Is It Necessary to Sterilize Vape?


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Does vape really exist bacteria during daily using?

The e-cigarette is a few products that directly touch your mouth. Therefore, there is a lot of salivae left in drip tip that you might not notice, and this is easily creating the appropriate circumstance for bacterial breeding.

Let’s discover how much does residue left in e-cigarette without disinfection.
A group of researchers spent some time studying the effects of vape juice flavours. They took samples from different places in the mall where a vape shop was situated.
They found out that the impact of nicotine, other alkaloids, and nitrosamines could evolve with time as a result of accumulating chemicals inhaled by a person who vapes.
This means that vape flavours transform into residue; also it can transfer by a ventilation system and continue to harm one’s health even after the end of use.

According to the analysis, it is noticeable that sterilizing for e-cigarette is really necessary.

So, what is the most appropriate way to sterilize?
1. Disinfect with high temperature
2. Cleanse disinfection wipes
3. Ozone disinfection

In fact, none of them is appropriate for vapours. The main reason for this is because even after disinfecting with high temperature, you still need sterile paper to wipe the device. Moreover, after using disinfection wipes, there is some disinfectant left on the device which is harmful. Due to the fact that the cost of ozone disinfection is quite expensive, we need a better way.

Now we recommend you the most rightness way to disinfect device: Utilizing 59S S2 UVC LED Ultraviolet Ray Sterilizing Box to clean device within only 3 minutes. The advanced UVC LED Ultraviolet Ray is definitely the best choice for you and it will be necessary during your daily vaping.

UV sterilization is utilizing UV irradiation to destroy and change the structure of DNA in order to disinfect and prevent regeneration of bacteria. The UVC rays can sterilize device because C-Band UV is easily absorbed by DNA in the organism.
The ultraviolet rays are a physical method of disinfection; it is easy and convenient, and widely used. With the development of brand new ultraviolet rays, the application of ultraviolet ray sterilizing is more well-known.

In advance, 59S S2 UVC LED Ultraviolet Ray Sterilizing Box is not only able to sterilize vape, but also sterilize mask, gloves, even daily using the stuff. There is no doubt that it will be our daily necessities in the near future.

There is a short video for Unboxing 59S S2 UVC LED Sterilizing Box Ultraviolet Ray from Hlealthcabin

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