Dovpo Themis Mod Review by Aleksandr

Dovpo Themis Mod Review by Aleksandr-Cover

Overview of the boxmod Dovpo Themis 220W – a two -tank for 18650 with simple control, planting atomizers up to 26mm and cool appearance. Let’s get started the Dovpo Themis Mod Review together!

Dovpo is not the most authoritative brand and there are no super DNA solutions in their model range. However, often these are interesting design solutions for modest money. In the case of Dovpo Themis, the latter is not yet observed without coupons, but the presentation and appearance here is OK.

We unpack the tank 110 with a knife and proceed to the review.

Dovpo Themis Mod Review

Remove the back cover on the magnets and see the battery compartment, the Typ-s port between the batteries (2a current strength and a fairly fast charging). The front panel is also removed and only the display with the buttons remains. The identical solution is like the Lost Vape Centaurus M200, it is just that it also rests on the presence of these panels on sale+their price+question of the rest of the case, which will not change when changing the panels.

Dovpo Themis Mod Review

The first inclusion and after 3 click we move to the settings menu. There is a necessary minimum, but without serious gourmet sections (menu tuning the curves). That is, the usual regulation of power with a step of 0.5W and fast rewinding is our everything.

We also pay attention to the gold color of Dovpo Themis 220W buttons. Gold with the black color of the corps is a forever a winning option. But the buttons are a little protruding on the body and you will need to take care of their condition. Of the pluses, this is a fairly quiet press that will not irritate the stealth of operation.

The display is generally shallow and I personally do not have enough percentage indication of the battery charge level.

Dovpo Themis Mod Review

Pouring the instructions for Dovpo Themis 220W, there are different not obvious jokes. For example, you can change the color of the interface or turn on the lock.

Dovpo Themis Mod Review

We compare the boxmod Dovpo Themis 220W with my duty officer at 2*21700 and see a decent difference in the dimensions. We rearrange a 24 mm drip and it becomes a large margin.

Dovpo Themis Mod Review

The boxmod Dovpo Themis 220W went to operation, and we are gradually moving on to conclusions.

Some kind of childhood problems are akin to incorrect indication of the level of charge or resistance, power jumps or non -union with an atomizer – there is no, despite the “insufficient” brandiness and the lack of claims to the authority of the chip inside.

Enough compact, light, not angular and without sharp faces in general. At first, the implementation of charging inside does not seem very comfortable, but there is a plus in the zero probability of the port of the port inside the case. And when I had the fact that the drop in the port took the boxmod and an excellent brand cable, it was good at least nearby and saw how the cable was melting during charging. So in the long run it can be an advantage.

Dovpo Themis Mod Review

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