your research.  Not an issue with the product at all, only misuse will cause problems.
      Edwa*** 2017-04-30
      Another great Geekvape product. Looks like a solid mech with changeable door plates is good.
      Ilya*** 2017-04-30
      Отличная расцевтка, красивый дизайн, удобная смена батарейю Тяжеловат, правда, немного.
      Phil*** 2017-04-30
      Very cool looking setup!  I like the interchangeable panels.  I know Geekvape makes top quality products, I have a couple.  
      Evan*** 2017-04-30
      It's a really good set.The mechanical mode is light but gives you all that dual battery power it promises.Great that the kit includes the medusa rda/rdta.The only con that i can find is that this mech mod doesn't have all the protection so for an inexperienced user could potentially be dangerous. But all in all a great product!!
      J.*** 2017-04-30
      Love the look of this mod and really like the Medusa. Geekvape products are always nice and I hope it continues to please. Better review when it's in my hands!
      *** 2017-04-30
      It is a very good mod with a great fire button and truly customizable!
      Rode*** 2017-04-29
      Great mechanical box mod made by GeekVape. Love the looks and feels solid. Nice combo with Medusa RDTA!>> Rodel Cruise
      Jaso*** 2017-04-29
      Looks interesting and very innovative design. Definitely a good mod kit.
      *** 2017-04-28
      The Geekvape Mech Pro Mod kit With Medusa RDTA starter kit is a powerful combination of the Geekvape Mech Pro  mod and the Medusa RDTA. The two devices have been customized to work together and offer an intense vaping experience. The kit offers a variety of features: "killer" design(the unit is gorgeous, it comes with interchangeable cover plates to customise it in your preference). The only downside of the kit is that the tank has a capacity of only 3ml. However, this is one of the prettiest box mods so far this year and also comes with a great RDTA like Medusa, great for newbies and also experienced vapers! Geekvape also enhanced this mod with great safety features like fire button lock system and battery reverse protection. Last but not least, you can use it with one or two 18650 batteries(who don't like flexibility right?) It's not just a solid option for every vaper out ther, it's a must! Geekvape i salute you, great product! This mod will bring all the vapers to the yard ;)
      Atha*** 2017-04-28
      good mexh box with safety switch. cool design. I like option with single or two batteries. Charge system.
      Edwa*** 2017-04-28
      Nice mech box that takes 2 batteries with changeable covers. Geekvape comes through again with a quality product.
      Kazu*** 2017-04-28
      当たったら紹介しまくります!なので期待を込めて星5つ!!I will introduce it in Japan when I win!So with five of the stars! It is!
      *** 2017-04-28
      Looks amazing!
      Kiri*** 2017-04-28
      looks like very cool. Design and geometry is great.Medusa is one from best RDTA. Its trueI want this mod. Its my best recomendation 
      *** 2017-04-28
      Nice mod. Looks perfect. 2 batteries. Cool fire button. And very tasty medusa rdta. 
      Geor*** 2017-04-28
      Amazing, looks cl**y and like something i'd use on a daily basis!
      *** 2017-04-28
      Geekvape Mechanical Pro is an advanced mechanical mode, in which the current-carrying cables are made of gold-plated copper, to reduce the current drawdown. This mod works with either one or two 18650 batteries and comes with interchangeable battery compartment panels that are sold separately to match your personal style.If you are a fan of a "mechanical" vape - do not miss this mod, because it is made of quality and of good materials. As for the tank, it is one of the most interesting fresh rdta's on the market - the Medusa RDTA, which has a liquid capacity of 3 ml. All kinds of protections make this kit perfect and safe for novice vapers. And the power is great for cloudchasing and vape tricks.
      Nata*** 2017-04-28
      A new mechanical mod company Geekvape Mech pro kit with a serviced atomizer Medusa RDTA - an excellent offer for fans of thick aromatic steam clubs. Fashion fur has ergonomic shapes and fits comfortably in the hand. For operation of the device, two 18650 batteries are needed, which supply voltage to the device.For normal operation, the fur of the mod was equipped with a protection against repositioning. The kit includes a serviced atomizer from the sides, made of quality material. Atomizer has small dimensions, which makes it as convenient as possible for transportation and use.
      Karo*** 2017-04-28
      Very elegant and power radiant!Good quality and average price.Single or dual battery option as well
      Euge*** 2017-04-28
      Great looking mech mod. Using of interchangable cover plates gives possibilities for peronalcustomizing. Great quality for reasonable price. It also should be mentioned that this mod comes withMeduza RDTA. Nice kit for real vapers.
      Anne*** 2017-04-27
      This unit looks great have used the medusa and is great this pro mech is definitely something i would use and its safety features are great love it and geekvape is one of my favorite companies
      Ни*** 2017-04-27
      Для дома неплохо наверно. А вот как походный вариант не айс. Тяжёлый. Заправка не пойми как...
