How High is Vape Tax in Your Region?

USA vaping tax
USA vaping tax

Electric-cigarette industry and the amount of vapor are facing a sharp rise. Govorners and legislators may also be looking toward vaping and other excise rate in order for more revenue. As what we’ve analyzed from previews article. We explainned the reasons of why cigarettes and vapor products seem to be economic substitutes to each other. thus partially of the revenue of tobacco tax trasferd to E-cigarette consumption. A recent publication found that 32,400 smokers in Minnesota were deterred from quitting cigarettes after the state implemented a 95 percent excise tax on vapor products (Cammenga, 2020).

In order to reduce nicotine epidemic among youth, as well as filling the revenue deficit. Amounts of goverments is legislating excise tax or vape tax. Since 1st August.  25 states will have a vaping tax—as well as D.C. Puerto Rico. In this post, we’ve collected imformations from different sort of website to show you the latests Vape tax in different region. Involves different states in USA and some other countries.

Vape Tax in USA

  • Data cited from Tax Foundation 2020

Open: open tank allows refill juices.

Closed: pre-filled cartridges or pods

Vape taxing methods vary. Authorities tax based on price (Retai prices), volume of weight or capacity, or with a bifurcated system that has different rates for open and closed tank systems. Taxation based on volume is the simplest way to tax these goods, as it requires neither valuation nor expensive tax administration. From the above Diagram we can easily see that highest vaping tax occurs in Minnesoda.

To vapors from USA, we would reckon that buying vape devices and juices online will be more valuable, comparing to purchase from vape stores where excise tax applied in retail shops.

Vape Tax in Other Countries


Based on these excise tax we collect from different countries, we would recommond vapors to purchase vapor devices online. It would cost less than purchase from local vape store. If you are confused to go, Healthcabin would be one of your trustworthy suppliers for all your needs of vaping devices at best price in the market. The FDA PMTA is going to be enforced on 10th Sept 2020, you may not find your favorite vape devices in vape stores after that time, so shop vape devices online will be your best choice.


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