Benefits of USA Local Warehouses


HealthCabin is committed to total customer satisfaction through providing consistently high quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our USA customers. We have set up a dedicated homepage and 2 local warehouses in USA, located in CA & NJ.

Today we will introduce the 5 benefits to order from our USA warehouses to help you save more.

1. Save at least 10% per order

Buying from our USA warehouses can help you save at least 10% per order, as there is no extta tariff, no FDA fee and other custom related tax.
tax free

2. Zero Custom Issues

Annoying to handle custom declaration issues for your packages imported from foreign countries? Shop from our USA warehouses! Place the order and wait its arrival, no more calls from US customs.

custom declaration

3. Shipping – Faster but Cheaper

Products ordered from our USA warehouses will be shipped out via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Compared to the packages shipped from our SHENZHEN/HONGKONG warehouses, the shipping fee and shipping time from local warehouse are much better.


Based on our shipping history data, we made a comparison table below:
A. Shipping fee – for small packages we highly recommend USPS to save 10% – 70% shipping cost

shipping fee

B. shipping time – history data indicates that packages to below states can be delivered in 3 days. We highly recommend you to order from USA warehouses:

Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsinshipping time

4. Rich Product Selection

We have stocked all hot selling products in our USA warehouses. Products from 60 brands are available now including kits, mods, tanks, coils, accessories. Everything you want can be found at our local warehouses.

rich products

More surprise coming soon.



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