Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob-Cover

Welcome back again everyone for today’s review of the Vertex MTL RTA from Hellvape. This atomizer was provided to me from Healthcabin for the purpose of this review. This is a very unique RTA because of the airflow system it uses giving the user so many airflow options to be tailored to their own preference. I was very excited to get my hands on the Vertex and run it through the paces. So without any more delay lets get to know the 3 in 1 Vertex MTL RTA from Hellvape. So let’s get started the Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review together!

  • 1pc VERTEX MTL RTA (2ml)
  • 1pc 3.5ml Glass Tube
  • 1pc Chamber Extender
  • 5pc 0.6ohm A1 Prebuilt Coil
  • 5pc 1.0ohm A1 Prebuilt Coil
  • 1pc Accessories Bag
  • 1pc User Manual
  • Diameters: 22* 53mm(2ml)/ 22* 58mm(3.5ml)
  • Material: Stainless steel & glass
  • Capacity: 2ml/3.5ml
  • Resistance: 0.6ohm A1 Prebuilt Coil(14-18W)
  • 1.0ohm A1 Prebuilt Coil(8-12W)
  • Thread: 510


I have to say that after pulling everything out and giving it the once over look I was very impressed with the generosity of Hellvape, I was very surprised to see Hellvape included 10 coils with the Atomizer. You receive five Kanthal 0.6Ω straight wire coils and five 1.0Ω straight wire coils, cotton, 2 domed chambers, 2 glass tubes, accessories bag with extra post screws, o- rings, chamber lock/unlock tool, screwdriver, top cap gasket and owners manual.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

After looking through all the accessories it was time to disassemble the atomizer and give it a nice soapy hot bath which I do with every new atomizer, everything was clean but it’s best to insure all traces of machine oil from manufacturing is removed even if it looks and feels clean.

Once everything was dry I laid out all the parts of the atomizer for you to see broken down, however I forgot to unscrew the drip tip from the drip tip base. The airflow control ring on the far right even comes off for cleaning.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

In this photo I’ve broken the RTA down further so you can see the airflow intake turntable is removed and the extended chamber has been included. The turntable just presses into the center of the build deck and has little groves cut out that allows you to change the airflow intake by just turning the disk with a flathead screwdriver. Always make sure the turntable is FULLY SEATED IN PLACE because if it should pop out while vaping it will short out ( NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE USED IN A MECH MOD ). Because of the groves cut in the turntable you have the ability to adjust the airflow of the turntable even with the coil already installed.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

I had no problem using a glass dropper bottle for filling the tank because of the 2 fill slots, they are really large and the size helps the air to escape from one side while filling on the other side.

If you want to swap out the shorter chamber for the extended chamber to increase juice capacity simply unscrew the chamber lock/unlock screw pictured in the center with the chamber lock/unlock tool that is provided with the atomizer. This screw is reverse threaded and has open with a arrow stamped on it.

Once the screw is removed, pull off the short glass tube, unscrew the chamber and replace with the extended chamber, put on the extended glass tube and screw on the lock/unlock screw. You have now increased juice capacity from 2ml to 3.5ml.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

I decided to try the 0.6Ω coil first, this is one of the easiest decks to build on because it’s a simple 2 post design and your coil sits right above what ever airflow intake selection you choose, I went with the 3 hole selection for the first test and it was my sweet spot after trying the other 2 selections. I spaced my coil out a little because I feel it leaves more surface area for the coil when fired, also it makes sure all 3 of the air inlet holes airflow contact the coil.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

Wicking is a very easy and straight forward process, just rake the tails a little bit and cut away any fuzzy bits, place the tails into the wick slots. I cut the tails at the end of the black o ring . You don’t want to pack the tails in, leave a little bit of wiggle room. This is a Rayon wick that is pictured below.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

When assembling the atomizer make sure the chamber is screwed in tight, locking screw as well and when putting the top cap on don’t tighten it very tight because if you don’t hold the glass when unscrewing it for refilling and grab the deck instead, both pieces ( TOP CAP AND DECK ) will unscrew and leave you with a mess so screw on the deck tight.

The outer airflow selection choices along with the turntable airflow give you so many option to tailor the airflow using the 5 individual holes or the cyclops airflow slot.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

The stainless steel that the Vertex is made from really give it a solidly built feeling and I like that Hellvape decided to use a matt finish on the gray color that was sent to me because it goes well blending in with most mod colors. The short chamber build is pictured below.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob

Using the extended chamber does add a little height but the added juice capacity outweighs using the short chamber for me . The extended chamber is pictured below.

Hellvape Vertex MTL RTA Review by Bob


It’s nice when your doing a review on a item and your you start forming a smile on your face without even realizing it and reviewing the Vertex the smile kept on growing.

First of all the added juice capacity option is a very big plus and is so easy and simple to implement by just replacing the chamber and glass tube that is included in the package.

Getting 10 coils in the package is another very big plus because there’s enough of them to give you years of use without needing to build or buy coils.

I like having a lot of options when it comes to airflow and the Vertex gives so many with not only the turntable but combining with the outer airflow selector you have tons of choices. Many MTL vapers like a very tight draw and using the single hole on the turntable the Vertex achieves it very easily.

Another feature the Vertex provides is throat hit that’s punchy enough for my liking. The Vertex uses a narrow bore in the top caps final delivery of vapor to your mouth and in my opinion it makes all the difference in not only airflow but flavor also. The supplied drip tip also has a narrow bore to it and actually screws into the drip tip base on the Vertex, I have no idea why Hellvape decided to use a screw in drip tip with a base but it’s not proprietary and you can use your own drip tip if you want.

The Vertex can also give a great RDL vape by turning the turntable to the wide slot opening, very few atomizers are capable of giving a great MTL and great RDL vape because it’s usually only one or the other ( BIG PLUS ).

Flavor is fantastic with the Vertex, way above average with more than enough vapor to satisfy me and if I want to switch to a RDL vape a simple spin of the turntable is all that’s needed, no individual airflow inserts used like so many other atomizers use.

I absolutely love the Vertex RTA for the fantastic flavor it produces along with a simple way to achieve a great MTL as well as RDL vape without any need for multiple airflow inserts that can get lost easily as many others use.

I 100% recommend the Vertex if your looking for a versatile flavor producing RTA that has a couple of fiddly points that if careful can be overlooked.

I would like to thank Sue and Heathcabin for providing the Vertex for the purpose of this review and hope it helped anyone looking to purchase one.

This review was written by bigbob2322 – Bob from ECF, click to view original review there with more photos and more details.

I am Sue from Healthcabin Marketing Department. We are devoted to offering the best prices, finest vaping contents and good shopping experience for our valued customers. Cheers!


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