Hellvape Fat Rabbit 2 Review by Aleksandr

Hellvape Fat Rabbit 2 Review by Aleksandr-Cover

A review of the updated fat rabbit Hellvape Fat Rabbit 2 – the volume of the flask increased, the number of holes/options and contractions of blowing increased.

Once upon a time I had a first fat rabbit in my hands for a long time and you can see how it was all – Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA review

Now I chose between 2 and 3, the third has more elegant holes of blowing, but only a smaller tank. And to me, 6.5 ml is a straight important factor.

There are different color solutions, we will consider Rainbow.

The equipment is traditionally rich, you can not only start the tank immediately after unpacking, but will fit for the future. I immediately changed the glass from straight to Bable and I will advise you – this is one quite large container from the chips of the tank. Unless it is worthwhile to use and not to drop on the side.

We look at the variability of blowing through this abundance of holes. With me, it played a cruel joke when, at the first puffs, it was straightforwardly an excessively light breath and it was necessary to adjust them.

Prior to this, the main tank was Hellvape Dead Rabbit Solo RTA and it was not enough for me all the time. Although he simply moves the topkeep and the refueling passes the maximum maximum.

There are no problems on the carving or fitting of the details. Randies under a straight slot, you can twist anything. Of the minuses, I only note the complete gigged cotton wool – even it broke out suddenly and I had to make a goat in the old fashioned a goat and the pens to rule everything.

The first puffs and we see a completely open blow hole from above and with half from below. Not ok, too free puff. Top KEP is removed by unscrewing by a quarter of turning, everything is enough.

Here it is already screwed 3/4 from above and somewhere half from below, a new iteration of the possibilities and combinations of taste/naval.

Options for finding an ideal taste here are quite plentiful, you can come up with many combinations of blowing. As a result, I almost blocked the upper blowing and vice versa and more opened the lower one.

Two complete coils became at 0.15 resistance and everyone forces me to leave with a comfortable 30-40W towards an increase. Over time, I will change it to one bold coil installed instead of 2.

Then the usual use of Hellvape Fat Rabbit 2. In the main one at home, because a large boxing and large device, and for field conditions, I have a hollow. But I note clearly that no problems on leaks, maintenance or something like that, the device is collected perfectly. Perhaps with the number of holes and bells and whistles, even some kind of overlap, but no one forces them to use everything right away. On the other hand and, if desired, there is a whole field for attempts to something new.

Aleksandr has written an Russian review on ecigtalk.org, which is an Russian website, click to view original review.


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