Cheers to @Healthcabin for sending over the Geek Vape Nova kit

My own words & opinion , of course, who else’s would they be?


The Nova kit consists of the cerberus subtank, which doesn’t offer a 3 driptips or a triple coil, but does boast geekvape’s “super mesh” coils, everything else is pretty much standard as it comes to the sub tanks these days.
There is an 810 driptip on top of Geek Vapes usual quarter turn top cap, top fill, there’s everyone’s favourite bubble glass and then the base with large cyclops style airflow

The Nova mod, this is definitely a return to a simpler, some may say old school, more traditional box mod style shape. Geek Vape are saying this is made from an aluminium alloy , I’ve no reason to doubt them on that and is surprisingly lighter than you’d imagine from looking at it,weighing in at a mere 120g without cells, measuring 88m x 52mm x 25mm and accented by the multiple colour option resin doors which are ridged, I’m assuming for her pleasure

Up top is your flush mounted ss 510, your buttons also seem to be of the same aluminium alloy. The lightweight frame encases Geek Vapes own “AS” board which boasts 200w of power, a colour display and all the usual functions and protections you’d expect

Using the cerberus tank with the supplied single mesh coils gave me some awesome flavour from the get go, using the west country dairy co’s custard slice, you could still manage to pick out all the elements of the juice you’ve come to like, the rich custard and hint of pastry with that nice sweet glaze. Using a custard in one of these thirsty mesh tanks isn’t the best way to prolong your coil life or juice stash tbh , but was the best way to test the outright flavour from it. The top fill is super easy, quarter turn and you’re filling, it’s not real loose and there’s a nice chunky seal in there to stop any leaks. The cyclops airflow provides you with more than enough airflow but as seems to be the trend the airflow is slightly noisy and can whistle if not closed off a touch, we’re not talking manta mesh stranger danger attack whistle though


The Nova mod, I’ll start up top with the ss 510, not sure of the thinking behind it tbh, it’s neither circular or central, placement due to the lack of space on the internals I’d imagine, but the shape, who knows, first ever oval 510? It’s as if it was a slow day at the geekvape factory and a few employees took a trip to the railway line with some 510s, does function fine and I’ve had zero issues with it

The battery tray is easily accessible by takin off the resin door which has a little notch out of the top corner and the batteries do sit nicely but here it is again, a loose battery door, it’s so annoying, If you’re a right handed thumb firer, then this would piss you right off. I think it just needs stronger magnets

The first mod I’ve used with this “AS” board and it performs well, the power is delivered consistently and all your functions are there like tc and custom power curves, the UI is also easily navigated and the vibrant colour screen displays everything well, also does a good job on battery life to

Overall I think this is a pretty decent combo, great flavour from the coils, and the mod feels good and looks great , even being slightly lighter than expected, the only thing that lets it down is that damn loose door, one of my personal top cons of a device

Major plus of this being a slightly older kit as the price has come down quite a bit since release, 50 bucks

Thanks for reading and thanks again to @Healthcabin

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