Boise May Expand Smoke-free Air Act to Include Vaping

Boise’s City Council might tighten a major loophole in the Smoke-Free Air Act.

“Any place where smoking cigarettes is currently prohibited it will now expand to include e-cigarettes and vaping,” said council member Lori Woodings.

An idea sparked by the greenbelt patrol which voiced its concerns about the fairness of the current ordinance.

“Cigarette smokers were like, ‘Well if people can vape on the greenbelt why cant I smoke on the greenbelt?'” said Woodings.

The two proposed ordinance changes would remove the exemption to the use of vaping and e-cigarettes, something council member Woodings says was originally addressed in 2011, but the city council at that time simply didn’t know enough about.

How enforceable the ban is currently is still up for discussion. Last year, BPD only gave out 6 citations. The discussion at this point is just on how it relates to public parks.

“There’s so much emphasis now on public health and public lifestyles and that’s one of the things we really strive for in Boise is to allow our citizens to have a healthy outdoor lifestyle,” said Woodings.

Woodings says it doesn’t prohibit people from vaping in their cars or homes or on most city streets if passed.