BP MODS Pioneer Insider Review by Toby

BP MODS Pioneer Insider Review by Toby-Cover

Back with another review today and one for those that are running a Boro device; this is the Pioneer Insider by BP Mods. This is the Boro version and is not to be confused with the other Dot RBA version. BP Mods is an offshoot of the popular Dovpo company with BP Mods concentrating more on the mid to higher-end side of tanks, bridges, and devices. The Pioneer Insider has been out a good 18 months or so now, but remains a very popular option for the Boro heads!

This was supplied by our friends over at Health Cabin who supply all the latest and greatest in vape hardware, as well as e-liquids and vape accessories. Do check out their website and make sure you register an account and login to see the best prices on their vape items. They are currently having a 15% Off 618 Shopping Festival promotion, so grab that before it finishes by adding the JUNE15 coupon code.

So let’s dive into the Pioneer Insider, seeing how she comes and vapes!

Packaging & Contents

The Pioneer Insider by BP Mods comes in an Orange coloured branded cardboard box with a small outer sleeve. The Black outer sleeve includes the title printed on the top with ‘MTL/DL Boro for Billet Box style Boro Mods’ printed underneath. The left side of the sleeve has the printed BP Mods logo and branding and on the right side is the social media info of BP Mods.

The bottom of the sleeve has the printed title and compatible device list of the Pioneer Insider Boro. This Boro should fit the majority of Boro devices but check it out online that it fits your device before purchase. The bottom of the sleeve also includes the printed package contents, accessories pack, Dovpo branding, and contact info. There is also a printed barcode and a scratch-for-authenticity label.

  • Pioneer Insider Boro with Chimney adaptor and 0.8mm Airflow Pin pre-installed.
  • 510 Adaptor to test the build on regulated devices or tabs.
  • Chimney Adaptor for putting the Bridge into a standard-size Boro tank.
  • User Manual Cards.
  • Accessories Box.
  • 7 x different-sized Airflow pins (we’ll cover those soon).
  • 2 x Anti-Condensate Airflow Passages (Another pre-installed on Boro).
  • Compressed Cotton pieces for the Airflow passage.
  • Spare O-rings, Gaskets & Screws.
  • 2 x Coils (1 x 2.5mm 0.7Ω for MTL and 1 x 2.5mm 0.35Ω Clapton coil for DTL).

Pioneer Insider Boro Tank

The Pioneer Insider Boro has a 6ml capacity tank built in clear PCTG. The RBA breaks down into four other main parts which are; the deck, the deck base, the anti-condensate Airflow passage (with a compressed cotton piece), and the chimney. The chimney has an adaptor connected that simply pulls off. Another sized chimney adaptor is in the kit to swap out if you wanted to use the main RBA section in your own R4 Boro. This is very handy for those not wanting to use the tank it comes with and who prefer to use their own.

The deck base has a slot at the front and an open side that draws the airflow during the vape. Many airflow pins are supplied to screw into the middle under the main deck, to control the rate of airflow to your vape. The airflow pin sizes run from a tight mouth to lung vape, a restricted direct lung, and wide open for a direct lung draw.

The airflow pin sizes are 0.8mm pre-installed, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm which offer different levels of airflow for MTL. There is also a 2.0mm, 2.5mm for an airy MTL or a restricted DL and a 3.0mm and 3.5mm for direct to lung. That said, these are just guides and can be used in whatever airflow setup you prefer for your style of vaping.

Situated beneath the airflow pin, deck, and deck base is an anti-condensate airflow passage. This is for directing the airflow from the side and up from the Boro device used. Sitting within the airflow passage is a compressed cotton piece to soak up any condensation before it reaches the device. More of these little pads and a few more airflow passages are supplied within the accessories, as well as spare o-rings, gaskets, and post screws. There is also a couple of coils supplied in the accessory box to get you going, one is a 0.7Ω for MTL/RDTL and a Clapton 0.35Ω for DTL.

Pioneer Insider Deck & Build

The deck on the Pioneer Insider has two posts set on one side for a single coil configuration. On top of each post is a flat-headed screw to tighten the coil securely. With both posts on one side, you will need to use parallel coils with both legs facing the same way.

Simply unscrew the Airflow pin from underneath the deck and then screw in the airflow size of your choice. The 0.8mm is already pre-installed if you want a very tight MTL, but I changed mine out for 1.5mm MTL and switched to 3mm for DTL during my use.

In the package box, you have a 510 adaptor to screw the deck onto for dry burning and testing coil resistance on a regulated mod or tab.

A 0.7Ω coil and a 0.35Ω coil are in the box to get you started either if you prefer a higher or lower ohm vape. Undo the screws with a small flathead screwdriver then put in the coil legs. Tighten each screw with the coil centralised and snip the excess legs from behind the screws. Once you are happy the coil is positioned nicely, glowing evenly, and at the correct resistance without any hotspots, it’s time to add the wick.

Make sure the coil has cooled down and push enough wick through the coil. Snip each end at the edge of the deck, fluff the ends of the cotton, and push into the juice wells on each side. Soak some e-liquid onto the coil and wick, fire again a few times to saturate then remove the deck and 510 adaptor. Push up the RBA back into the tank and fill it. Throw it into your Boro device and voila!

My Thoughts

I’ve been using the Pioneer Insider daily over the last few weeks, in both MTL and DTL configuration and it is a really impressive Boro RBA. The Alloy machining is very well done and it is presented neatly within the PCTG boro tank.

A nice plus point is being able to remove the main RBA section and put it in another Boro tank you own. If you have a higher-end Boro tank or something in a colour that matches your device, the Pioneer Insider will go in with the supplied alternate chimney adaptor. Remember though, it will need to be the standard Boro size still to fit.

Adding a coil and wick is very easy on the deck and not too fiddly. The wicking is very forgiving, just make sure enough is poked down into the juice wells and you should be good on the vape. I ran both the higher ohm coil as MTL and the lower ohm coil in DTL and had zero dry hits. The flavour is really good in both configurations across different e-liquid flavour profiles, but then it will also depend on the quality of the coil and cotton used.

BP Mods have really helped things with the number of airflow pins supplied in the kit. You can really cater your vape to your ideal airflow. There is also a good amount of spares supplied if you need to change out an o-ring or gasket.

Another pro to the Pioneer Insider is the anti-condensate airflow passage and the compressed cotton pieces that fit into it. Many Boro tanks have issues with a build-up of condensation under the tank which can get quite wet. This passage with the little cotton piece grabs any build-up and soaks it up within the cotton should much condensation occur. I found the Pioneer Insider deck and vape quite comparable to the Cthulu 520 Boro, but the Pioneer pips it for me on the design and the anti-condensate situation.

All in all, the Pioneer Insider by BP Mods is a really brilliant Boro and can see why it proved popular as a Boro option. It is definitely worth getting one if you are running a Boro device and are competent in adding a build easily.

To pick up the Pioneer Insider from Health Cabin, grab a Taxi via the links at the start of the review and make sure you are logged in to get the best price! Thanks for reading!

This review was written by Toby from The Vape Reviews, click to view original review there with more photos.


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