Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA (6th Anniv EDN) Review by Ben

Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA (6th Anniv EDN) Review by Ben-Cover

Hellvape has been standing out for a few years above all in its atomizers, it must be added that it also makes mods and lately pods, but what is really the key to its work are the atomizers, they normally provide a spectacular flavor, with colorful and beautiful designs and Also at a very affordable price, today I present to you the Dead Rabbit 3, exactly the sixth anniversary version, a 24mm atomizer, with a redesigned deck and several touches in 24K gold to give elegance and shine, let’s get started the Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA (6th Anniv EDN) review together and make way for those photos of the brand.

First of all, thank Sue from Healthcabin for providing this product for review, by the way, you can find it on her website at a price of $22.61 for anyone who wants it.

Healthcabin Message: HealthCabin is one of the biggest vape wholesale distributors in China, if you’re a vape business owner, just contact them to get competitive wholesale price.
Disclaimer: Nobody nor any brand is paying me to do this review, all you will see are my most sincere opinions, both the positive and the negative.

As you can see in the images, the device is presented in three different colors, being:

  • Black Gold
  • Silver Black
  • Gold Black

It has a new 810 AG+ drip tip that perfectly fulfills the purpose of not transferring heat, I will comment on it below but I swear that even though the top cap and the airflow control are on fire, the drip tip is still cold and I love it.


New Black Gold , Silver Black , Gold Black Design
Sandblast Plating Process
24mm Diameter, Dual Coil RDA
5mm Deep Juice Well
Side Honeycomb And Slotted Airflow


NameDead Rabbit 3 RDA (6th Anniv EDN)
Net Weight42g
Drip Tip810 AG+
Coil TypeDual Coil
ColorBlack Gold , Silver Black , Gold Black

Packaging And First Impressions

What catches my attention the most about this front and I think that it will catch the attention of everyone who buys it is the large circle in the center which indicates that it is the anniversary version, at the top in the left corner we have the brand logo and at the bottom in the center the product model.

I have to say that I loved this box, much more detailed than the Hellvape Pro box solely because it is exclusive, I love it, it is very luxurious with the black color predominating and touches of gold, very good work by Hellvape on the packaging.

On the back we find the main features of the product, in addition to the contents of the box, certain addresses and a scratch to verify the veracity of the product, which is always appreciated. All this written in gold letters to combine with the theme of the product.

  • 1* Dead Rabbit 3 RDA (6th Anniv EDN)
  • 2* 0.37Ω Ni80 Fused Clapton Coils
  • 2* Shoelace Cotton
  • 1* BF Pin
  • 1* Accesory Bag
  • 1* User Manual

When we remove the lid of the box, what we find is the atomizer fitted into a custom-made hole and practically nothing else, the coils, the cotton and everything else is in a double bottom that is discovered when removing the atomizer from its place.​

This is what it looks like taken out of its box and the atomizer mounted in this case on top of the Vaporesso Gen200. On the one hand we have a bag with the 2 coils and the cotton, on the other hand a bag with two screwdrivers and then the accessories bag with O-rings, the BF pin and some spare flat-tip screws.

Device Inspection​

This is what the atomizer looks like completely disassembled, I will describe everything from left to right.

We find the airflow control, which has two slots, one on each side through which the air will enter through honeycomb or directly through very large holes. Additionally, this airflow control has the Dead Rabbit symbol on one side and a very nice number 6 on the other, referring to the anniversary.

In the center we have the deck where we will mount our coils, it is matte black with gold screws, I honestly love how all this looks together, it is beautiful. I must say that I found the way to mount the coils a little more difficult than on the Hellvape Pro, as I will comment below.

On the right we find the top cap through which we will control the air intake to make it to our liking and the 810 AG+ drip tip, which I loved.

This is what the chamber looks like inside, large enough to provide us with a very good DL draw depending on the air intake.​

Setup and Configuration​

The first thing we must do is mount the atomizer in the mod and remove the cover to leave only the deck, in this way we will work very comfortably on it. In addition, if you look at the base of the deck we also find the number six, obviously referring to the anniversary.​

Well, depending on the size of your cutter, you could put the coils in and cut them once assembled but that is not my case, I found that the best thing for me was to cut them at 4 with a guide that came in another Hellvape product since Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have it. We must put the coils at the same height, more or less the height of the air inlet and always as straight and perfect as possible. I have to admit that it took me quite a while to assemble and configure them on this atomizer, plus I am very new. I admit that I found it much much easier on the Hellvape Pro which I reviewed recently.

Once the coils are stabilized they look like this, beautiful right? with that blue touch that characterizes them. In case someone doesn’t remember, the stabilization process must be done starting from very low watts and increasing very little by little until reaching the desired ones, which in this case were between 45-50W. In addition, we must be careful of hot-spots and that the coils are heated from the inside out and uniformly, otherwise, we will probably get the occasional dry hit.

Once stabilized we can proceed to wicking, a shoeloce cotton is more than enough for once so the package comes with material to wick it twice. We will put the cotton, we will cut both sides at the same distance, in this case I cut it practically flush with the base and it turned out quite well, then we fluff it a little and put it in the liquid well.​

After wicking it, it is time to wet the cotton with our favorite liquid.​

Vaping Time

Once the cotton was stabilized and wet, the mod read 0.17Ω, quite good considering that it is 0.37Ω each.

With these coils I vaped at about 45-50W and I must say that I love the crack sound it made while vaping.

As for flavor, I notice a very very good flavor with the honeycomb airflow, being very similar to the Hellvape Pro but with its personal touch.

The vapor that this atomizer released was incredible, very large clouds for anyone who likes them, like me for example, although I focus more on the flavor, I like a good cloud when I vape.

As for the direct airflow, meh, I didn’t like it very much because in addition to the fact that it reduces the flavor drastically, it whistles when you take a puff, which is horrible to hear every time you vape, so a big disadvantage on the list.

You must be careful with the airflow control since condensation usually accumulates in those areas, so it is advisable to clean it from time to time and I would say mandatory whenever you re-wick.

I forgot to mention before that the airflow control, that is, the hood and the rest of the components have a slight play to direct the air directly or partially to the coil.

I loved the drip tip, as I mentioned before, even though the other components were hot, the drip tip was still cold but I would have made it just a little higher than it is, anyway you can put your own.

Honestly, I can’t say much more about this atomizer, the only objective disadvantage that I have found has been the whistling airflow and the only subjective one has been the difficulty of adjusting the coils so that they are at the same height and symmetrical position.

Pros and Cons

Beautiful Design​Slot Airflow Whistles​
Exceptional Flavor and Clouds​Difficult To Adjust Coils​
Very Good Drip Tip​
2 Types Of Airflow​
Possibility for partial or direct air entry​


What else can I say about this atomizer, it is perfect for those who want something durable and quality and also with a very affordable price for all types of pockets.

Of course, I recommend mounting it on a dual battery mod because being a dual coil requires more watts so it uses more battery but this is my own opinion, with my mod and two 18650 batteries I have gotten approximately 420 puffs in one whole load.

I have little more to say about this atomizer, I loved it except for the air inlet slots, which whine and in my case are going to be unusable.

That was the entire review, I hope you liked it, I loved doing it to be honest, any question or doubt, even constructive criticism, is accepted in the comments, have a good time vaping!

This review was written by Ben from ECF, click to view original reviews.


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