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    Sigelei Duo-3 Box Mod 2 Cover Version

    Sigelei Duo-3 Box Mod 2 Cover Version

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    Price: $ 63.99
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    Attribute 1:
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Blue
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    • Red
    • Gun Metal
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    Attribute 2:
    • Cover for Duo-3
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    Unit Weight: 346 g
    SKU: 1000201327
    Estimated Arrival Date: NO ETA
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    Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3 225W TC Box Mod is the modern redesign of the performance Fuchai series, deploying a fully upgradeable, advanced chipset with a maximum of 225W and comprehensive temperature control suite within a beautifully-crafted chassis.

    Main Feature:
    1. Intuitive 1inch OLED display, full color resolution
    2. Ni200, Titanium and stainless steel compatibility
    3. Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) adjustments
    4. Multiple colors, big fire button, ergonomic hand feeling and universal 510 connector.
    5. User-friendly peset modes
    6. High-grade zinc alloy construction
    7. Optional two or three battery power

    Brand: Sigelei
    Unit: 1 pc
    Mod Size:42mm*85mm*33mm
    Battery Capacity: 2 * 18650 / 3 * 18650 (not included)
    Max Wattage:225W
    Power Range: 10W-225W
    Operating Mode: Power / TC (Ni200/Ti1/SS/TCR/TFR)
    Temperature Range: 100C-300C / 212F-572F
    Color: Black/Silver/Gunmetal/Blue/Gold/Red
    Shipping weight:384g
    Package: Gifts Packing
    Shipping method:Please check here for details.

    Each set contains:
    1pc Sigelei Fuchai Duo-3 225W Mod
    1pc USB Cable
    1pc User Manual
    1pc Warranty Card
    1pc Battery Cover

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      ILIA*** 2017-05-22
      Great! Very powerful and you have the possibility to put 2 or 3 batteries!!
      *** 2017-05-22
      I like the form factor and the colors, the blue one looks stunning.Everything looks like it's going to last for a long time.
      *** 2017-05-22
      Α great product with ergonomic and modern design, beautisul colors,
      chri*** 2017-05-21
      Very nice box mod!!!
      Dimi*** 2017-05-21
      great design and powerful mod
      Geor*** 2017-05-20
      Beautiful mod with great screen and huge power. The option for 2 or 3 batteries is a nice addition.
      *** 2017-05-20
      Great ergonomic design and colors, big fire button and nice oled screenPowerfull mod with the 2/3 option batteries. promissing great vapes
      kost*** 2017-05-19
      nice mod very compact solid with great screen and strong 510 pin
      Geor*** 2017-05-19
      This mod is an absolute work of art. It's design, functionality and quality are top notch!
      Andr*** 2017-05-18
      Great design and functionality! Perfect!
      Dimi*** 2017-05-17
      good looking, nice fire button, look quite durable!
      PASC*** 2017-05-17
      Powerfull mod with a beautiful color big display. Nice hand grip and option for 2 or 3 batteries usage
      Hali*** 2017-05-17
      One of the best mods that can change number of batteries. after, the screen seems to be more interactive by the place of it is. the place of fire button is where that protect by false fires. nice to use at all.
      *** 2017-05-17
      nice mod very compact solid with great screen and strong 510 pin
      *** 2017-05-17
      Seems very nice mod
      *** 2017-05-17
      A beautiful and powerful 2/3 hybrid!
      Chro*** 2017-05-17
      Powerful mod with wonderful display
      *** 2017-05-17
      Nice big fire button and ergonomic design. Option to choose between 3 or 2 batteries and nice colors!!!
      ILIA*** 2017-05-17
      So Great and powerful!!! Must have!
      Maxi*** 2017-05-17
      It looks very cool! Reincarnation of Wismec 2/3, but from Siegel. 2 or 3 batteries to choose from!Large color display and big fire button. Variety of colors. Great design. Enough power!Very interesting novelty! I like! I really want to see live!
      *** 2017-05-16
      I think its a better ergonomic design of 3 battery mod, big color led screen with nice fire button. Its a best fuchai mod ever.
      *** 2017-05-16
      I like this mod. It has a perfect design
      Terr*** 2017-05-16
      Amazing looking new mod from Sigelei. Wonderful OLED Display with full color resolution. Has temp control as well and normal power mode. Maximum 225W and giving the user the option of picking 2 batteries or 3 batteries for longer lasting vape time. Big fire button, nice shaped mod which is comfortable to hold, universal 510 connector and several of colors to choose from. Well done with this new mod Sigelei..looks like it's a winner :)
      Grig*** 2017-05-16
      Nice design. Good functionality. It is great to choose two or three batteries to use satisfying personal demands. And quite compact at same time.
      Alek*** 2017-05-16
      Beautiful and ergonomic design, wide multiple colors, color screen, 3 battery and high power! Excellent choice! Excellent!!!
      Deme*** 2017-05-16
      Love the colorful screen and the ability to use 2 or 3 batteries!
      Roma*** 2017-05-16
      Big fire button, ergonomic hand feeling. Large color screen and also upgradable! Good connector! I have Fuchai 213 and want this mod! Perfect!
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
      Pre-Order Quantity:10
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