Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA Review

I told you when writing the good plan on geekvape ammit mtl rda . I did receive it for a test. This reconstructible atomizer of dripping is redoudable in term of rendering of the flavors. Especially on gourmet liquids where he excels. I want to thank the store for allowing me to perform this Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA review .

The dripper Ammit MTR GDR Geekvape is a mini dripper. With a diameter of 22mm, it can only accommodate mono-coil assemblies. Designed for direct inhalation, this rebuildable atomizer has many airflows. Who could make us doubt that it is an MTL atomizer. But I will prove the opposite.

First of all, do not be confused. It is true that the atomizer ammit was already a reconstructible atomizer of Geek vape. This time, it’s really a rda. Who surfs the MTL trend that is back in force. And that I like well. Because on dripper, this is the vape that I particularly appreciate. With its top-airflow, we see immediately that this atomizer Geekvape is born.

We will see it obviously by this test of the ammit mrl rda Geekvape . Which is now becoming my daily atomizer. I dropped my tanks to enjoy them on a daily basis.

Reviews & Reviews on the Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA

How does the box containing the Ijoy Avenger clearomizer look?

The box containing the Ammit dripper arrives in a plastic box. In which we find the following elements:

An Ammit RDA atomizer,
1 drip-tip 510 stainless steel,
1 drip-tip 510 in delrin,
1 drip-tip 510 in SS & Delrin,
1 key,
Replacement O-rings,
2 clapton coils of 0.7 Ohm,
1 connection 510 BF,
1 record,
1 guarantee card.

Quality of manufacture and design of Geekvape Ammit RDA

This 22mm dripper has been specially designed for indirect inhalation vape. Thus this MTL atomizer has a mounting base consisting of 2 pads. Specially designed for the mono coil, this ammit mtl rda has a very deep tank. To put a small reserve of e-liquid. Or simply put a big dose of cotton so that the coil is always wet. With its airflow system from top to bottom, it’s not a steam monster, whatever! But his vocation is quite different.

This dripper has an adjustable aiflow not the top. There are actually 5 airholes around the top cap. The adjustment ring is quite special. Because the air can enter only one side. This is how we find a large airhole shaped cyclops eye. And another, the opposite which is composed of a single orifice. Counting there, one obtains almost 12 different settings of airflow. Suffice to say that we have something to test to see the small differences. Compatible with the box BF, this dripper Geekvape is provided in the box that accompanies a 510 BF connection. What has become the norm with all rda currently marketed.

This RDA is simple and clean. Geek vape wanted a powerful atomizer while avoiding the superfluous. On the atomization chamber, we find the mythical creature that is the Ammit. The shape and appearance is very compact. Which allows to have a reduced atomization chamber on this dripper Geekvape . And therefore improve the flavors of our favorite liquids.

The top of the atomization chamber is a little bulging. Although there are more domes in some of its competitors. With the 3 drip-tips 510 different, the look changes completely. For testing, I have a preference for the long stainless steel. Which brings me a better aromatic result. Certainly the fact that the steam gets colder in the mouth. It will therefore be necessary to think of playing the drip-tip. If you want a hot or cold vape.

The machining is perfect. Even though the O-rings are a bit firm. It happens to me, even after several hours of vaping to have to force. To reset the atomization chamber. I would have preferred that it slide more easily. But at least I know this atomizer is waterproof. I did not have any bad surprises with this dripper BF . With the use of a squonk box, it also works wonderfully.

In good clumsy, I dropped several times on the tiles. And to my surprise, Geekvape’s rda ammit mtl has not budged . Even with a magnifying glass, I do not see any distortion.

How does it vape Geekvape Ammit RDA?

This is the question that interests us all. Even if it’s still subjective enough to form an opinion. Because it is true that the mounting of the resistance is important. But also its positioning. Not to mention the quality of the juice you are vaping. But anyway this atomizer geekvape vape well. Even very good. I am tired of filling up quickly, I do not plague. It is true that with American gourmet juices, this ato is a treat. It is true that the choice of the drip-tip will be crucial. Because the flavors are not the same depending on the model. So be careful and test well before saying that this dripper is not for you.

Adjusting the airflow

The airflow adjustment is done from the top. The adjustment ring is very precise. The differences between airflow totally open or not are quite small. I think the positioning of the resistance must have an impact. The arrival of air is a bit peculiar in the design of this rebuildable atomizer . Inside the atomization chamber there is a second chamber. Geekvape also speaks of a three-dimensional airflow. It is true that the air is coming down. This has the merit of greatly improving the aromatic rendering.

What are the resistance values ​​to favor on this MTL atomizer?

This MTL atomizer comes with Clapton 0.7 Ohm coils. To be honest, I did not use them. I contented myself with my 0.5 kanthal with spaced turns. I also tried kanthal clapton with resistances around 0.4 Ohms. For the diameter, I started with 3mm. Which is too wide for my taste. I think that for air circulation to be optimal, it should not exceed 2.5mm. With the proper template, you should have no worries. Especially that editing is super simple. And the resistances hold very well in place. Even when we change cotton on this dripper.

Conclusion on the Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA

When I use a dripper, it’s either to do stupid things. And so test montages to make huge clouds. Or just test an e-liquid. When you have to use this kind of atomizers , I often go to my Origen. But I think I would mix now between 2. The renders of flavors are just huge on this Geekvape rda . Steam production is good with juices with 80% VG. But it is clear that this is not the primary role of this reconstructible atomizer of dripping. I remind you that this is a MTL dripper!

It’s a nice discovery. It is equipped in addition to a bottom feed connection. So you can use your Geek vape Ammit MTL BF RDA with a box squonker. What more can you ask if you are too lazy to regularly recharge your ato liquid?

This review of the Geekvape Amiit MTL RDA is over. We meet again very soon for new good plans vape. But also a new Test vape on a competition dripper!

Technical Sheet & Characteristics of Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA

Building materials: 316 stainless steel,
Dimensions: 22 x 38.3 x 22mm,
Weight: 70 grams,
Connection type: 510 & 510 BF,
Adjustable airflow: Yes,
Air inlet type: From the top,
Type of reconstruction tray: 2 pads,
Brand: Geekvape .

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