Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review by Hittman

Hello, you may or may not know me. I’ve been around the forum since 2009 and have gone from a basic 510 cigalike back then to the wonderful technology breakthroughs available today. This is my first ever official review so please be patient with me. I was sent the Aspire Speeder Revvo kit by Health Cabin to do this review with no guidance except to give an honest review.

Mod Specifications:

Dimensions in millimeters: 88h x 46w x 31d

Output ranges: 1-200 watts/ .1-8.4 volts/ 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit(100-300 degrees Celsius)/ also offers TCR, Bypass, and CPS.

Requires 2 each 18650 batteries

Spring-loaded 510 threaded connector

Side fire bar

Bottom battery door with latch

Leather finish

Tank Specifications:

ARC( Aspire Radial Coil)

3.6ml capacity

Adjustable airflow with three airflow slots

Top filled with spring-loaded fill valve

The removable top cap for filling

Pyrex glass tank


What’s in the box:

1pc Speeder mod
1pc Revvo tank
2pc Coils (0.10-0.16ohms)
1pc Glass tube
10pc O-rings
1pc USB cable
2pc Warning cards
1pc User manual
1pc Warranty card
1pc Protective silicone cap


Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review
Aspire Speeder Mod Impression:

I have used Aspire brand equipment in the past and have associated the Aspire name with quality made equipment. I already owned a Speeder mod before I was contacted to do this review but mine is an earlier version and does not have the leather sides.

I really like this mod. I like the battery life with the dual batteries and it is still comfortable in the hand. I don’t have large hands but it is still easy to handle for me. I am a fan of the sidebar firing button and the Speeder has the easiest to fire sidebar that I have used so far. I usually don’t buy white mods simply because my hands get dirty at my job and I don’t want to stain or ruin a mod. The manufacturer picture shows a more definitive texture in the leather it seems that what I see with my eyes.

The display screen is crisp and clear and plenty big for me to see. I like the auto flip feature on the screen also. The unit can be locked/unlocked with five clicks of the fire bar. Three clicks of the fire bar will put the unit into stealth mode where it will fire but no display is shown. In my opinion, the menu on this unit is easy to use. If you press the firing bar and the up button then you can scroll through the different operating modes. If the mode has more than one option when you press the firing bar and then can scroll through the secondary menu for that mode. For example, if you wanted to change to a different temperature control mode from wattage mode then you would press the fire bar and the up button. From there you would press the up button until you get to temperature control. Once in temperature control you press the fire bar and the type of wire is highlighted. You then press the up button until you get to your wire type and press the firing bar to lock it in.

My favorite feature on this mod is the CPS( Customizable Power Settings) mode. It is like preheat on steroids. This feature allows you to set a complete power curve to your liking. I usually start out the first second or so to a higher wattage than I would normally use and then go lower for a couple seconds and then a little higher again. The nice thing about this feature is that you can set it to whatever you prefer for the length of the draw time. There are three preset curves but they are adjustable too, however, you would like to set them. You could have settings for three different tanks or coil setups.

Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review
Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review
Aspire Revvo Tank Impressions:

When I first received this unit for review and broke down the tank for cleaning before use, I thought to myself “ where is the coil?”. I had not seen the ARC( Aspire Radial Coil) before. The tank was easy to take apart for cleaning. The second thing I wondered was how to fill it. First, to change the coil, you remove the knurled threaded nut that you see in the picture above. The coil simply lifts off so you could easily change the coil with a full tank and little or no mess. Second, the way to fill this unit is through the spring loaded fill tube that sits in the middle of the nut. The manufacturer states that you can fill it with a regular bottle like a gorilla or a dropper. I didn’t have much luck filling with a glass dropper and made a bit of a mess. I instead was able to use a plastic squeeze bottle with no mess.

The manufacturer says that the optimum wattage for this tank is 80 watts. I found that too high for me. The sweet spot for me was at 55 watts with the airflow about 2/3 open. I didn’t know if I would like this tank because of the fixed top cap that also acts as the drip tip. I have certain tips that I like and this one is a bit larger than what I am used to. I got what I would call “good” flavor from this tank and coil setup but not really great. Others may disagree but but I felt like the flavor subsided a little bit after four or five days of use. It still vaped fine but wasn’t quite as flavorful. All threading on this tank was good and easy to thread and unthread.

Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review
Pros, Cons, and Final Thoughts:

Pros Mod:

Good build quality

CPS( customizable power settings)

Easy to use side fire bar

No button rattle

Easy menu operation

Comfortable to use for a dual battery unit


Pros Tank:

Good threading

No leaking

Airflow easily adjustable on mod

Easy to disassemble and clean

Easy no mess coil change

No spitback


Cons Mod:

I have no complaints on this mod


Cons Tank:

Fixed top cap so different drip tips can’t be used

Mediocre flavor production

Kanthal only coils ( cannot use in temp control)

Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review
Final Thoughts:

Like I said before, I really like this mod. The only thing that I can think of that would make it better in my opinion is to have a centered 510 connector on top. The only other feature I could think to add is perhaps a customizable temperature curve. I have that feature on a couple of my other mods and like it but it’s not really necessary. I didn’t touch much on the temperature control on this mod simply because the tank is not usable in temperature control. I did try temperature control mode with one of my Zeus tanks with a 316l coil installed and the temperature control seemed to work reasonably well but I did have to run it a little higher than I do on a couple other mods to get a similar vape.

I’m not a huge fan of this tank. It is a decent tank with decent flavor but not my cup of tea. I don’t care much for the top cap. I have to hand it to Aspire for being innovative and coming up with the ARC coil design but I didn’t really think that it gave great flavor. I never got a dry hit so it is good at wicking. Also the spring loaded fill valve is a nice design but in my opinion does not work with a dropper. This tank would probably be better for someone unlike me that doesn’t build all of their own coils or doesn’t want to and likes to run higher wattage. I noticed that the tank got pretty hot after several vapes and the tip did get warm but not uncomfortable to use. It might though if the person using it were heavy chain vaping.

In closing, I would like thank Health Cabin for giving me the opportunity to do my first review and I welcome any comments or questions. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this product.

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