Alaska E-Cigarette Sales New Rules

A new requirement effective Jan. 1, 2019 means businesses that sell electronic smoking or nicotine products must obtain a special business licence endorsement, according to a Monday release from the State of Alaska.

Senate Bill 15 was passed by the 2018 Alaska Legislature and expands an endorsement that’s currently required on tobacco products. It also applies to businesses selling over-the-counter cessation products, including pharmacies, and marijuana retailers that sell electronic smoking products. Vending machine owners need the endorsement, too.

SB 15 makes it a crime to sell or give “electronic smoking products or products containing nicotine” to a minor under the age of 19, according to the release.

Selling, giving, or exchanging products containing tobacco to someone under the age of 19 is illegal in Alaska, according to the Alaska Bar Association’s Youth Law Guide. A new webpage with information regarding e-cigarette laws was under construction on the site as of Jan. 2.

Some e-cigarettes can be used to smoke cannabis, according to the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, a process also known as vaping. Recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska for people 21 years of age or older.


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