How to Get Free 1680 Reward Points Every Month

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Dear customer,

We are introducing a new but very simple game for you to earn 1680 reward points every month, and you can save $16.8 for next order. Let’s check it out:

Actions you need to take:

– Create an account at, or login your account if you have registered at our site;

– Visit the CHECK-IN CENTER everyday and click “Check-in Today”

Check-in Get Reward Points

Simple Rules

  1. It is a monthly plan.
  2. You’ll get 10 reward points for each check-in
  3. Bonus: 
    Extra 100 reward points for 5 days’ check-in 
    Extra 500 reward points for 15 days’ check-in 
    Extra 800 reward points for 28 days’ check-in.
    If you check-in 28 days a month, you will get 28*10+100+500+800=1680 reward points, that is US$16.8 in total.
  4. If you miss to check-in for some days, you can spend 100 reward points to check-in again, 3 chances every month.
  5. Reward points can be used to buy products, 100 reward points = US$1, click here to learn more about your reward points as below.
Check-in Get Reward Points

How to Enter

Log-in first, click “My Account” at the same place, you will see the “CHECK-IN CENTER” at the left side.

Check-in Get Reward Points
Step 1

How to Use Your Reward Points

As we mentioned that reward points can be used to buy products, 100 reward points = US$1

You can tick “√” to use it when checking out your order at “Coupon & Reward Points” column.

Come and join us, get more reward points and save more on your orders!

With any questions, feel free to contact us.



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