BP Mods Warhammer Mod Review by Petushkov

BP Mods Warhammer Mod Review by Petushkov-Cover

At the weekend I present you to get to know one of the most interesting boxes of the past 2023 for me personally. He was interesting to me at once for several reasons-firstly, this is a compact box for the format exclusively 18650. Now, you must agree, this is a rarity-give everyone the autonomy of the size of 2×700. Secondly, it has an original and at the same time simple design. Well, thirdly, the BP Mods company made a device, which, as you know, “does not knit brooms.”

The manufacturer has long forgotten about his own promotion of his products in the domestic market, therefore shops come to the rescue again – in particular, Healthcabin.net

  • Dimensions: 79.6 x 40 x 24mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Building Material: Zinc alloy + plastic
  • Battery: 1 x 18650
  • Power: 5 - 60W
  • Working hours: VW, TC (NI200, SS, Ti, Nife48, Nife30), VV, BYPASS, BOOST
  • Temperature range: 200 ℉ - 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ - 315 ℃
  • Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from reloading / reloading
  • Connector type: steel 510, pin is springy
  • Screen / Diagonal: Monochrome, 0.91 "
  • Charging port / current: type-C, charging current 1.02A
  • Warhammer 18650 Mod
  • Type-C Cable
  • User guide
  • Warranty coupon

The first “most truthful” impressions are very original, rather compact, convenient and quite lightweight. We start with the design – the device is made in a relatively strict style, however, there was a place for the original moments. Firstly, this, of course, the shape, or rather the profile-the backdrop is pretty rounded, the edges of the front end differ-one is also rounded, and the second, on the contrary, is “acute”. It is also worth noting the sawn corners of the above acute face. The upper platform has a small elevation, and the back side is completely covered with pleasant, and to the eye, and gaze with excavations. I will praise the design unequivocally – fresh, extraordinary – in a word impressive!

You may have noticed that the color of the back panel is noticeably different from the tone of the main case. It seems to me that this is done, of course, intends – there is a small contrast, and in real life (not in the photo), the difference thanks to the texture of the cover is almost imperceptibly. Separately, I want to note the palette of colors offered by the manufacturer – a chic choice, agree. I have long been convinced that the brand designers are perfectly selecting shades and this time I decided to choose the very New Year’s color. And he didn’t lose – it looks quite decent, and most importantly original and uninhabited!

But what about the design if it turns out to be inconvenient? This is not the case – the ergonomics is excellent – boxing is in hand, like cast. The only thing I have to give up is the location of the Faer button is more ergonomic to move it to the front end. Here she directly asks here to be purely according to the “physical sensations.” However, its current situation, I agree, is more original, yes, and also constructively convenient. Of course, the device is sharpened for right -handedness, but for the left, everything is quite tolerable. The right -handed person can operate with the index (in a closed grip – the finger reaches the button), and the latter – the latter is naturally more importantly. However, such a location of the activation button when pressed with a thumb I will call it in principle convenient – in any case, this does not harm ergonomics.

As for the dimensions, our guest is not a mistake – boxing is completely hidden in my middle palm even with a small margin. I believe that a photo comparison with the swag is more than eloquent – as they say, “instead of a thousand words.” The weight of the device is, provided that there is a strong metal case, it is very small – like.

Steel landing platform is reliably held by a pair of screws. It rises above the case, ensuring the safety of the paint, however, micro -lamentation takes place. However, the latter is completely non -critical. The landing reserve “Honest” body thickness – 24mm – this is quite enough (in fact even with a margin) for such a compact and “low -power” box fashion.

We go to the control panel – it is in full force settled on the side panel. Naturally, we start with the activation button – it is quite large, a little convex – in general, quite convenient. Click is clear, quiet, pressing the average in depth of the course and to the best of elastic – I repeat, the execution, if not excellent, then exactly 4 with a plus. The only nuance – a small backlash – however, I note this fact in the nit -picking only for the sake of informing the future owner, no more. He does not bother me at all, although I am usually too scrupulous to such issues, the button material again affected – this is plastic. Now, if the metal rattled in the metal, then this fact is possible from the category of the nit -dodikok migrated into the minuses.

The remaining keys are also plastic and moderately small. Their largest “problem” is that they are drowned in the Waspoles Corps – I saw a bombing of reviewers about this. I’ll say this way – it’s very wonderful that they do not protrude, because in this case they would feel the fingers and this would “interfere” with the grip, especially with such compact dimensions of the device. It is quite comfortable to use them, and this will not have to be done so often.

As for the display – Glory to everyone! – He is monochrome. The design, in my opinion, is excellent – all the elements are easily read, their location is logical – in general, there is a complete order. The brightness is customizable and quite sufficient, the diagonal is also very comfortable. The port for charging a modern sample – the location is convenient – however, the declared 2A is not at all in sight. On the other hand, it is for the better – a current of 1A is much more useful for the battery. Separately, I note that it is also impossible to soar during charging – also for the better – but the cable, albeit short, is very inconspicuous.

The battery compartment is hidden behind a removable plastic panel, which is held immediately by 9 magnets. It is fixed quite reliably, it is also convenient. The backlash takes place, but it is completely uncritical – we can say that it is practically none. Contacts inside are well -loaded – there is a fear that plus can spoil the braid of the nutrition element. However, its edges are prudently rounded and, if this happens, then only due to the “frequent” extraction / installation of the battery.

As for the managing chipset, then there is also a complete order. The set of options on board is impressive-only TC for 5 metals speaks for itself, and the primitive “boost” gives a tangible acceleration at the start. The only “but” is underestimated maximum power, however, the focus of the product is unlikely to recover into these restrictions. In addition to the above, the device knows how to configure the shutdown time, blocks the settings keys, but the counterpart counter is deprived. Management is intuitively understandable – all regimes are removed in the submenu.

In work, the fee also showed itself quite decently – I have no even the slightest complaints about it. The start is clear and not belated, especially with a boost, honestly, it reads resistance with a minimum error, and more often without it. The battery charge is broadcast without numerical value, but quite informatively, it consumes its mod quite adequately. And even discharges the power element to the “record in my memory” 3.16V.


What can I say is a definitely the best device that I saw in the whole last year, and even more so felt it with my own hand. All the hopes I put on him were justified in full – therefore, he completely legally gets a place on my desktop – and this happens very rarely!

Cute, convenient, compact, with a completely adequate and even functional chipset inside, and even presented in such interesting colors – should I continue? It is precisely the price tag – $ 39.99 – very rarely, BP Mods makes such gifts to its fans very eloquent.

Boxing Mod for me, even as for the reviewer, was directly a sip of fresh air, among the monotonous boxes for a carbon carrier – for which, in fact, my deepest bow to the manufacturer’s designers! Bravo…

Price 39.99 $ (Healthcabin)


  • Price
  • Design
  • Relative compactness
  • Light weight
  • Ergonomics
  • palette of offered colors
  • functionality of the control chipset
  • adequate work of the control chipset


  • not the most convenient settings and control keys
  • Lift of the activation button
  • The actual charging current does not correspond to the declared

Special thanks to the Healthcabin.net store for the sample provided.

Petushkov, also named phouse has written an Russian review on ecigtalk.org & vapenews.ru, which are an Russian forums, click to view original reviews.


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