DHL shipping price adjustment

Dear Customers,

DHL shipping price was changed and impact on these countries and area: America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Europe, and so on.

Here are the shipping prices compared to before:

Country weight Price
America 0.5-10.5KG reduce 1.25-1.59%
11-13KG reduce 3-9%
13.5-20KG reduce 11-23%
21-100KG reduce 1%
Australia and

New Zealand

0.5-14.5KG increase 0.5%
15-20KG reduce 1-24%
21-100KG increase 0.5%
South Korea 0.5-13.5KG increase 0.5%
14-20KG reduce 1-28%
21-100KG increase 0.5%
Europe 0.5-16.5KG increase 0.5%
17-20KG reduce 1-14%
21-100KG increase 0.5%
Japan 0.5-8KG increase 0.5%
8.5-20KG reduce 2-55%
21-100KG increase 0.5%
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