5 Best RTAs 2018

5 Best RTAs 2018

For cloud production, we need plenty of airflow and we need the air fast to mix with the vapor.  The tank also needs to be able to supply plenty of juice to the wicks quickly to prevent dry hits when taking successive drags. Here comes to the 5 Best RTAs 2018.

But first, what is RTA?
RTA stands for “rebuildable tank atomizer.” An RTA has somewhat of a similar setup as the RDA, because it is also manually made. The major difference here is that an RTA holds excess liquid in the tank. This takes away the requirement to continuously drip onto the coil. The tank will hold a specific amount of millileters below the build deck. When building your coil and putting the cotton on manually, the cotton must hang down far enough into the tank so that when you tilt the vape mod to vape, the cotton is catching and soaking up some liquid. This style tank normally would be the go-to tank when you first start building your own coils, coming from sub-ohm style tank.

The tank that we are going to pick for clouds need several important factors:
easy to use build deck
chamber that can hold bigger coils
lots of airflow
good juice flow for faster wicking

Let’s see the 5 Best RTAs 2018:

Top 1. Wotofo Serpent Elevate

Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA

Serpent, the symbol of a creative life force in mythology, is also an ever-active product series at Wotofo. Now lets present you the most up to date serpent product, the Serpent Elevate RTA designed by Wotofo and Suck My Mod. It is a postless single coil RTA with top airflow design and the most advanced air distribution structure. Serpent Elevate, an RTA combining its past merits with current vape trends, assures you exceptionally intense flavor!

Excellent Flavor
Top air flow, leak free design
Love the media blasted color options
Affordable Price
Easy to build on
Wicking system works well and keeps up
Low wattage needed to operate this (40-50w)

Serpent logo on the chimney and packaging isn’t my thing
Media blasted finishes might make it difficult to math to mods on the market

Top 2. OFRF Gear RTA

OFRF Gear RTA Atomizer

This little beast packs a whole lot of punch and delivers rapid smooth vapor with intense flavor. Designed for on the go vaping the Gear RTA features an ultra short air passage design and domed vaporization chamber deliver rapid vapor production and intense flavor.

The Gear RTA is simple to use and is designed as a single coil build deck for builds..Designed for easy of use the Gear RTA deck is equipped with easy screws for fast coil changes

OFRF Gear rda was really easy to use
All the extras was a really nice touch
Having everything you need to do a build is always great
Love the GEAR design on the top cap,
Airflow is smooth it’s just perfect and a total time of 15mins to build is always a great plus

The gear, maybe not mute, but the high notes flavors are defiantly gone

Top 3. Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

 Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA Tank Atomizer is the brand new RTA tank, which is collaborated design by Vapin’ Heathen and Hellvape. Features 25mm diameter, the Dead Rabbit RTA holes up to 4.5ml of e-liquid with bulbble glass tube. The Dead Rabbit RTA introduces an unique “Rabbit Ear” design, with ample build space and generous post holes, which not only gives you the option of single or dual coil builds, but also in general enables you to get a lot more creative. Unlike most rtas, the Dead Rabbit RTA comes with top side diagonal airflow design, focus on flavor and effectively making it leak proof. Its knurled grip top refill has the quick access design for convenient refill access, furthermore, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA includes a colored resin dip and a black resin tip and a 510 Adaptor for your options. With unique post deck and top side airflow, this Dead Rabbit RTA will bring you nice flavor and amazing vaping expericen.

Decent flavour
Good cloud production
4.5ml capacity with bubble glass
Smooth airflow
Good build quality
Easy to build on
Dual or single coil
Leak proof
Nice extra resin drip tip
Good amount of spares including a choice of hex screws or flat heads

Bubble glass must be purchased separately
If you like to ‘purge’ when you vape then prepare for a face full of vapour due to the top angled airflow
Can be very tricky to get wicking right
Once wicking well it can be ‘thirsty’

Top 4. Vandy Vape Kylin V2 RTA

 Vandy Vape Kylin V2 RTA

Vandy Vape KYLIN V2 RTA, which bottom beveled air intake and cambered surface air outlet of the tank can make you easily get smooth airflow and enjoyable vaping experience.

Saturated flavor
Easy to build
Easy top-fill
Smooth airflow
Nice resin drip tip
Single/dual coil compatible
Dense cloud production

Must close airflow when filling
Wicking requires precision

Top 5.  Augvape Intake RTA

Augvape Intake RTA Atomizer

Augvape Intake RTA is a unique rebuildable dripping atomizer co-designed by Augvape and Mikevapes with 24mm diameter and 4.2ml or 2.5ml juice capacity. It has LEAK PROOF single coil atomizer with two tubes to direct the air from top to the bottom of coils, and that’s the reason why it is called INTAKE RTA. Augvape Intake RTA Tank Atomizer is easy to build with open channels from two building posts. Moreover, it comes with a low profile RESIN drip tip and a tall delrin drip tip. You can use 510 drip tip with the 510 adapter. 4 colors for you options.

Easy to build on
Good flavour
Good clouds
Clever airflow design
Leak proof
Bubble glass included
X2 810 drip tips
510 adaptor
Decent price
Choice of colours: black – stainless steel – blue and gun metal

Very restricted draw
Tiny bore despite x2 810 drip tips
Wicking can be a little fiddly
Looks wise decidedly average
Not the best blue for a black drip tip
No coils included

So which one is the best for you, share with us in the comments below.

6 Best RDAs 2018


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