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    Aspire Spryte Starter Kit 3.5ml 650mAh Standard Version

    Aspire Spryte Starter Kit 3.5ml 650mAh Standard Version (SALE)

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    Here comes with new design AIO pod system from Aspire the Aspire Spryte, slim and stylish in 5 different color, olive green, grey, black, blue and purple. The Spryte contain an easy-filled 3.5ml/2ml pod, very comfortable to hold it in your hand. It utilizes Aspire's well-known BVC coil and comes with a regular 1.8ohm coil and second one 1.2 ohm for use with nicotine salts.

    Aspire Spryte Kit
    Aspire Spryte Kit

    The Spryres sleek minimalist design fits well in pocket or purse and the protective top cap fits snugly on to the bottom of the device when in use.

    Aspire Spryte Kit
    Aspire Spryte Kit

    Unusually for an AIO pod device of this type, the Aspire Spryte has an adjustable airflow system to suit your vaping preference.

    Aspire Spryte Kit

    The well-known and trusted BVC coil Aspire Spryte atomizer uses nichrome wire. It has two coils, one for regular e-liquid and one for nicotine salts use. It also works equally well with normal e-liquids.

    Aspire Spryte Kit

    The pod in the Aspire Spryte is an easy to use pull-out- push and click system. it is bottom fill using a simple but effective silicone plug in the base of the pod, with a generous 4.6mm filling hole, to suit types of e-liquid bottle.

    Aspire Spryte Kit

    The standard BVC and nic-salts BVC, whichever type of coil you use are all easy to install. Simply remove the pod and turn it upside down, remove the chimney unit and screw in your chosen coil. Replace the chimney unit with attached coil and reinsert into the pod. Push the pod back to the Spryte until it clicks.

    Note: Please always let the device stands for 5minutes to allow the coil to become saturated when you insert a new coil and fill the pod. It can help with avoiding dry hits and damage to the coil.

    Aspire Spryte Kit

    It is super easy to refill the pod. Just remove the pod from the device, invert the pod and remove the silicone plug from the 43.6 diameter filling hole. Fill the pod with e-liquid, and replace the silicone plug securely. Then replace the pod into the device by pushing down until it clicks into place. Now it is ready to use.

    Aspire Spryte Kit

    It is also very simple to charge the Aspire Spryte. Plug in the supplied micro usb cable into the base of mod, attach the end to a suitable power supply to charge. The maximum charge current can reach up to 1000mA. When the charger is connected, the LEDS will flash blue and red three times. When fully charges the LEDS will flash blue and red twenty times then remain off

    Brand: Aspire
    Unit: 1 set
    Color: Olive green,Grey,Black,Blue,Purple
    Capacity: 3.5ml
    Package: Gifts Box
    Shipping method:Please check here for details.

    Each set contain:
    1pc Spryte Device
    2pcs Extra O rings
    2pcs Coils(1.8ohm regular BVC & 1.2ohm for Nic Salt)
    1pc Silicone seal
    1pc Micro USB cable
    1pc Warranty Card
    1pc User Manual

    Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.

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      Customers Reviews
      Edwi*** 2018-12-04
      A good purchase. I love HealthCabin
      Mari*** 2018-11-23
      Very good for MTL - 25 mg NicSalt is perfect.
      Trac*** 2018-11-22
      Nice unit that fits in hand well and has a respectable flavor. With all the aio out there it's hard to find a good one. The Spryte is a good one.
      Paul*** 2018-11-18
      Its like having a Nautilus, I get a great flavor, and great throat hit. in other AIO when the battery gets weaker the output also does, but on the spryte its always the same throathit
      Mark*** 2018-11-09
      Ive only had the Spryte for a week but so far I like it much more than the Breeze 2. The coils (so far) last much longer and there isnt little plastic tabs to break that hold the pod in like on the Breeze.
      *** 2018-09-04

      the pink color has the same price as the others, is it on promo?

      The promo is out of dated; If you want to buy other 1 USD flash sale.Please feel free to visit this link:https://www.healthcabin.net/1usd-flash-sale/

      Amal*** 2019-12-14
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      Attributes: Black & Helix Kit
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