Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob-Cover

Hello again and welcome to today’s review of the AREZ 120 Mod from Hellvape. The AREZ 120 Mod was provided to me from Healthcabin. The AREZ 120 as you probably guessed has a maximum wattage output of 120 watts when using a 21700 battery, you also have the option of using a 20700 battery that outputs a maximum of 100 watts and finally a 18650 battery using the provided adapter that will output a maximum of 80 watts. This is a very simple to use device being a wattage only one and has only 4 button combinations to remember, now that you know the basics of the device lets delve in for a closer look at the features of the AREZ 120 MOD. So let’s get started the Hellvape AREZ 120 Review together!


I was very impressed with the appearance of the AREZ 120 upon opening the package, I was sent the blackish green color and didn’t expect it to look as nice as it does. It’s color matching buttons really blend into the device and the little bump out at the top above the fire button makes a nice fit if thumb firing. Included in the box is the charge cord, user manual, warranty card and 18650 battery adapter.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

Using a screw-on type of battery cap as many devices do the cap threads were a bit noisy and crunchy for the first few times of screwing on/off but that went away very shortly. Testing all 3 types of batteries I had no movement of them inside the device when it was shaken. Having a type-c charge port is a big plus unfortunately the charge port is on the bottom next to the battery cap.

When a battery is first installed the device will ask what size battery is being used, using the adjustment buttons move to the battery display of the battery your using and press the fire button to confirm your choice and the device will power on.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

Battery polarity is clearly marked on the battery cap itself with a minus symbol but no markings for positive are inside the battery tube. 4 ventilation holes are present on the cap in case a problem occurs with the battery. The Made In China placement location is a real eyesore for the device as you will see later on in pictures, I always thought something was stuck on the bottom of the device when first testing it out because of it peeking out.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

The top plate of the device is silver in color with 3 screws attaching it that surround the 510, this was a missed opportunity to really make the device match well with atomizers, it works with most but if the top plate was the same color as the device it would look even better. The device is resting on the included 18650 adapter. A 25mm atomizer fits perfect, you may get away with a 26mm with some overhang.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

On each side of the device is a line that has been milled into the device that runs from top to bottom, I find no real function for them other than giving the device a accented appearance that looks good on it. My pictures really don’t show how beautiful the color of my green one is.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

AREZ is only shown on the bottom portion of the spine in white, placement branding of the AREZ in this location works well for the device. I’m sure that you noticed by now all corners are rounded making it very comfortable to hold.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

The front face of the device has your control buttons with 100% color matching with the mod, the oblong shaped fire button works well being clicky but not very noticeable, the adjustment buttons clickyness on the other hand are.

As earlier mentioned a 25mm atomizer looks the best on this device but even a 24mm works as well, there is a very slight gap between the atomizer and the top plate on all atomizers that I have tried on the mod. Notice the bottom of the mod looks like something is stuck to it, that’s the Made In China marking I spoke of earlier.

The color display screen is bright and vivid with easy to read fonts along with all the information you need. I wish it had battery % because there is room for it on the screen.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob


  • Name ( HELLVAPE )
  • Wattage
  • Lock/Unlock Symbol
  • Ohms
  • Volts
  • Puff Counter
  • Battery Bar
Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

One thing that I want to mention is that because the adjustment buttons are right above the display screen you should make adjustments pressing them from the sides of the device so you don’t block the display screen.

The device adjust in .5 increments from 5-10w after that it adjusts in 1 watt increments which may bother some MTL vapers that use 1/2 watt increments over 10w. The round robin feature is on the AREZ, this is a reasonably fast scroller as well.

There is no menu on the Arez and only 4 button combinations to remember.

  • On/Off – 5 presses of the fire button
  • Clearing Puff Counter – Press the fire and down button simultaneously
  • Wattage Lock/Unlock – Press the fire and up button simultaneously
  • Background Color Change – Press the up and down buttons simultaneously


  • TYPE-C




First off I will say my pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of the AREZ 120 and having a choice of 3 types of battery is a big plus but I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the 21700 battery for more vaping time between changes or charges.

Hand fit is great using either thumb or finger to fire the device, in my cons I mention the location of the adjustment buttons blocking the screen when used like you normally would, but pressing them from the sides of the device is no real issue for me I just wanted to mention it.

Now what is a issue for me is the delay in firing, 1/2 to 1 second of a delay when firing the mod cold. After the first vape when the coil has been heated up it fires instantly but only after the coil becomes heated up first.

I thought it was happening only with low builds but just to make sure I put a build of 1.6 on a MTL tank and the same thing happens firing at 16 watts.

I tried 3 different atomizers all of which had the same results, I let the coils cool down for 5 minutes and tried them on different mods and all fired instantly without needing a pre-heat tap of the fire button.

After that first vape with all 3 tanks everything worked fine as long as the coils remained warm, once cooled the 1 second delay happened again on all of them. After the first 3 days of testing I just resolved to tapping the fire button once before a vape if the device sat or wasn’t used for a bit.

The device reads coils accurately and functions perfectly after your first vape or the fire button is tapped to warm the coil, that’s all it takes just a small tap and your golden

So in closing, it might be annoying for some like myself to have to tap the fire button because so many devices have instant fire capabilities but I did get used to it quickly. A 1/2 to 1 second delay may not bother you.

I would like to thank Sue and Healthcabin for providing the Hellvape AREZ 120 for the purpose of this review, I also hope this review answered your questions about it.

Hellvape AREZ 120 Review by Bob

This review was written by bigbob2322 – Bob from ECF, click to view original review there with more photos and more details.


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