Hellvape Aequitas RDA Review

I received this Aequitas RDA free of charge directly from HealthCabin for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA
This comes in a blue, white and red package with Hellvape’s logo on the front, together with the Aequitas logo and the Ambitionz Vaper logo as well. On the back you find info on the RDA itself, what the box contains and who has designed it. On one of the sides you find links to both Hellvape’s and Ambitionz Vaper’s social media channels.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

When you open it up you find the RDA sitting in a cutout on top, and underneath you have the small black box you find in every Hellvape package.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

It is a 24 mm 3-piece RDA with what I would say is a different kind of side airflow, and it is a collaboration between Hellvape and Ambitionz Vaper, so yet another celebrity device and for sure not the last one. First impression is that it does look good and well made, and as a bonus it is delivered with a 810 resin drip tip.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

It got what they describe as a «postless raised deck» which is gold plated. It is real easy to build on and the placement of the coils is also easy enough. The juice well is however really shallow and can basically not hold much liquid at all. In this case they use the barrel as part of the juice well.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

The post screws that are in the deck on arrival are slotted screws and the spare ones are hex screws, so for those of you that don’t like slotted ones, you have the possibility to use the hex ones instead. Another good thing is that the post screws come in from behind, meaning they won’t twist the legs on wider coils like 3-core Aliens or similar.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

The barrel is made to be able to be flipped to make the airflow going downwards or flipped again going upwards into the RDA. The deck got notches and the barrel got cut outs to hold the barrel in the same place for optimal airflow.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

In my mind it would have benefited from having those notches on the top cap instead. That way it would be really easy to alter the airflow by turning the top cap opposed to how it is now, turning the barrel and at the same time tightening the RDA to the mod even more. It might be better on some RDA’s, but the o-rings on the one I have are a bit on the strong side, making it hard to alter the airflow.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

Besides that I do find that the airflow is real smooth and it doesn’t whistle while I use it. The O-rings does work well on this one as well, which pleases me a lot since I can’t stand bad O-rings.

Hellvape Aequitas RDA

So how does it vape you might wonder? Well, it does work as intended and the top cap is domed real good to help with the flavor. It does deliver on flavor, but it could be even better, I think. It doesn’t perform as good as the Bonza and the Goon, just to mention a couple of the different RDA’s we have on the market.

All in all a pleasant device that I have enjoyed using. It might not be one I will use every day now when the review is done, but something I will take out once in a while.

Can I recommend it to others?
If you like the idea with a flippable airflow to easy change how the RDA and the airflow are acting, I sure can. It’s not a bad RDA in any way and it is totally priced fair.

Squonk ready
Hybrid safe
Fairly easy to build
Gold plated deck
Looks good

Hard to change the airflow due to it having notches on the deck instead of on the top cap
Lacking flavor somewhat
Shallow juice well

Width: 24 mm
Height: 25.5 mm without the drip tip
SS, Black, Gold, Matte Silver, Black with White logo and Rainbow

Package includes
1 x Aequitas RDA
1 x Resin 810 drip tip
1 x Delrin 810 drip tip
1 x SS 510 adapter
4 x Hex spare screws
2 x Hex keys
1 x Slotted screwdriver
Spare O-rings

You will find it here
Aequitas RDA for $37 at the time I wrote the review.

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!
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