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      Aspire Atlantis EVO Stainelss Tank Atomizer 4ml
      • HealthCabin
      Aspire Atlantis EVO Stainelss Tank Atomizer 4ml
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      Price: $ 19.99
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      Unit Weight: 77 g
      SKU: 1000402100
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      The Aspire Atlantis EVO represents the zenith of recent sub-ohm tank evolution. Double wicking efficiency teamed with lower positioned wick points create ultra-efficient juice flow. This optimized design allows high VG E-liquid an even faster route to the coil system. EVO breathes without a hitch when you require thick dense vapor production. EVO tank kit includes 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm coils for optimized vaping experience.

      The 4ml version contains an Atlantis EVO 2ml Tank, a 4ml pyrex glass tank & a 4ml adapter. That is to say, customer need to build it up for 4ml tank.

      1. Adjustable airflow
      2. Top filling
      3. 4ml e-juice capacity
      4. Ultra-efficient wicking with thicker VG E-liquid
      5. Increased airflow for premium cloud production
      6. Great flavor on a wide range of juices
      7. 510 threading

      Compatible coils:
      A. Clapton coil: 0.4ohm (40-50W)
      B. Clapton coil: 0.5ohm (35-40W)

      Brand: Aspire
      Unit: 1 set
      Material: Stainless steel & Pyrex glass
      Size: Height 57mm; Diameter 22mm
      Capacity: 4ml
      Color: Stainless
      Resistance: 0.4ohm/0.5ohm
      Threading: 510
      Shipping weight: 86g
      Package: Crystal box

      Each set contains:
      1pc Aspire Atlantis EVO 2ml tank (0.4ohm pre-installed)
      1pc Replacement glass tube (4ml)
      1pc 4ml adapter
      1pc 0.5ohm replacement coil
      1pc rubber cuff

      Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      Gavi*** 2018-12-04
      nice pricing and fast shipping, thanks
      Araf*** 2018-11-23
      Very simple good vapor and ok flavor from either coil
      Kevi*** 2018-11-22
      Great tank at this price, u cannot go wrong
      Dine*** 2018-11-18
      Love the tank. easy to take apart and clean. The coils are really smooth and quiet. If you love aspire in my opinion these are the best coils in there line. great vaper and flavor.
      Terr*** 2018-11-09
      The purchase was easy, quick delivery and the product is authentic. I definitely reccomd this tank and will be ordering again for future purchases.
      Jeva*** 2018-05-04
      This is a fantastic tank. I would disregard almost everything that the other reviewer mentioned.  First off 13watts for the 0. 5ohm coil WTF??? This guys mod must be totally messed up because you can barely get ANY flavor or vapor at 13watts. 30watts is my preferred wattage on the 0. 5 ohm coils and pretty much the norm.  Remember these coils can be used in a lot of different tanks (meaning tons of reviews) and no reviewer (that I can find) has ever suggested such a low wattage.  Regarding the issue with filling, this is only an issue if you want to top-up when you liquid level is above the extension mark. Below that point and you can top up just fine ~ IME.  I agree that the tanks has to be 100% empty before changing coils, which can be a bit of a pain. Most tanks I have used do not have this issue; making it one of the biggest problems facing this tank. However, I do not find it to be that big of a deal in day to day use. The only time I find this to be an issue is if you burn the coil out prematurely. Say you just filled your tank and accidentally ‘pocket fire’ at a wattage to high for the coil. You are now left with a tank that you cannot empty (because the liquid level is above the extension piece) and you cannot remove the coil without dumping juice everywhere. Definitely a pain in the **, but in reality something that doesn’t occur often enough to be a major issue. The mouth piece is really just a preference thing. I like the so called “car exhaust” as a mouth piece. It is unfortunate that using an alternative mouth pieces can look a bit odd, but certainly not a deal breaker.  The rubber ring (supposedly used to reduce heat transfer) is unlikely to get lost since it holds fast just fine. It is somewhat pointless so I don’t think anyone would be that worried if it was misplaced. It’s pretty much a non-issue. Anyway, thats my rant over. This is a great tank for the price, the coils are legendary and function perfectly, the tank doesn’t leak, it looks good and is extendable. What more can you ask for? If the issue regarding the extension really bug you then don’t use it; or better yet, buy the basic 2ml kit.  
      *** 2017-05-13
      This tank is not deserving of the name Atlantis. Sure, it vapes well, sure the level of flavour is great but when it comes to filling and replacing coils? It is a dog. Filling is easy if you are happy with the 2ml tank, the issue is with the tank extension and what a problem it is! The piece that connects to your coil so the top of the tank can be screwed down doesn't just unscrew at the top, *it unscrews at the bottom* and if you think you are unscrewing the top and it is the middle that's unscrewing? Cue a m**ive juice dump all over you! So you screw it to your coil tight and that solves that problem, but then when you change the coil, you are wrestling with a juicy mess unscrewing a tight connection. . . yuk!Replacing coils has to be done when the tank is 100% empty. This is because you have to *completely dis**emble the tank* (remove gl**, the whole 9 yards) to replace the coil. There is also the screw thread issue mentioned above.  Imagine refilling this tank or doing a coil replacement in a moving car or when you are out and about. What a nightmare. In short, my tank is staying home where I have access to a tonne of paper towels, something to drain the tank ans less chance of losing bits. Last but not least, at the time of this review, there is no mouthpiece connector to add a 510 drip-tip. The mouthpiece is disgustingly wide and is not compatible with the Atlantis 2 drip tip converter. You can cram a 510 drip tip into the mouthpiece, but it will not stay there (anything is better than vaping off a car exhaust though). The pull-off silicon ring (which is just for looks) is highly likely to be lost.  Another thing to note is that Aspire rates the . 5 coil at 35w. I found the best flavour to be at 13w. Your mileage may vary. My recommendation? Buy a Triton 2 or an Atlantis 2.
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