      Nata*** 2017-04-27
      Fans of mechanical mods like the novelty - based on the variability of appearance, the manufacturer has focused more on design than performance. In the end, it turned out a device that could interest a beginner and an experienced user with a vivid image and a democratic amount that is asked for it.Power: 1 or 2 batteries type 18650Br** wire chain with gold leafProtection against reverse polarityLock the main buttonSupported resistance range: 0.1 - 3 OhmReplaceable decorative panels
      sung*** 2017-04-27
      nice design and appropriate fire botton position.It is also very good to be given a set with medusa rda.It is a device that I really want to try.
      Vjac*** 2017-04-27
      I like Geekvape products. Good quality and average price. I like try this mechmod kit :)
      Keis*** 2017-04-27
      interesting! because the promotion video(YouTube) is so cool and nice sounds hahaand the looks is also cool.esp I like this fire button position.
      Raya*** 2017-04-27
      Very good design, nice colors
      Kiri*** 2017-04-27
      Geekvape products are usually very good and this is no exception. Love the look of it. Very nice!
      Oleg*** 2017-04-26
      Good, inexpensive and pretty device for beginners, imho.
      Vera*** 2017-04-26
      Nice solid looking box mech.
      Chro*** 2017-04-26
      Its wonderful and seems to be very good construction
      niko*** 2017-04-26
      Huge autonomy with 2 batteries and very nice touch the changeable covers. Plus the safety precautions!
      *** 2017-04-26
      A perfect mech mod with nice desing, single or dual battery option as well as excellent safety features
      Serg*** 2017-04-26
      Very good design, nice colors , perfect place for button,18650 batteries, nice size , 2 options.
      Ores*** 2017-04-26
      The company Geekvape is able to surprise! This time, she introduced such a wonderful kit: Geekvape Mech Pro ModA smart mechanical mode for two batteries with a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms. The box itself is very stylish. Has removable panels, a large copper button on account which does not need to worry that it clicks in your pocket.It has a fairly tight move. Well, and if you fear that she herself pushes, there is also a mechanical button lock. Excellent coverageIn the hand lies perfectly. The only negative is weightMedusa RDTA - a very beautiful tank, transmits the taste is not worse than rda and its size is not more. But at the same time it is quite capaciousIn general, I recommend to buy
      *** 2017-04-26
      Great looking mod with nice safety features.The design is good,and the panels that can be swapped out are a great way to customize the mod to your style.The fact it can be used with 1 or 2 batteries makes it very verstile,and the on/off switch inside is a nice touch that will keep it from accidentally firing in your pocket.
      Serg*** 2017-04-26
      Despite all simplicity, the boxing not too bad at all looks. In the form it represents normal boxes with a slanted angle for more comfortable clicking of the fire button. Last, by the way, very much even the decent sizes so to miss the mark on it it will be rather heavy. The cover of a battery bay keeps on magnets. Separately it is worth mentioning an opportunity to change appearance boxing a mode by means of replaceable covers. Yes, it is about covers, but not stickers which some began to abuse the vendor. The result shall turn out more interesting, than in a case with stickers
      Jaso*** 2017-04-26
      Nice mechanical mod! Geekvape products are usually very good and this is no exception. Love the look of it. Very nice!
      *** 2017-04-26
      Good Mechanical Mod for starters too, thanks to reverse battery protection. Uniqueness comes from the changeable cover plate and Medusa RDTA is just like a cherry on top of the cake.
      *** 2017-04-26
       Great fire button and the customization of the mod is a great feature. 
      Pave*** 2017-04-26
      Excellent mechanical mod. Both externally and internally. Cool the panels. 2 batteries. In General, I want it.
      Hali*** 2017-04-26
      nice looking with a lot of changes to combine the looking for your taste. it's a kit for take and vape. easy without complicated settings. 2 battery is a big factor for me when looking for a new mod. on the other hand, the medusa gives great taste and cloud experience.
      Trun*** 2017-04-26
      Great product! Will buy again.
      Dryd*** 2017-04-26
      Good powerful mod for its small size with 1 or 2 battery option.
      Susa*** 2017-04-26
      Very cool looking mod! And you can change the look of it. AWESOME
      Octa*** 2017-04-26
      Original design, great looks, pretty compact for a dual parallel, nice firing button
      *** 2017-04-26
      I like the single/dual battery option
      Σπ*** 2017-04-26
      very good mod with one or two batteries and very nice looks for a powerful mechanical mod like this...
      Glen*** 2017-04-26
      Good looking mechanical mod with nice firing button. Customization of door plates also a bonus along with single or dual battery options.
      Para*** 2017-04-26
      A beautiful heavy duty mod, combined with a popular tank. The customizable side panels help the vaper to personalize its mod. Also good safety features and single or dual battery configuration. We are looking at a best seller
      Evge*** 2017-04-26
      Excellent appearance, convenient and compact. This is something that you can only wish for!
