Geekvape S100 Kit (Z RDA) Review by Ben

Geekvape S100 Review by Ben-Cover

Today I bring you a special kit. In this case we have the S100 (Aegis Solo 2) in combination with an RDA that is currently discontinued, the Z RDA. It is a device that works with a single 18650 and the RDA, it promises to give a very good flavor when vaping. Anyway, later we will check if that is as indicated.

Thanks to Sue from Healthcabin for making this review possible. You can visit her page and get more information about the S100 Kit.

  • Industry-leading IP68 rating water & dust resistance
  • Ground-breaking shock-resistance
  • External 18650 battery
  • 1.08 inch full screen display
  • Type-c charging port with flip cover
  • A-lock design provides accidental press protection
Product NameS100 Aegis Solo 2 Mod
BatteryExternal 18650 single battery
Wattage100W max
Output Voltage8.5V (maximum)
Charging SpecificationType-C, 5V/2A
Low Voltage Warning3.3V±0.1V
PCBA Temperature Alarm85℃
Longest Vaping Time10s
Working Temperature﹣10~40℃
Standby Current<10 uA
Storage Temperature﹣20℃~60℃
Relative Humidity10% RH~70% RH
ColorSilver, Grey, Classic Black, Navy Blue, Red, Rainbow, Pink Gold, Mint Green, Rainbow Purple, Blue Red, Red White


The product comes in a fairly elongated rectangular box combining colors such as black, orange and white. Orange being the most typical color used by Geekvape in its packaging.

In the upper area we find the brand and its own logo. In the center we are presented with the device itself in an image that is consistent with what we have purchased.

Below it we are shown the model of the product and the color, in this case Red Black.

In the area behind the box we find a wide list of features in combination with the contents of the box, some contact addresses, a barcode, a scratch to verify the veracity of the product and some logos that are at the bottom.

  • 1*S100 Mod
  • 1*Z RDA
  • 2*810 Drip Tip
  • 1*T-Shaped Tool
  • 1*Winding Coil Rod
  • 1*Spare Parts Pack
  • 4*Feather Cotton
  • 4*Clapton Coils
  • 1*USB Cable

Once we slide the decorative cardboard, the first thing we will find will be the mod itself. Afterwards we can access a double bottom where the atomizer and all the other pieces that are included in the packaging will be.

Because of this, the box is quite voluminous since it has a lot of content.

Device Inspection

The front of the product is quite attractive and has very square shapes. At the top we find a small silicone cover that will give rise to a Type-C charging port, in any case it is not recommended to use it, but rather use a separate charger.

We continue down this area and find the fire button. This has a somewhat domed shape and makes it very comfortable to press. In the center would be the screen that we will discuss later.

At the bottom we find the power up and down buttons, which have a very good touch and are precise with little travel.

Here are the main functions;
Let’s talk about functions, by giving 3 Clicks to the fire button we will enter the adjustment mode and we will move with the fire button. In this way we can choose between vaping modes with the + and -. Additionally, if we move to the puff counter and press + or – we will restart it.

If in the adjustment mode we press the + and – simultaneously, we will lock these buttons, to unlock them it is the same process as to lock them. If we hold these same buttons for 1 second the color of the interface will change.

If in the normal interface we press the fire button and the + or – button we can adjust the brightness of the screen.

To exit adjustment mode we will have to hold down the fire button.

Let’s talk about vaping modes;
Power – It is the traditional wattage mode of all devices.
Bypass – This gives us the wattage depending on our batteries and their remaining charge, it is like a mech mod but with electronics, much safer
VPC – This will allow us to adjust the wattage in one second intervals. That is, we can start the puff with 50 watts and in the next second raise it to 55W.
Temperature – I don’t entirely know how this mode works but we can control the temperature of our coil depending on whether we want a colder or warmer vape.

On the screen (1.08 inch TFT display) we will always be shown very similar information;

  • Vaping mode
  • Remaining battery depending on slots
  • Wattage
  • Ω indicator
  • Voltage/Amperage Indicator (depends on mode)
  • Puff/puff duration indicator

This is the side of the S100. As you can see, it has very geometric and regular shapes, with quite a few angles. In the rear area we find a C-shaped construction completely made of leather or synthetic leather.

The curious thing about this area is that small slide that we found there. That will serve to block the fire button. Something similar to what the Vaporesso Armor Max has. It is the same operation, we slide and lock the fire button. Quite useful for when we want to put the device in our pocket for example.

At the top of the mod we will find the 510 thread that will be covered by a small plate held with 3 screws. Many users have complained that this lid has become loose over time. Anyway, if that happens I’ll come back here to leave a comment and a photo of it.

In this area of the device, specifically the area below, we are presented with the battery compartment. To open it we will have to unscrew this cover, insert the battery with the positive pole facing in and close it again.

These lids do not give me complete confidence since they are quite prone to losing strength or breaking directly, but at the time of the review, everything worked correctly.

This is what the RDA looks like from the outside. It is about 25mm which makes it look like the device itself, which I don’t like at all, they could have chosen an RDA that fit the size.

In any case, I find it a very attractive RDA that has a very peculiar shape. It becomes flatter until the mouthpiece arrives, something like a bell. In the upper area we find the airflow ring that is adjustable. It has no stop, so it will rotate infinitely if we want. It is made up of two entrances, one at the front and one at the back. The only drawback I can give it is that it whistles a lot when we take a puff, especially with the entrance completely open.

On both sides we also find a small decoration engraved on the atomizer itself.

This is the deck in question. It is very simple, it has 4 posts where the legs of the coils will go 2 by 2. We must place them at the height of the air inlet, although in this case they have been perfect for me at a little less than it.

We adjust them well and we must put the cotton a little longer than the base, that is, cut a few millimeters past the base, not flush.

Otherwise it is a very simple deck to build and have ready in a very short time.​

Vaping Time

After having created the build with the coils that were included in the package, it turned out to give 0.20Ω and I vaped it in VPC, starting at 50W and going up to a maximum of 60W.

I must say that the device itself delivers what it promises. It heats the coils very quickly, has good battery management and on top of that it is quite customizable to adjust to each person’s desired experience.

In hand it is very comfortable thanks to the leather area. That feeling of having something soft in your hand is very pleasant, it remains to be seen how it will age.

As for the RDA, the flavor it provides is very good, but there is one con that I don’t like at all and that is that it whistles a lot, as I mentioned before. It is very noticeable with the entrance open to the maximum, when we close it it decreases a little but is still noticeable.

In general, the kit is very good, especially if you are starting out, but there are better atomizers, in general, than this one in particular. I don’t want to say it’s bad, because it’s not, but there are better options. Even so, being a kit and given its price, which is quite affordable, it is a good purchase, especially because of the mod.

Pros and Cons ( Kit )

Great Mod​RDA Hangs A Little Bit​
Mod Has Many Customizable Options​
RDA Is Easy To Build​
RDA Delivers Pretty Good Flavour​
RDA Comes With 2 Drip Tips​
Mod Is IP-68 Resistant​


To put it in a nutshell, the mod is what stands out the most about this kit although the RDA is not bad to begin with. It tastes very good, I have to admit, and it’s also perfect because it’s user-friendly.

However, it is the mod that I loved about the kit. I recommend buying the set rather than going separately because it is quite cheap this way.

This review was written by Ben from ECF, Vaping Underground & Reddit, click to view original reviews there with more details.


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