FedEx Stops Vaping Related Packages to America

FedEx Stops Vaping Packages to America

Update – for customers from outside of the North America & South America, we are waiting for the final decision from FedEx, we may update it around the middle of March. Right now, we have put some alternative shipping options on the website.

Unfortunately, out of the regulations in USA, where is the headquarter of FedEx, FedEx will stop vaping related packages to America on March 1st, including the North America & South America. FedEx will be not available for customers from those countries at HealthCabin from now on.

Wholesale customers from those countries, please choose DHL as alternative shipping option. Meanwhile, we are sourcing new shipping channels.

Retail customers from those countries, please choose Dedicated Postal Line or DHL.

This regulation will NOT affect customers from other continents.


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