      *** 2017-04-26
      I think that this meсh-box, everyone should try, since this device includes all the best. The case is very comfortable to hold in hands. Quality **embly. Without problems, you can install atomizers 24mm, nothing anywhere. Ability to lock the fire button. Ability to use two / one batteries. Its a better device on the market in this time!
      Davi*** 2017-04-26
      This looks to be one of the best mods for the price.heaps of tech thinking with the reverse polarity protection, access to battery, gold plating contacts and more.Dula battery option and the customising options really make it a stand-out product.
      Roma*** 2017-04-26
      The best smart-mech. Maded by Geekvape = cool! Best style, one or two batteries. 0.1 ohm resistance support! 
      Vlad*** 2017-04-26
      Novelty is a mechanical box for two parallel-connected 18650 battery - the device works as one, and from two power sources. In Mech Pro, the system for locking the fire button is implemented - it takes place through a special slider-switch. There is also protection from power supply reversal, as well as low spiral resistance - the range of supported values ​​varies from 0.1 to 3 ohms. The conductors of the electrical circuit are made of gilded br** - you can look at the inside of the tunic without analyzing the mode: it is hidden under transparent material.Mehboox can be purchased in three basic colors - gray, black and red. Due to a large number of interchangeable panels of different designs (purchased separately) - Mech Pro has a great potential for customization. The main material of which the body is made is zinc alloy.
      Anto*** 2017-04-26
      Very good
      Grig*** 2017-04-26
      Looks simple and solid promising to provide a good performance.
      Bora*** 2017-04-26
      Perfect Mechanical Mod for starters too, thanks to reverse battery protection. Uniqueness comes from the changeable cover plate and Medusa RDTA is just like a cherry on top of the cake. You never get disappointed with GeekVape products. 
      Serg*** 2017-04-26
      The Mod looks fantastic. Compact size and big power. All you need for a good Mod. And Medusa RDTA is a successfully completed this mod kit .
      Mirc*** 2017-04-26
      Looks beautiful, seems to be well constructed, it has different interchangeable cover plates to customize the look. And is cheap!
      *** 2017-04-26
      A really nice mod again with durable materials. All the new brand technologies are here. The beauty of this device is amazing and its a dream for all vapers. Especially the fire button has a good looking and nice size.
      Nico*** 2017-04-26
      Such a great mech mod, not for new vapers more for the advanced users. The setup with the peerless makes this a great device. Great fire button and the customization of the mod is a great feature. 
      Nico*** 2017-04-26
      Such a great mech mod, not for new vapers more for the advanced users. The setup with the peerless makes this a great device. Great fire button and the customization of the mod is a great feature. 
      Dari*** 2017-04-26
      Nice looking mech mod made by Geekvape, like the position and size of the fire button, has reverse polarity protection and interchangeable cover plates are a bonus as you can change the style of your device. The tank that comes with it matches the style perfectly, only thing I can't see is where the venting holes are and if it is fused or has another form of protection
      Sabi*** 2017-04-26
      Color - RedModel - Mech Pro KitI like the option to use this Mod with 1 or 2 batteries, it´s a powerfull handly BoxMod
      vict*** 2017-04-26
      Nice heavy duty mod and tank. Customizable side panels to give it your own personal look. Mech mod with good safety features. Single or dual battery configuration is a great feature.
      Igor*** 2017-04-26
      Mech Pro Mod Medusa RDTA is perfect kit
      Bobb*** 2017-04-25
      Would LOVE to have this ! Seems really awesome!
      Geor*** 2017-04-25
      Looks great and customised cover plates are a terrific idea!
      Maxi*** 2017-04-25
      Geekvape Mech Pro Mod:Very interesting device!Nice design. Changeble cover plates - good idea to casomize yours device.Dual 18650 battaries in parallel, it's a plus for me.Excellent construction, but a little difficult to maintain. Many screws must be unscrewed for cleaning the button fire.Medusa RDTA:Not a bad RDTA, but with a questionable refilling system. Not very convenient to use for me.
      Troy*** 2017-04-25
      I like the single/dual battery option
      Andr*** 2017-04-25
      In my subjective opinion an excellent mod,  powerful mod is a good addition to the collection. Power and the possibility of customization.
      Cynt*** 2017-04-25
      I like the idea of the changeable face plates....it makes it easy to change the look of your mod to fit your mood....This looks like a good sturdy mod.....
      Dmit*** 2017-04-25
      Perfect set - mechanical box mod RDTA. Easy to use RDTAInterchangeable battery compartment panels.Works with one or two 18650 batteries, Cool!Convenient arrangement of buttons, simple control. Excellent design.
      Ра*** 2017-04-25
      Good home kit, too heavy for me.
      Terr*** 2017-04-25
      The mech pro is a powerful mod that allows you to use a single 18650 or dual 18650s in parallel. With visible Gold plated br** hardwire circuit system, battery reverse protection and fire button lock system. Comes in 3 colors red,black and grey as well as replaceable battery panel to your liking. A very nice looking and great performance mod.
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
      Pre-Order Quantity:10
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